These are reviews of Woodstock's Pizza from 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2009-01-18 23:00:47   Sure, not the best pizza in town. But it's open late, has good beer, and when I'm drinking nothing makes me happier than the hot wings. Mmmm. —ChristyMarsden

2009-02-09 17:27:43   So after ordering about $20 bucks in food, two smoking bouncers kicked my friend (and by proxy myself)for lack of shoes, loudly claiming it was a "health code violation". One of the bouncers, smoking at the door of the restaurant (the one with the "no smoking sign"), harassed me and my friend for his lifestyle. Anyone know where I can file this complaint properly? The guys are jackasses, and I want my money back. —DavidPoole

Apparently it isn't a health code violation. While Woodstock's reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for just about any reason, your money in their cash register + no food for you = petty theft. I say call the cops. —wl

First, what Woodstocks did was wrong, plain and simple. That being said, dude, put some shoes on. Christ, I gotta eat in these places! —condemned2bfree


By far the worst customer service I've ever had from any place. Rule #1: CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Listen to their wants and needs; don't talk back to them in an annoyed way. The employees here don't know anything about these manners. Today, we asked for a pizza that's half one topping, and the other with another topping, and what we got was a mauled pizza that was 75% one topping. Wow, it's as though my little nephew made it during pizza training school or some crap. To make it worse, when we mentioned this to the delivery girl, she first asserted that "It's a free pizza" (we got it for free because of another Woodstock's mishap in the past), trying to justify why it was so horrendously made. And then she further added, "I didn't make it. What do you want me to do about it?" with an annoyed attitude. We told her we just wanted to let her know about the pizza, so that next time this won't happen again. THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME. Finally, she left and groaned loudly. That's just one experience I've had with Woodstock's, among the very many.

Woodstock's, listen carefully: keep treating your customers like this, and you will lose your business. Everyone here, including the manager himself is a jerk. We wanted a pizza last night, called 2 minutes after closing and someone was like we can't make you a pizza, and hung up on me before I could even say anything. Yeah, the usual. I can't believe people eat here.

My housemates and I will never eat here again. When I hold meetings for my organization, I will never order Woodstock's pizza again for my members.

I feel sorry for the employees there. They all probably lead sad, pathetic lives and get pleasure from making other people angry and irritated because that's probably the highlight of their day.

I will make sure that I call their business center and file a complaint. —scorpio67

  • So let me get this straight, your pizza toppings were improperly distributed on a free pizza, and they wouldn't make you a pizza after they closed, so therefore the employees must "all lead sad pathetic lives". Come on. You had a bad experience: it sounds like they screwed up a pizza order and weren't entirely apologetic about it - oh well, there are bigger problems in life to get so goddamn worked up over. —jakejames
  • With all due respect, there are VERY few restaurants, if any, who will take an order AFTER they have closed. Most won't even give you the courtesy of answering the phone to TELL you they are closed. This is not unusual. Dare I ask, if you were able to call 2 minutes after close, what was stopping you from calling 2 minutes BEFORE close? Or 10 minutes? I don't mean to sound rude, but this sounds like an easily preventable problem; just call 5 minutes earlier! —AlexHall

2009-03-15 20:07:17   Not good marketers: Students get 15% off, and the alumni get 15% off, and the skiers get 15% off; and I, a working person, am supposed to subsidize that? your dreams. Off to Papa Murphy's and fix it up with our garden stuff. How do I get a Ninja card? —wintersdude

2009-03-16 22:00:50   I personally find their pizza to be dull and not worth the price. I'd choose Steve's, Lamp post, or Papa Murphy's over Woodstock's any day. —BrookeB

2009-03-19 21:10:04   Just a wee bit more expensive than the other pizza places, but Woodstock's is alright in my books. You have the option of wheat or regular dough, and... I didn't get any rude service. :o) —strawberry

2009-04-02 20:15:42   Has anyone gone to their trivia night? Do you have to show up early? —BretCorzine

  • I run the Trivia Night, and I would recommend showing up by 8:30 at the latest (for the 9:00 event). You may be able to find space after that, but there are no guarantees. "Signup" is just a matter of physically sitting at a table, though. —AlexHall

2009-05-17 21:17:26   Best Pizza in Davis~~ —coffeetea99

2009-07-13 22:12:15   I'm a fan of the pizza here, I like the wood booths, and the wait staff has always been very friendly and accommodating. —patrick82

2009-08-11 14:37:38   Bad, bad pizza. And I am not even being uppity. Really bad crust- doughy on the sides, saggy bottom. Flavorless, all around bad sauce. Its just not good and I can't believe this place wins best pizza in Davis. It makes me sad for Davis. —Thavy

2009-08-16 01:03:15   Woodstocks occupies the same place as the long lost biker club/bar that was called "The Club". Back in the day, you would see many Harleys parked out in front. Now, it is a pizza parlor. I haven't had Woodstock's Pizza in quite a while, but I do remember the pizza was good for the price. If you want to dine in, then last I checked, they have a great salad bar, and good prices on draught beer. They used to have a coupon special you could keep running with every pizza you got for delivery. $9.99 for an extra large one topping pizza with a coupon that always came pasted on the box. This was a Saturday night guarantee for me back in 1999/2000. They don't do that any longer, and last time I ordered, still not too pricey. Good pizza overall and a good deal. —Darren22

2009-09-03 18:45:01   its funny that the article is just a bad review Woodstock's is awesome BTW —P.LaurenceCapito

2009-10-03 18:47:49   There is a lot of negativity on here. Here is positive story. The place I work for held an event, our first one, and Woodstock's came and sold slices and smiled. It wasn't as lively as we thought it might be. Matt was awesome and made the whole experience great. —KTcooper

2009-10-22 01:30:50   Loved their causeway classic with wheat crust and white sauce!!! <3 —allwalksoflife87

2009-11-08 21:02:50   their pizza is good sometimes. the pepperoni has way too much grease though! We do enjoy the beers though, and usually they have some good deal going on where you dont have to spend too much. one thing that I love is their chicken caesar salad...the dressing is so rich and creamy and amazing! it definitely goes good with a pizza and a beer. yummm : ) even though I have my doubts about the pizza, the Mr really likes it. all the time. —mrandmrs

2009-11-24 00:07:19   To satisfy my midnight craving for pizza (hadn't had a pie in about three months), I called at 11:44 PM on Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 and spoke with Kaitlyn, who took my delivery order for a thin-crust, extra-large Causeway Classic combo (Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Salami, Black Olives, 'Shrooms, Extra Cheese) on wheat bread.

Pre-tax total was $22.99. When I tried to use my $3.00-off coupon (#87), Kaitlyn was gracious enough to offer me greater savings: approximately $4.00 off my total (something along the lines of $1.00 off each topping on an extra-large pizza after 10:00 PM). So my total (including tax & delivery) came out to be about $22.00 & change. Because they delivered within 25 minutes, I gave the driver $26.00 even. My piping hot pie soon filled my living room with wafting aromas of fragrant mushrooms, hearty meats and the spice of tomato sauce.

Great phone and delivery service, and the pizza paired well my remaining half-bottle of 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel (Sobon Estate, Amador County, Plymouth, CA). What more could anyone ask for at 11:40 at night?

Thank you, Woodstock's. —T.Zukumori