The Presidential Candidates in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election are listed below. See also: Senate Candidates.


Genna Carnes (VP) and Darnell Holloway (President)

Candidate Statement:

We are determined to build a stronger student association. This year ASUCD has yet again been marred by scandals. However, these issues are the direct result of a greater problem. The codes by which ASUCD operates are flawed and inconsistent. Given the constant turnover of student leadership, the system must be reformed to ensure continuity and to make clear the intent of questionable rules. This reform must begin with our proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit the passage of retroactive laws in ASUCD. We are also striving to improve the quality of campus life while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget. We have designed our platform to meet the demands of the student population without placing additional financial burdens on the student association in a time of financial crisis. We will improve the quality of existing ASUCD services including Tipsy Taxi and the Book Exchange without taking actions that will make it necessary to increase your student fees in the future. A great deal of responsibility is placed in the hands of the executive office and representation of the student voice beyond our campus is crucial. Students are a driving force of the local economy and account for nearly 50% of DavisÂ’ population. Yet students have little influence over city policies which target them, such as the open container law and noise ordinances, which is why we will institutionalize year-round voter registration through the ASUCD Office of External Affairs. Beyond local issues we have also been outspoken on the larger issues which have mattered most to students, including the $12 billion in cuts to federal student aid. Our collaborative advocacy efforts have garnered positive attention from national and local media outlets. Next year we will continue to represent the best interests of the students on all levels. We urge you to do your part in building a stronger student association by voting for Darnell Holloway and Genna Carnes for ASUCD executive office. Thank You.

Student Focus

Chris Herold (President) and Parisa Manteghi (VP)

Candidate Statement:

Hi Aggies! Our names are Chris Herold and Parisa Manteghi, and we are very excited to be running for ASUCD President and Vice President on the STUDENT FOCUS ticket. We are committed to serving the students of UC Davis by bringing a practical approach to ASUCD. Our continued involvements on campus have allowed us to experience many aspects of UC Davis, giving us a strong grasp on student issues.

Our experience includes: Chris Herold:

Parisa Manteghi:

  • Interim ASUCD Senator
  • ASUCD City/County Affairs Director
  • VP Communications, Alpha Chi Omega
  • Vice Chair, Chancellor's Student Services and Fees Advisory Committee

We are committed to representing all students and student groups on campus and facilitating more student interaction in ASUCD. We will achieve both short and long term goals in order to implement positive changes on student life.

Our goals include:

  • Reduce Tipsy Taxi back to $1
  • Organize ASUCD Marketing & Promotions Office
  • Install an ASUCD Prosecutor to hold the Senate and Executive Office accountable
  • Guarantee funding for Club Finance Council and increase transparency in the application process

UC Davis is an extraordinary campus with a variety of different student concerns. If elected, we would work to ensure all student needs and concerns are addressed. On February 22nd and 23rd vote for Chris Herold and Parisa Manteghi for ASUCD President & Vice President and vote STUDENT FOCUS!