Original Location at 219 G Street

238 G Street
School hours
Mon-Weds 11AM-1AM
Thurs-Sat 11AM-2AM
Sun 11AM-12AM
Summer hours
Mon-Weds 11AM-12AM (Bar open til 1AM)
Thurs-Sat 11AM-1AM (Bar open til 2AM)
Sun 11AM-12AM
Delivery charge


Large Pepperoni

Woodstock's Pizza has to be the most popular pizza joint in Davis. Besides decent pizza, their menu offers salads, chicken wings, and frosted "CinnaBread." For us health nuts they also offer a whole-wheat crust at no additional cost. Sadly, it's not uncommon for the folded over portion of the crust to take about as much surface area as the cheese.

Woodstock's is generally loud and full of life. Open late, they offer free wireless as well as free refills. Combined with the fact they also now have a full bar, this makes Woodstock's, Original Steve's, and Lamppost Pizza the only places in Davis where you can surf the web, drink a beer, and eat pizza.

Happy Hour: 3-6 PM $1.00 off all beers, wells, and appetizers Delivery costs $2.75 plus tip ($4-$7 is considered a good tip). They'll even deliver to campus. The driver will call you up when they get there so you don't have to wait outside. If you want to pay for delivery using a credit card, they now ask for your credit card number and expiration date over the telephone. The safety of this measure may seem sketchy, but it's likely safer than their previous at-the-door, carbon-copying method.

On a side note, Woodstock's Pizza also has six other locations in California: San Diego, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Chico. An interesting fact, in Santa Barbara they change the name of their beloved pizza from "Causeway Classic" to "IV Classic" (IV stands for Isla Vista, the collegiate equivalent of a cesspool located adjacent to the UCSB campus). Actually, each of the locations of Woodstock's Pizza has it's own name for the "classic" pizza- San Diego "Aztec Classic", Santa Cruz "Cruz Classic", San Luis Obispo "SLO Classic", etc


To give the company feedback on your experience at Woodstock's, contact the general manager at tparks@woodstocksdavis.com or fill out a survey on-line at http://www.woodstocksdavis.com/survey.


Woodstock's holds several different events at their bar on a weekly basis. They include:

Trivia Night: On Thursday nights, Trivia Nights are hosted by Mick and Thomas. Admission is free, and event starts at 9 PM but usually fills up so get there early! Prizes are given out to winners of each round, as well as the overall winner. It's technically an all ages trivia event, but if you're under 21 your team is forced to sit in the upstairs balcony area, which can be somewhat inconvenient.

Live Music Saturdays: Featuring a different artist each week. Bar Specials also available.

Woodstock's events are almost always free, and are almost always ALL AGES! Since Woodstock's uses wristbands rather than carding at the door, the under-21 crowd is always welcome here. Obviously, you have to be 21 to buy alcohol, but you will never be turned away from an event at the bar just because you're not 21 before 10pm. Now that they have a full bar, the bar side of the establishment becomes "21+ only" at 10 pm daily. 


Woodstock's Pizza opened in Davis in 1985 and was located at 219 G Street. Woodstock's later leased the property next door and remodeled to combine both properties into one larger location. Previously, the property housed The Velvet Elvis, a bar opened by a few people, including Seth Sternin, one of the current owners of Ground Zero. It closed primarily because of restricted hours that prevented them from serving alcohol after 11pm, making it a tough investment. Soon after opening, one of Ground Zero's competitors moved from its prominent location in Sacramento (SBI) and the people interested in starting up Ground Zero were offered the lease. It was only possible for Sternin to take up the lease by freeing up his capital to invest in the new location, therefore leaving Velvet Elvis while his partners sold off to a buyer, who never re-opened. In addition to the Davis Ground Zero which apparently opened later, the Sacramento location opened in mid-year and still exists today on Arden Way.

Before it was The Velvet Elvis, it was The Library. Before The Library existed, the northern end was occupied by The Club. The southern end held Honorable Gee's, a Chinese restaurant. Before Honorable Gee's existed, the southern end held "The Spudnut Coffee Shop." Before Spudnut, it was the Sacramento Cafe. With the exception of the demolition of the wall between the northern and southern ends, the basic structure of the southern half is essentially the same as when it was the Sacramento Cafe of the 1920s through 1940s.

After their lease expired, the original location closed Dec 12, 2022. The owners purchased the current location, formely KetMoRee, with a plan to stay in Davis long term. Woodstock's reopened on Dec 15 after major renovations.


Also see Discounts and Freebies

  • They have a "Frequent Woody Card". Each $5 purchase gets a stamp. Ten stamps ($50) completes the card. The prize you get when you fill the card is a $5 gift certificate good for anything they sell. The problem is it's only good for 30 days.
  • Students get 15% off any extra large pizza with 1 or more toppings.
  • Members of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association get 15% off.
  • If you go to their website and sign up to be in their special club, they'll email you a buy-one-get-one-free pizza. Pretty handy if you're broke!
    • Do they Use PTF (Pizza Transfer Protocol?)
    • They also email you other random nice deals, and avoid being annoying.
  • If it's your 21st birthday, you get 21% off. Max of $50 discount.
  • On your birthday, they give you a free CinnaBread, plus 15% off for everyone in the group you're with. Statistically speaking, if you have a big enough group, you should be able to get 15% off all the time.
  • If you own a shirt from them and wear it, you get $2.00 off your purchase. Shirts are 15 dollars, so they pay for themselves in 8 visits.


P.I.E. is their email coupon service (as in "pizza pie", a term more common on the East coast). You give them your email address and they send you coupons. When you sign up, you get a BOGO coupon.


Woodstock's will sell you dough balls if you want to make your own pizza. It's ~$2.50 for a large.


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2010-01-21 20:12:07   If you live or visit Davis it's definately worth going here once. That said, I don't know if I'd ever be willing to go here often or as my regular pizza place. The pizza is a bit on the pricy side and is also not really any better than chain pizza, sadly. While I love local business, my taste buds say stick with Mountain Mikes over Woodstocks for pure taste.

That said, Woodstocks is a fun place to go with friends to hand out and drink and the same cannot be said of any chain pizza joint. Is it a better bar that serves pizza than it is a pizza place? Maybe. —rfrazier

2010-03-14 22:47:38   Their "insert town here" special is the same for every college town.

Hey everyone - look at that phony! —upisdown

2010-03-14 23:02:24   I heard that Woodstock's had some of the best pizza in Davis, so when I finally tried some I was disappointed. The crust is about the flavor and texture of cardboard and the sauce isn't very good.

I also wanted to point out to the commenter that referred to Woodstock's as a "local business" that Woodstock's is actually a small chain based out of San Diego. (See http://woodstocksca.com/about-us/contact-us.html for all their chain locations.) I guess they're better than Dominos, but I wouldn't say much better.

My advice is try Lamppost Pizza instead. (I still haven't tried Steve's or Village Bakery.) —gynomight

  • It should be noted that gynomight and upisdown share the same IP address, which strongly implies the above two reviews were left from the same computer.
  • Actually that is not what should be noted. It only implies that it came from the same router which was assigned the WAN IP from the ISP. Assuming that each person has their own IP or even computer shows a misunderstanding of network technology. Most people in home networks connect through routers now which do NAT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_address_translation processing. This major step in networking technology prevented the internet from running out of IP addresses early in its development. Cheers!

2010-03-25 14:49:43   I'm surprised to read so many negative comments here. First, I must admit that I am an employee of the restaurant, so I am obviously a little bit biased. As far as the quality/taste of the pizza is concerned, everyone will have their own personal tastes and I can't blame anyone for not liking the food. I personally think it is great pizza, but that doesn't mean everyone will love it. What I am surprised about is the comments about the staff and service. Woodstock's employees work very hard to please their customers, and will not hesitate to correct mistakes of any kind. We truly believe that "the customer is always right," and if you have a problem, we will listen and correct it. Obviously, we are human, and not everything will be perfect all the time. But with that in mind, and with a good attitude and reasonable approach toward reality, you will find that our service can't be beat. Yes, if you come in on Friday night and the line is out the door, your food will probably take a long time to get to you. Yes, if you live in the dorms and give the wrong phone number when you order, or you don't get reception in your building, your order will definitely not make it to you until you call us back; how else are we supposed to get ahold of you? The point isn't that we're perfect. It's that, when we are imperfect, and you take the time to respectfully tell us that, we WILL do absolutely everything within reason to fix that problem and turn you into a happy customer. The last thing anyone at Woodstock's wants is for you to have a bad experience, so if you have an issue, like the many people who have commented here, please give us a chance to fix it before totally blasting us over it. You will most likely find that everything can turn out just fine with good communication, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations. Thanks to all who patronize our store, and to those who no longer do, I encourage you to give us another shot! —AlexHall

2010-03-25 17:01:47   This place and Village are the only two local pizza joints in town that I will order from. The food is always fresh and the quality top notch. The first time that I ever went in I was treated very rudely but after running into the owner I gave them a second shot and am happy that I did. Hands down one of the top 3 pizzas in town. —JoeRandom

2010-04-13 12:26:00 Woodstock's Pizza is the best place to order pizza! My family loves the pizza so much. We especially like how the pizza crust is filled with sauce. I recommend this place to anyone who loves great pizza and wonderful service. -Giovanni Janzen

2010-05-13 14:03:01   I have a question about the picture with the Psalm: Where is this news story about atheists boycotting Woodstock's? I'd never heard that. —Shiva

2010-06-02 12:37:41   Woodstock's Pizza isn't that bad—it's not the greatest as some will attest, but it's on my top choice of whom to order from when in Davis. A bit pricey, considering you can get some pretty cheap pizzas elsewhere. My hugest gripe with Woodstock's is their karaoke. I've been here a few times and have come early in order to get in a song or two, but the karaoke DJ is pretty horrible. I went on a pretty slow summer night, where there were only a few singers in front of me, which prompted me to think that I could get my chance in under an hour. That didn't happen, unfortunately. The DJs friends who sat at the table with her (I remember two girls distinctively) went an alarming four times went on before I had a chance to sing my one. Blatant favoritism? Definitely. I went again later that summer and had the same experience. —BreeButler

  • I'm sorry you had that experience. I do a rotation throughout the night and try to give everybody a turn. I highly doubt that I put somebody up 4 times before I put you up once, but I could be wrong. It also may seem like there a few people ahead of you, but it never hurts to ask where you are in line :) Come by some time! —DamarisTobar

2010-06-10 11:19:15   LOVE THE STAFF! awesome pizza. good beer. great atmosphere. —MissAmyLu

2010-06-13 00:53:40   me and my friend used to order late at night to grub here. but seriously, the crust gives my jaw a workout. it's also very pricey...i would rather get the $5 at Ceaser's. the atmosphere looks quite relaxing though: a nice tv up front, music, and puff the magic dragon(the mascot) watching over us. —binladen

2010-07-02 16:27:15   Hey there, I just wanted to stop by to say that I've been to Woodstocks a couple of times lately, and I found the service to be courteous and attentive and professional. I was very impressed. —drpottsiv

2010-07-02 17:01:44   I would say this is the best tasting pizza in davis —smartgirl

2010-07-16 17:36:56   I think this is the worst pizza in Davis. —JasperD

2010-09-18 11:09:00   Good pizza, very good beer selection and GREAT customer service, even on super-crowded Friday nights. —JulieCross

2011-02-06 17:52:54   I only go here for the slice pizzas, staff is really nice —NikhilDahal

2011-03-24 13:35:17   I haven't gone here since my friend was assaulted by one of the employees last year. Because there's a bar, I'll explain that there was no drink involved (for moral reasons, he won't touch the stuff). He had put down his stuff and gone to order pizza (so was standing near the door), one of the employees asked him to leave due to his clothing, he was annoyed, but he went to get his stuff. The employee suddenly shoved him INTO the door and out and slammed the door in his face. I was almost hit too by my friend as he was being shoved towards me. I was shocked by the sudden violence and almost called the police (I would have if it had escalated). Admittedly, I don't know if the employee was a bouncer or at what level they're allowed to physically assault patrons into leaving, but it seemed like since he was quietly going to get his stuff and leave, it went way too far. If this was illegal (and again, I don't know if it is or not), Woodstocks really needs to look into it. —Ravyn

2011-03-28 19:16:47   People need to not steal/lose the boardgame pieces. Otherwise it's a fave. —A*Lo

2011-04-07 17:29:53   I love this place. Woodstock has some of the best employees in Davis. They are always very nice and all of the laugh at my lame jokes. I know they're lame, they know that they're lame, but they laugh anyway. Thats how nice they are. Top notch. —Dozer

2011-04-10 00:04:50   Woodstock pizza satiates my late-night cravings again: At 11:09 PM, Jonathan took my phone order for delivery of a 16" X-large Davis Classic with thin crust on white bread (pepperoni, sausage, black olives, mushrooms, onions and extra cheese) — normally a $22.99 pie, but I had an e-mail coupon for $5.00 off. Adding in an order of 12-piece buffalo wings for $7.99, after tax and delivery, my total was $30.69. Jonathan said that it was busy night, so he thought it'd take about 45 minutes to 1 hour before my delivery, which was no problem for me (I wasn't going anywhere tonight).

I hung up the phone at 11:15 PM but at 11:51 PM, the driver called and was outside my door. Impressed with the prompt service (36 minute turn around before midnight), I gave the driver a $5.00 tip.

Now -that's- how a vendor successfully manages customer expectation. —T.Zukumori

Thanks T. Zukumori!

2011-04-10 16:16:52   I'm surprised so many people think this is the best pizza in Davis. The crust tastes like cardboard IMO.

My favorite part of Woodstock's is the trivia night. I love when the category involves music, such as playing a theme song and you have to name the TV show. My main problem with trivia is they need to ask the questions at a faster pace. I start out not minding, but halfway through it really gets to be a drag. It seems like forever in between each question and even if they cut off one minute of answering time for each question we could actually be out before midnight. Some of us have places (work/school) to be the next morning... —MeggoWaffle

  • Thanks for your comments, Meggo! You're not the first person who has complained about the slow pace of the game, so I will make an extra effort to speed it up in the future. I usually try to be done by 11:00-11:15, but sometimes it runs a little over (like a couple weeks ago when there were 26 teams, which I'm assuming is the long night you were referring to!). I'll also try to come up with a music round soon - I think those are the most fun ones too! —AlexHall
    • Yeah, I was there that night with a ton of teams. I've been to Woodstock's trivia about five or six times total over the past several months and it seemed to go late each time, so maybe I'm just unlucky... —MeggoWaffle

2011-05-02 18:51:16   I don't suggest using the pin ball machines. —Graveflower

2011-06-15 21:19:37   Got a pizza delivered to my place this afternoon, and the guy who took the order was very friendly. I had eaten here before, but forgot the name of the pizza I wanted. I named off the two ingredients (jalepeno and chicken) and he automatically told me the name of the pizza (it was called the Firebird). I ended up ordering an extra large Firebird pizza and he told me it would take 30-35 minutes.

I had a student discount coupon that I forgot to mention on the phone and I called Woodstocks back, and someone else answered and informed me that the pizza was already on the way. But to tell the driver that when he arrived to my place, for him to call back to verify  the price change. By the time the pizza came, I told the driver (who ended up being the guy who took my phone order) about the changes, and he was very courteous and told me it was no problem about the late-coupon, and that Woodstocks had already called him.

I applaud to Woodstocks for being very professional today, and to the driver for being really courteous.

Even when I go to Woodstocks in the evenings, the staff is always friendly.


2011-08-11 17:58:36   Woodies is always fantastic, for late night slices or dinner and cinnabread

it's a Davis landmark that is for sure.

When I was younger I was enthralled with the upper seating area —StevenDaubert

2011-11-12 14:14:25   The pizza I ordered was DRENCHED in grease. Disgusting. I will NOT be returning. —OliviaGlass

2011-11-24 01:37:18   Still the best place to get a slice and a pint in Davis. —JakeJames

2012-02-06 20:12:53   The all meat orgy pizza and cinnabread are quite tasty :) The pizza could use a bit more sauce, though. —LoriOrf

2012-02-23 12:53:00   I unsubscribed from P.I.E. in 2008. Recently, I started getting spam directed at the email address I created only for Woodstock's. Are they selling their address list? Anyone else getting this junk?

The bit with the white font on the white background reads: "You are receiving this email from the Vibe Media | Access Network because you registered for the promotional mailing list with one of our partner sites." —DanWillenbring

  • This just gave me a great idea. SPAM PIZZA!! I'm thinking a Hawaiian theme with some pineapple and maybe a zesty teriyaki glaze over the top. —DagonJones
  • I do the same thing you do. I also unsubscribed awhile back. If anything comes into that address, I'll let you know. So far, nothing has. ⁓ʝ⍵

2012-03-16 06:25:55   I cannot figure out why there is so much hype for this place. I have not found a pizza that I actually find enjoyable. I have been here multiple occasions with friends and the problems with the pizza are usually that they are covered in so much grease that it feels like the pizza was deep fried. Or if you order a pizza with more than one topping; everything just falls off the pizza onto your plate leaving you with greasy dough and a mess on your plate. The only way they will get me back there is if I'm with friends, even then I find it hard to believe that I will touch their pizza again. —HGibson

2012-03-28 18:31:51   i'm not a fan of their pizza at all, but occassionally enjoy their cinnabreads. —SaThai

2012-08-11 12:28:15   This is the second time I have had their pizza and so far I've enjoyed every slice of it! It was fantastic. —MAIkram

2012-09-22 16:50:54   Mediocre pizza makes me sad pretty much whenever I go there... but on the other hand DK and the other barstaff are (generally) very fun and knowledgeable on football! Definitely the BEST place in town to watch the game and have a beer. —JamesMcCardle

2013-01-01 14:39:19   Their hold music is some christian rock song o.O —JamesMcCardle

2013-03-13 22:02:46   Great dessert pizza. Regular pizzas are super greasy, and they consistently give me a very upset stomach. —AnBan

2013-06-20 19:46:34   I'm not a big pizza fan but I love their veggie pizza with vegan cheese! My husband and son's however are HUGE pizza fans and love Woodstock's! Great pizza Great service every time. Thank you Woodstock's!! —AngelaGerould

2013-07-26 10:56:04   all you can eat slices? why not?? the crust folded over the sauce was woodstock's original idea! brilliant! good brews and delicious pizza... you cant go wrong! —CandaceSmith

2013-11-22 18:40:15   Great pizza, great wings, great salad and once again great delivery service!! Thank you Woodstock's!! —AngelaGerould

2014-01-18 20:51:27   Had a disappointing delivery experience. Ordered a Large pepperoni and sausage pizza with an 8" cinnabread and was quoted a 45 minute delivery time (although I was TWO BLOCKS AWAY. I figured "what they hey" and said that was fine. When they were about 20 minutes late I gave them a call asking what was happening and they said that it was enroute and would arrive in a couple minutes. It arrived about 10 minutes later. The cheese of the pizza congealed and the cinnabread relatively cold and tasting stale as a result. I also felt like I nearly broke a molar on a bit of small bone or hard cartilage in one of my bites that had sausage in it. Won't be ordering again. —E.C.H.

2016-06-08 19:19:53   As an owner of Woodstock's, I have to take issue with the comment about striking a deal with Subway. This couldn't be further from the truth. We get all of our fresh vegetables, fruit and meats through a California company, and we are committed to sourcing locally whenever possible. Our signature zesty red sauce is packed fresh from the field the same day the tomatoes are harvested, with no added chemicals or preservatives. We recently upgraded to a premium all-meat sausage and we are switching to a nitrate-free pepperoni. We offer an organic salad, and are continuously looking for consistent sourcing on organics. —Lambrose

2022-01-27 14:03:06   My favorite pizza joint in Davis! I always order pizza here... ...Or at least, that's how I USED to feel. Recently, there's been a lack of consistency in the quality of their pizzas. Sometimes they're just as good as ever. Other times they're slabs of half-cooked cheese sprinkled with funny-tasting ingredients and WAY too much white onion. The last pizza I bought fell under the latter category. See, good pizza remains pretty tasty even after a day or so in the fridge. Bad pizza turns into barely edible sludge. I just tried to have a few slices of a pie I ordered from Woodstock's a day ago for lunch and I simply could not finish them - they were awful! And it wasn't that good when it was fresh, either. I'm going to throw the rest of it away (first time I have ever done this!) I'm not sure what the confounding factor is - the toppings, the cheese, the dough, who prepped the pizza, how they cooked it, a change in the recipe - but something is making every other pizza they make sub-par. Next time I feel like ordering a pizza, I will remember this, and likely go with Original Steve's or even Pizza Guys (their pizza is only okay, but it's CONSISTENTLY okay). —TristanEifler

2022-05-23 17:57:39   UPDATE: The pizza quality is getting more consistent now. Maybe it was just a fluke or maybe there was a personnel change. Either way I'm happy. —TristanEifler