The arrow and circle logo for the wiki is designed to evoke the signs for bike circles and roundabouts that are littered about Davis. The logo often changes for holidays. Upload a logo here for an upcoming holiday and it will be used! Don't worry about formatting or other technical details, as it can be converted into something that works. You also might want to leave JabberWokky a message, especially if it's a last minute upload.


This is the very first logo used on the Davis Wiki. It was used along with plain text.

It was supposed to remind you of the signs for bike circles and roundabouts that are littered about Davis:

A typical roundabout sign.


This logo was designed for the new theme:

You can grab a full page pdf of the logo (logo.pdf) and also the same thing in flash (logo.swf) and the same thing in SVG (logo.svg)

In my opinion, this logo looks better with a tag line:

Past Holiday logos


2011-06-06 — D Day Anniversary
2011-06-05 — Tiananmen Square Anniversary
2011-06-03 — Doughnut Day
2011-04-01 — April Fool's Day
2011-03-18 — Tsunami disaster in Japan
2011-02-21 — President's Day
2011-01-01 — New Years Day


Halloween 2004

Thanksgiving 2004

Christmas 2004

Valentines 2005

St. Patrick's Day 2005

Easter 2005

April Fool's Day

Picnic Day

Whole Earth Festival

Independence Day 2005

Animated version activated at 9 PM:

Halloween 2005

Halloween Aftermath 2005

Thanksgiving 2005 (kind of a half-assed attempt)

Winter Holidays 2005

New Year's 2006

March 14th 2006

Easter 2006

Picnic Day 2006

November 2006 Election

Christmas 2006

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2007

Groundhog's Day 2007

The night before.

As of 4:28am when the official results were read

Valentine's Day 2007

President's Day 2007

Homage to our beloved Cafe Roma (closed in February 2007)

Philip Neustrom hits 10,000 edits!

Picnic Day 2007

That odd beehive hairdo thing is actually a fingerprint and was the Picnic Day 2007 logo.

Arbor Day 2007

The tree is from the Project Sycamore Wiki, and is the logo of the software this wiki runs on.

Whole Earth Festival 2007

Concept by MaryLieth, created by PhilipNeustrom

Halloween 2007

Elements from the GLOBAL pumpkin carving photo and NASA.

Valentine's Day 2008

Leap Day 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Rosh Hashanah 2008

Chanukah 2008

JabberWokky is trying to include more holidays from different cultures found in Davis. If you have an upcoming holiday you know of, please upload a logo (and include a date)!

Christmas 2008

As they are overlapping holidays this year, Christmas and Chanukah should probably share the logo

New Year's 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 - Year of the Ox, starts on Monday January 26 2009

Veterans Day 2010

Christmas Day 2010... Candidate.

Ryan Mikulovsky designed the 2010 Christmas Day Wiki Logo.

Hint, Hint...

Submit your own!

Suggested holiday logos

If you'd like to make a logo for the wiki, just upload it to this page sometime around the date of a holiday. If it's good we'll throw it up as the logo.

Other ideas

This one was a brainstorm idea that made PhilipNeustrom piss his pants:

Here is another logo idea, featuring a water tower (which was rejected because it looks like some kind of jelly fish) Maybe an alien landing craft?:

Here is a takeoff on the "Welcome to Davis" sign:

Plain version of the sign on the Front Page. That one is severely touched up in GIMP. Grab a PDF here.

What do you think about the logos? Any ideas?

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2004-08-01 05:14:11   I like the "Welcome to Davis Wiki" sign, but I think it'd look better if we actually vandalized a sign. - PhilipNeustrom

2004-08-01 07:34:54   Also, Mike, the new sign actually smashes into the login boxes when you're not logged in - PhilipNeustrom

2004-08-01 18:48:18   Sorry about that. You see, at my high resolution, it's hard to fathom there won't be room for something on someone's screen. But I'll take it off for now until we figure out if it even belongs anywhere. - MikeIvanov

2004-11-26 20:57:21   I live the bicycle friendle wiki one - RohiniJasavala

2004-12-19 04:50:22   wow. i got to be the first person to see the christmas logo. i honestly feel very honored - RobRoy

2005-02-13 16:34:03   the valentines logo is adorable! —RohiniJasavala

2005-02-13 17:18:23   Gotta love the logos. —JaimeRaba

2005-02-13 23:10:48   Thanks guys, I love making them. —MikeIvanov

2005-02-13 23:59:43   I <3 the green one —MarieHuynh

2005-03-17 17:34:59   i saw that Berkeley wiki page right now < > and you guys at Davis Wiki have beat them up hands down. That's awsome that we are actually better than Berkeley at something. Long live wiki! —GeorgejAndrews

2005-03-19 13:13:30   I just checked out the Berkeley page as well and can't believe is! —BevSykes

2005-03-28 01:18:49   I love the Easter logo! Great job, Mike!! —AlphaDog

2005-04-06 16:49:17   We have a request for a Picnic Day 2005 logo! Anyone? —KalenRidenour

2005-04-06 16:55:51   I'm on it. —MikeIvanov

2005-05-06 09:40:31   Mike...I totally <3 the WEF logo, it's perfect! And I just saw the Picnic Day one that I requested...also bomb! Great job! —KalenRidenour

2005-05-07 16:36:50   Thanks, I really like how those two came out. —MikeIvanov

2005-07-22 16:14:19   Any chance of getting some DavisWiki Logo window stickers? White on clear, possibly with below. —TarZxf

2005-07-22 16:17:43   We were looking into that a while ago. Clear cling stickers are pretty pricy, though. Maybe someone's got a hookup? —MikeIvanov

2005-09-19 23:17:37   I like all the theme logos. —KenjiYamada

2005-09-19 23:21:08   Thank you, thank you. Any requests for upcoming holidays that I don't know about? —MikeIvanov

2005-09-19 23:48:30   Thank you guys! Look forward to upcoming HyperText :] —VivianPham

2005-10-12 22:35:44   I love "A Davis resource that doesn't suck" and Rob's "Edit this T-shirt". I think black on white would be better, to be like the black on white text of the Wiki. I like the 'roundabout' logo, it's like pages being endlessly re-edited/recycled, I say keep it. —SteveDavison

2005-10-31 21:00:25   Ooh, the new halloween one is my favorite so far! —MiriamKaufman

2005-11-01 09:35:53   The day after Halloween logo is P-I-M-P! —JackHaskel

2005-11-01 16:36:15   i loved these halloween logos, SS & I were wondering... did anyone carve a wiki pumpkin? PHOTO REQUEST! —MichelleAccurso

2005-11-24 16:37:52   Ok, I found a couple of minutes to at least put up what I have for Thanksgiving. It's not finished or polished, but hopefully better than nothing. —MikeIvanov

I liked it! Too bad it was only up for a short time and few saw it. —PhilipNeustrom

2006-03-29 03:53:10   JELLYFISHES!!! ok that was childish, sorry..... JELLYFISHES!!!! haha. this page is awesome, awesome logos :) —TusharRawat

2006-07-04 11:29:37   No Independence Day logo today? —AndrewChen

I put up last year's for today. If anyone's got something better (or in the future, if you want something) then please throw it up!PhilipNeustrom

2006-07-20 22:02:47   I just noticed the new logo - I really think it's beautiful! Great work. —JosephBleckman

2006-07-21 04:37:30   hahaha. Sweet logo. God, is the weather going to really be in the triple digits for the whole of next week too? It burns. —DatNguyen

2006-07-26 09:49:14   Hmm. Maybe if we change the logo it will get cooler outside? —MichaelGiardina

2006-12-23 11:51:47   Somebody ought to make a christmas logo! —PhilipNeustrom

2007-02-13 23:41:20   None of the Valentines Day ones have skulls. That makes me sad (And I'm not skilled enough to do the editing myself). —MaxMikalonis

2007-04-10 14:56:06   On the picnic Day logo - what is the thing to the left? —SharlaDaly

The 2007 Picnic Day Logo. It's a weird, altered fingerprint thing. I figured I should include it. See Picnic Day 2007 for a larger version. I'm up for removing it, though. —JabberWokky

I didn't know what it was, either. I don't think many people will recognize it, even if it's the official logo. Something to the left in that logo would be good, though. Maybe even the water tower? (old town feel, etc?) —PhilipNeustrom

In the layered original I named that layer Beehive, as it reminds me of a Beehive hairdo. I agree, and if nobody else edits it by Saturday, I'll change it myself, but I'm hoping somebody kicks in their own variation. I uploaded the psd file for it (made in Gimp, I assume Photoshop, Gimp and Paint Shop Pro can read it). It's in the files for this entry named "Picnic 2007.psd": Picnic 2007.psdJabberWokky

2007-05-10 17:36:21   We need a WEF logo! —PhilipNeustrom

Maybe for the WEF you could make one that uses the Daviswiki logo in the place of the little recycling arrows that are on the bottom of plastic bottles and cans. I would do it myself but all I have is Paint program and OpenOffice Draw. — MaryLieth

Here's my first test logo:

I need some help making the two i's look more like tiki torches.

2009-02-18 21:24:43   Hello, fellow Daviswikians. It has been a while, but recently since moving to Ithaca NY I have been working on another wiki Anyways I was wandering how you guys designed the logos. Im a total beginner, and the general wikispot page on logos seemed to be more about concept ideas, rather than how to actually make the logo. Thanks


    • Just use any image editing program. It's a good idea to keep the logo around 200 to 400 pixels wide by 50 to 60 pixels tall. There is also a background image that can be used as a logo, but that requires some HTML/CSS know how that is a bit confusing at first. Basically, you want to create a PNG file (it should be an option when you save... if not, and you're really stuck, you can send me a GIF file, and I'll mail it back to you as a PNG), and upload it to your "wiki settings" page. Also, if you want to just focus on your content and ask somebody to do it for you, the Gnome HQ has an interwiki group of technically skilled editors who volunteer to handle some of the dirty work until the local community is large enough to have their own technically skilled members. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
    • MikeIvanov is really the guy to ask. He's a logo genius, if you ask me. I think what he tended to do was spend an embarrassingly disproportionate amount of time on each logo (various holidays) and be a complete prefectionist. I'd start with sketching out ideas on paper, then use something like Inkscape. You can see some discussion on how we settled on the Wiki Spot logo and the SF wiki logo (probably a better example). —PhilipNeustrom

2009-12-21 12:16:49   I threw up an older holiday logo just now. If anyone wants to make a newer one: please do! —PhilipNeustrom

Do we have a larger version of the main logo?

2011-11-15 17:43:36   I propose we participate in American Censorship Day tomorrow. Wikipedia is participating and the legislation threatens the future of DavisWiki and sites like it. What do ya'll think? —PhilipNeustrom

  • Sure. Might as well —ScottMeehleib
  • Let's do it. —CovertProfessor
  • Agreed -TomGarberson
  • Agree 100%- Wes-P
  • Agree 100%- PeterBoulay
  • By all means
    • So, where is it? —cp
    • Kinda my thought. I just got a IM asking about it. I can do one, but I thought Philip had one. Note that the "official" one requires access to HTML, rather than just the image. -jw
      • Okay, I'm doing one, but I would like to ask everybody to contribute to the "About SOPA" tab. -jw
        • So there's a basic one. Hurm. How about "Save the Wiki" instead of "Stop Censorship"? There's a whole "censorship" flavor to most of the rants and content on the net in general, but locally, we're more worried about a specific possible outcome. -jw
        • Thanks for the logo! I was going to go with that black bar thing, but it'd actually look pretty weird because we've got a black background. I've made the logo link to the What is SOPA page, which I think should do the trick. —PhilipNeustrom
        • One day, or longer? I'm loathe to abuse the logo, even for a good cause. One day, however, doesn't catch people who only check in now and then. -jw
          • Personally, I'd like to see it up until the end of the week. But I won't cry if somebody decides to take it down. ;) -SM
            • End of the week sounds good to me... perhaps through the weekend, then remove? —cp
              • Works for me. -jw
                • I took SOPA down because of the police response yesterday. International news now so we should keep it as the most prominent item on the front page, IMO. —PhilipNeustrom
                  • Yes, that makes sense. —cp

Update: There appears to be a coordinated internet-wide blackout planned for Jan 18th. Wikipedia is considering a full site-wide blackout. Should we join in and put the logo up as we did before? This isn't a theoretical here, either — both Boxer and Feinstein are co-sponsors of the Protect IP Act. —PhilipNeustrom

  • Is a DW blackout an option or are you just thinking logo change? I'd favor participating in the blackout coordination, but logo is fine too. —JT
    • We could do a blackout-style thing too. I know there was a plan for some simple little snippet you could put into a site to make it have a "call your legislators" form, but I'm not sure where that is. If there's something simple like that then we should take a look. —PhilipNeustrom
  • In light of recent events, we probably shouldn't do a blackout right now. The most useful blackout would be a message directing people to contact their congresscritters and tell them to oppose the bill. With the bill being dead in its current form, we might want save the blackout for when the bill is resurrected in some other form, but that won't be any time soon. Oh, and for what its worth, Mike Thompson, the local representative, opposes SOPA. Boxer and Feinstein support PIPA, though. —WilliamLewis

2011-11-15 21:36:30   There are certainly plenty of students on the UCDavis campus who need help navigating a roundabout. I've had to yell at a few people... —ConsciousConsumer

2011-12-20 19:25:08   Here's a Christmas 2011 Logo suggestion: HimySyed