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Pretty sweet on winning that grant Daubert

That's really awesome news! —IDoNotExist

Fantabulous! Congratulations! —CovertProfessor

Really excited about this! Has anyone notified the Enterprise and/or the Bee? A small press release might go a long way. —TomGarberson

Or even a large one. There are tech blogs that might pick this up, such as Slashdot or (maybe) Engadget, if the news was presented in a way that would appeal to the target market of the blog. —IDoNotExist

    Can we make a list? Places to send LocalWiki press release? We are trying to figure out non-local places to send this to.

      Want to get slashdotted? :-)

        Yes. We should be able to handle it, unless they start accessing all sorts of weird pages and, of course, Recent Wikis the slowest macro in the world. —BrentLaabs

          Haha, We're so screwed if we get slashdotted. The server will NOT be able to handle that! —AmitVainsencher

          Well, it would only be a temporary problem. PN said we'd be okay... but that was back when we were on baxter and our traffic was quite a bit smaller. Still memcached does a lot of the work speeding up pages. -BL

          • Even my interwiki RC page is normally pretty speedy these days. I'm not sure when it sped up, but some point this year it got much faster. Gotta love the way memory and caches hitting certain magic combos will just suddenly make it fast. -jw

            • My IWRC page times out on my iPhone practically every time without a recent cache. -BL

Philip is working on getting the Knight Foundation to approve a press release and he has been interviewed by local media. —JasonAller

    Yes, they want to approve the thing first. But it's late now so we're just going to send it anyway. Don't tell anybody. —PhilipNeustrom