This is a page that is most useful to people active on this Wiki — people who update, comment, and otherwise interact but require a centralized place to discuss matters relating to the wiki. It is also a good place to learn about how decisions get made on Davis Wiki. It is a central hub for all "meta" wiki discussion pages. If you use IRC, you might want to check out #daviswiki on Freenode ( ). If you are new to the wiki, check out the Welcome to the Wiki entries.

Remember, you are part of the Wiki community, and you're welcome to participate. This wiki is of and for the people of Davis, so jump on in!

Managing and expanding the wiki

  • Site Organization is the central place for organization methods (such as finding pages that are linked but not created, pages that have no links to them, etc). You also might want to check out our Wiki Guide and Help with Editing to learn the basics.
  • Wiki Resources is a list of real world resources that are relevant to Davis and are good sources for new wiki entries.
  • Talk Pages contain page specific discussions. Some of them raise points that cover issues beyond a single page and move to Wiki Community pages for further discussion.

Discussion areas

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask them — these discussion areas are probably the best for this!


  • General Discussion — General discussion of the content of the wiki, ideas, and anything you can think of should go here.
  • Technical Discussion — Geeky discussion relating to the backend of the site, potential changes, would be best here.
  • Ask the Community — About media and press asking questions of the entire wiki community
  • Ask the Board — for questions of the Wiki Spot board
  • Building Community — Discussion and resources related to community building as it relates to DavisWiki.
  • Davis Wiki- Love it or Hate it — Sorting out the things that make the wiki great—or detract from it
  • Ethics Discussion — An extended discussion area for the topic of Wiki Ethics.
  • Longview — Discussion of the long-term nature of the wiki. See also Future.
  • Proposals — Ideas you might have that you want to test interest in or engage in discussion over.
  • Room to Grow — Discussion of areas for growth in DavisWiki.

Issue Specific


Just plain silly

If you have a question, see our Frequently asked questions. See also Administrators.

Links of interest

Some of these links are to outside sources. Keep in mind these are just opinions, of course, but they make good reading.