These are reviews of Woodstock's Pizza from 2008. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2008-02-08 13:12:22   We welcome feedback at Woodstock's Pizza. We strive to do our best, but we're human. If ever you feel dissatisfied with service or product or just have a suggestion or question, please know that you can contact any manager on duty or the general manager at or fill out a survey on-line at —DeeClarkButler

2008-03-25 23:05:50   Some of the worst pizza I have ever had. There was no crust under the pizza and there was too much crust on the outside. The pizza also did not taste good. I was really disappointed after hearing such good things about this place. I prefer Steve's any day of the week. —BrandonBarrette

2008-04-09 10:12:11   The only time I eat this pizza, like most people, is when there's nothing else to eat on a drunken night. The sauce accumulates around the crust, and it tastes BAD. The ingredients can't cover up the nasty sauce taste. Any other pizza is better from what I can tell. —Kiran

2008-04-19 22:00:44   I'm not sure I will ever go here again — I definitely won't order a take-out pizza on a Sat night again. Long wait, huge crowd of rude undergrads (somebody pushed me and stepped on my foot as I was waiting to go in), pizza expensive and didn't taste good. Usually I go to Steve's, which is much tastier with a more grown-up clientele. —AmandaSmith

2008-04-21 02:31:19   At first, when I ordered here, I didnt know what I was doing and thought I hated this place. But after a while this has become some of the best pizzas i ever tasted.

I am not sure, but I never had the option of choosing whether I wanted wheat dough or white flower. But im glad they have the option. and i LOVE how the sauce accumulates under the crust. It makes the crust that much more flavorable. The chocolate pies are amazing, but there is so much chocolate, it could know down an elephant. I highly do not recommend orderign anything smaller than a large pizza, otherwise its not worth it as much. They do give student's discount which is nice and support local communities at times. —chand3123k

2008-04-21 02:33:41   Hmmm, I also have a question. Are there different chefs for this restaurant? I do feel like there are slight differences between each pizza everytime we order. —chand3123k

2008-04-27 23:52:05   pizza is pretty good~ but, the cheese ALWAYS fall off for some reason. The pizza sauce is pretty good too.. a bit salty, then tangy, then spicy.

the lunch buffet is worth the price... you can get like 1-3 slices per plate cause they don't want you to waste extra slices. The customer service is pretty good, the food is good... —xcutioners

2008-05-05 00:59:27   On the side note, my friend ordered a pizza like 11:30pm Sunday night and we were hungry. Called up woodstocks, ordered a large cheese pizza, and got everything ready.

Guess what? We waited for almost an hour until I mentioned to my friend about the pizza. He called woodstocks and asked for a pizza-delivery trace; the person said that the pizza was never made..

wtf —xcutioners

2008-05-13 23:52:42   My husband and I go here about every Thursday. They have an awesome and entertaining beer selection— something new every time we go there. And we LOVE the PIZZA. I always ask for extra cheese cause it totally makes it better. The crust is REAL crust, and sometimes I just start cutting that off and eating it without the pizza. The salads are okay, though not as good as Steve's Place salad bar. The apple cinnimon pizza is just okay, but rather just tastes like canned apples in cinnamon on a mound of dough and lots of sugar. But seriously, I think Woodstocks has the best pizza in town. —JamieParker

2008-06-23 15:34:32   the dessert pies would be better without so much dough.


2008-06-27 15:03:29   Pizza is great... Employees are horrible. They once kicked us out because they thought we were giving beer to minors... no! Also, they used physical force to kick out my friend because they thought he punched a pregnant African American lady... no he didn't! Also, I swear that one guy was about to get a magnifying glass or a microscope to check my I.D. because he was staring at it for so long... get real guys. —aberrier

2008-06-27 23:34:10   I wasn't really digggin' their pizza at all. Too much cheese. Super uber de duper greasy pepperoni. Sauce is good though. Their crust is meh. I don't think I'll be coming back. —MissAmyQ

2008-07-05 19:41:09   Way overrated. It comes off as the premier pizza place in Davis. In reality it's a little bit above the median. Definitely better than Cenario's, and Domino's but doesn't compare to Symposium, Village Bakery or Papa Murphy's. I realy don't get what the big deal is with this place. Are they selling crack in the bathrooms? —JimBob

  • Really? Papa Murphy's? I understand if you are talking about price, but in terms of quality woodstocks is wayyy better. —JakeJames

2008-08-25 22:08:14   Had some Woodstock's Pizza today. It was the most overrated, overhyped, and overpriced pizza I've ever had. I was thoroughly unsatisfied with it. And their lunch buffet selection? Cheese, Mushroom, Pepperoni, and Pizza-of-the-Day. Pathetic. And they couldn't even get the simple cheese pizza correct. The first bite tasted like Chuck-E-Cheese pizza, but got worse and worse...I didn't know that was possible. And, man, you should've seen those pepperonis curled up to form a bowl full of grease. They don't even replace the pizza until every slice of every selection of pizza is gone. Then you have to wait 10 minutes for it to be restocked. Cuts into the mere 2 hours the buffet is served, assuming you have the time to stay for two entire hours. I find it unimaginable that people would put down $2.50 for just one slice of their pizza. I'd rather spend $2.30 on a slice of MU pizza. Cheaper, a million times tastier, and they sure as heck don't hold back on the toppings. I also had to swat away a couple flies. Never paying for Woodstock's Pizza willingly ever again.

On the other hand, watching that one guy toss the pizza dough in the air was pretty cool. —TheShah

2008-10-28 16:03:26   The pizza here is sub par and way overpriced even with the student discount. I only order when there's a good coupon. The delivery takes way too long though I've noticed that delivery time correlates with how much you tipped the previous delivery person. They seem to deliver within a half hour or so if I gave them a generous tip on my last order. Has anyone else noticed this? Either way the pizza's not bad but not so good. I absolutely love their spicy breaded wings however so they keep me coming back. —AnonymousStudent