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I don't know why, but I'm not a fan of the comment either. That's just a gut response. The calling groups of people trash can be pointed at, but there's also something else. The tone, or the way it spins things? -jw

I agree but I don't think selective editing of it is appropriate either. Either we keep it or nuke it-whoesale. My thought. —PeteB

  • I don't like it. An anonymous user posting a comment with such content doesn't hold water for me. The comment is more about the bathrooms and alleged incidents within than the actual business. I'm in favor of deletion unless the author is willing to take claim of the comment. -Loriorf
    • I find it offensive on so many levels I'm of the mind it should go. -Davidlm

People have already articulated the problems with this issue well, so I'll just add the least of the concerns: I am not going to criticize the restaurant for allowing non-customers to use the restroom. Sometimes a person just needs to go... Anyway, glad that Davidlm has deleted the comment. —CovertProfessor