This page is so we can keep all the slate statements/platforms in one spot. This information is specific to the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election.

LEAD's Winter 2005 Platform

Below is the L.E.A.D. Winter 2005 platform.

City and State Issues:

  • Organize A March/Rally for Student Fee “Termination” to mobilize California students against the increased costs and inaccessibility of higher education in California
  • Advocate for Choice Voting In The City of Davis to increase the power of student voters
  • Hold Voter Registration Drives to increase student voter turnout in local elections

ASUCD Governmental Issues:

  • Bring ASUCD’s Government Codes and Constitution in Line With State and Federal Law
  • LEAD is Committed to Minimizing Student Fee Increases With A Constitutional Amendment Requiring A 60% Vote To Pass Any Fee Based Initiative
  • LEAD Supports A Constitutional Amendment Requiring Any Fee Based Initiative To Explicitly State All Projected Student Financial Obligations
  • LEAD Supports A Constitutional Amendment to Increase the Power of The ASUCD Court in ASUCD Elections
  • Increase The Accountability Of Elected Officials
  • Foster collaboration within student government to make ASUCD more effective
  • Expand ASUCD’s Lobby Corps

Campus Social Issues:

  • Create the ASUCD Campus Outreach and Organizing Office To Promote and Increase Collaboration Amongst Student Organizations and ASUCD
  • Create the ASUCD office of Environmental Affairs
  • Make AGTV (Aggie Television) accesible in the dorms

Academic Issues:

  • Provide Printing Service In The Cyber Lounge At The ARC
  • Provide Printing Services At Campus Copies and Classical Notes
  • Advocate For An Increase In the Number of Women among Faculty And Staff
  • Advocate for Lower Textbook Prices Through A Senate Committee

Friends Urging Campus Kindness Platform

See Friends Urging Campus Kindness Platform (for now this seems specific to the Winter 2005 election).

Student Focus Platform

Below is the Student Focus platform/statement.

Serve With Integrity

  • Hold ourselves to a higher standard
  • Create an ASUCD email newsletter and make greater use of public opinion polls to make ASUCD more transparent to students

Remote Printing Stations

  • Upload your papers to a central server on campus from home via the internet
  • On campus, simply slide your Reg. card at a printing station to have your paper print
  • Avoid, and help decrease, long lines at the computer labs

Finals Week Parking Permits

  • Work with TAPS to create a discounted, finals-week only, parking permit
  • Cut down on your Finals-week stress

Protect Party Rights

  • Work with the City of Davis to create a student-run party planning and management service
  • This service would reduce the threat of noise violations and your party being broken up
  • Lobby the City Council to protect your right to party

Student Focus maintains that they are "committed to campus safety, lobbying for more affordable student housing in Davis and low student fees."