Want to do outreach someplace for the Davis Wiki? Here's a place you may be able to find people that want to help you, either with suggestions, resources, or tagging along.

For current outreach information, check out Farmers Market Tabling. If there's nothing currently going on, you can always get things started!

Past Events


Wednesday, October 3, 2007 @ Farmer's Market. 2-6 PM

~Items needed and people who will bring them

    • table-
    • stickers-
    • flyers- I made a few, and can bring them, more would be better? newer design perhaps. ~Dave
    • chair(s)-
    • laptop(s)- Jessica (1) — test wifi to make sure it works at the park?
    • shirts-
    • a sign for the table- I can paint one if we don't have one. what should it say? — Pxlated

    thanks for offering to make one pxl. i think "daviswiki.org" should stand out the most.

~People who will table and the times they'll be there

  • pxl 2-5 or 6
  • DavePoole Start to finish I guess. 2-6
  • Jessica 5-6


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2007-09-30 11:17:45   Can your laptop play the presentation at Presentations/General_Audience? —JasonAller

  • my laptop can play that, yes. but i wonder if people will want to go through the 16 slides at farmer's market.
  • The slides are great, but I agree with Jessica that face-to-face communication and small flyers/stickers work best at this kind of thing.

2007-09-30 12:37:25   I will table, and can bring a table maybe, but more importantly I want to be paid in stickers and I want to be able to give out stickers. let me know. —PxlAted

2007-09-30 13:20:44   I don't have any more of the Davis Wiki stickers — there was much talk about producing a a new design, but most of the entries didn't work as real (cheap) stickers. Reprinting the "original" design is probably a good idea, but I don't have the spare $100 or so to print 'em right now. There's a lot of people who want stickers, so it'd be a worthwhile thing for someone to spend money on, I think — just use a design you find (I suggest the original or inverted designs on the design contesst page) — and print them up someplace (I used http://123stickers.com in the past).

I've got a bunch of Wiki Spot stickers, which would be good for a table but in of themselves not really as relevant as Davis Wiki stickers.

I don't have any more wiki shirts. I forget who has the silk screen — either Kristen Birdsall or Rob Roy. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-09-30 17:38:48   wikispot stickers would be better than nothing to give out and since there are no more davis stickers I withdraw my request for payment. :) I would also contribute $10 to a new sticker run of the old design but am too poor to bankroll the printing myself. —PxlAted

2007-10-04 16:57:25   if anyone wants to use the wiki fish sign, just let me know. —PxlAted

2007-11-04 15:28:40   Hi all, I've been away from the interweb as of late but I still have several ideas for Davis wiki outreach. I will post several ideas when I get a more stable connection —StevenDaubert

2007-11-08 09:28:55   I hope this isn't too off-topic, but I've been exploring what it would take to get a wiki started in my own local community. User participation and community engagement seems to be one of the main sticking points—and outreach is definitely a large component of this. I'm a big believer in the 'attraction' model of recruitment (focus on enthusiastic participation and others will be drawn to you!), but obviously getting the word out helps. I'd love to help contribute ideas about this, and, obvious, to hear what's worked for you. —Siona

  • Hello, if you wanted to get a wiki started, the actual wiki itself can be gotten via Wikispot which is the same software we use here, made bigger to allow for multiple wikis for everyone to create for their communities, free of charge and all that jazz. The most difficult thing for this is to get the community outreach, get people to add content so the ball gets rolling, other folk will likely add more in this regard. Where is the community by the way? ~DavePoole

2007-12-07 10:19:31   In Discussing some issues with how to get people to participate one idea came to mind: Each Wikizen goes forth and converts 2 new wikizens by asking them to make 2 edits on the wiki and then find 2 more people to make 2 more edits each... —AlexMandel

Sorta like a pay it forward.. but what if I get trolled in the end? Not bad but it lacks the oomph of motivation, why should folk do this. Perhaps a general campaign to capture more viewers as users, because most people know but don't add, perhaps then we should really promote signing in and adding something about what davis means to the person, too idealistic? ~D

I was thinking such a thing should be done for inviting people to our next wiki gathering/bbq. —JessicaRockwell

2008-08-02 07:15:02   We've offered to do a feature story on the Davis Wiki and a handful of the main members contributing to the site. We just need to know who those people are and have them contact us and be available for interviews and photographs. Check out the magazine at www.davislifemagazine.com. We've also offered to link stories we do to the appropriate Wiki pages so that you have more info, quotes and photos for each page that we've done a story on, we just need someone willing to enter this each month. —CaryArnold

2009-05-07 12:04:33   I need stickers, and this event should be repeated. With the cycling of UCD students every few years it is important to keep the wiki spreading or else all the people that know about it will move away! Obviously not EVERYBODY but you get the point. —MasonMurray

2009-12-14 09:21:33   I remember seeing some flyers up for the Wiki when I was an undergrad. I haven't been on campus much lately, but I haven't seen any of the flyers in a long time. Are they still being put up anywhere?

Also, are stickers, flyers, or anything of that sort given out to local businesses that are interested? Quite a few of the businesses are active on the Wiki, and I imagine those with generally good press on here would be delighted to put up some sort of a "Look us up on daviswiki.org" sign or sticker. Good for businesses, good for community attention.

Another thought, has anyone looked into getting a plug in, e.g., one of the little coupon mailers that go out? I don't know if the Little Green Coupon Machine would be interested, but it seems conceivable. Likewise with that marketplace mailing that goes out in (at least) North Davis. If people are going to the wiki to look up store hours and reviews on the businesses that advertise there, it's free press for the businesses and free press for the wiki. —TomGarberson

Flyers have always been kinda a DIY thing — if you want them up, print some out (or make some new ones!) and put them up! We definitely could use some newer flyers (3,300 articles and counting! oh dear!) As far as stickers go, I know WilliamLewis did a printing run a while back. William, did those come out okay? If I sent you some $ would you be willing to do another run? —PhilipNeustrom

Ehh... I was waiting for more people to pitch in, but nobody ever did. I should do it anyway. —wl

2009-12-14 12:21:06   I / we can pay for it if you wanna just do an order of, say, 500 I will reemburse you —PhilipNeustrom

A run of 500 sounds fine. It's $46+shipping... I was going to pay half of that. I'll order after I get off work.

  • That's for stickers? How about some Wiki Spot ones? -jw
    • I have a crapload of wiki spot stickers that I never gave out. Will distribute to Davis soon.

2010-06-16 15:24:47   It seems like this would be a good time to return to tabling at the farmer's market. Plus, there's a freshman orientation coming up in a couple of months! There will also be intro weeks/orientations for the professional schools - law and vet for sure, and I'm assuming business and med.—TomGarberson

2010-10-10 19:07:58   If you need stickers, we're down to supply them on the house. Check out: http://www.stickermule.com/AnthonyThomas