Mailing Address
PO Box 823 in Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 662-9086
(530) 908-1825 cell

Wilson and Son's Tree Trimming service is run by a really nice fellow who works out of Davis and Woodland, but may go further. They do safety trimming, shaping and removals, and other tree-related stuff. They will come out and give you a free estimate.


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2006-09-21 22:21:01   We called Wilson's for an estimate to trim our palm trees and met with Dennis Adams. The estimate that he gave us was about half the price of another tree trimming service's "rough estimate over the phone." In addition, they carted away all the debris (very, very significant amount!!!) so that we wouldn't have to deal with all the piles in the street until yard-waste pickup. They left the yard very clean (perhaps cleaner then when they arrived.....) We highly recommend Wilson's. —Alison C.

2008-07-07 20:25:48   We called Mr. Wilson for an appointment to come out and estimate how much it would be to trim our trees. He made an appointment with me for 10am. Great! 10am came and went. So did the rest of the day. At 5:30pm someone else from the company left a message to say Mr. Wilson couldn't make the appointment. Apparently it wasn't important enough for Mr. Wilson to call himself. The next EVENING, Mr. Wilson finally did call back with no apology or explanation for missing the appointment he himself made. My husband said he wasn't so sure he wanted to do business with someone who didn't bother to call and say they couldn't make an appointment or even apologize for wasting our time. Mr. Wilson said, "Maybe you'd be happier doing business with someone else." My husband said, "Maybe" and then said "Good bye." Can't say much about their tree trimming but I will say that they are not very professional folks. —DebWestergaard

2011-01-18 14:36:58   Rednecks with a chain saw. Don't trust these guys with your trees. I saw these guys hacking up some tress so I went out to talk to them. They said "We wanted to top em' but city wont let us". I tried to give them some guidlines to no avail. I returned to find a beautiful grove trees wacked up. If you need some clear cutting these guys will give you a deal. If you want your trees cared for - run... —MichaelB

2012-06-20 11:24:14   We rent a duplex from Kings Properties. Twice now Wilson & Sons has just shown up without the mandatory 24 hour notice. The first time they woke us up by barging into our backyard, not even trying to knock on the front door! If we hadn't happened to be home both times, I'm afraid they would have let our dog out (or been bitten). When I complained to Kings, they blamed Wilson's for not letting them know they were coming. Not sure who's to blame. —Myra