Willow Slough is the outflow for Cache Creek. It is an important source of irrigation, a flood-control channel, and a riparian habitat for birds, amphibians, and mammals. In the 1890s, Willow Slough had year-round, clear water of such quality as to lead Woodland's politicians to suggest the use of it for civic domestic consumption. Channelization, land planing, devegetation, and monocultural, high-chemical agriculture have impoverished the sloughs into relics of their former past condition.

Willow Slough is home to Swainson's Hawks, Great Horned and Barn Owls, egrets, herons, ducks, and many other species. The slough provides important visual diversity in this very flat landscape, and offers a corridor for many animals to move about the land in safety. Without the sloughs and small creeks, there would be no high-quality valley soils, and our bioregion would not be what it is today.

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  • Cache Creek Outflow and Willow Slough, Robert Thayer


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2006-10-05 12:08:08   Where is it? —KaiTing

2007-03-29 01:27:17   It's out off County Road 30/105...I go there often, I'll take a picture next time. —PatrickFish