316 C Street (across from Central Park)
Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m. - 11:30 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m. - midnight
(530) 231-5697
October 2008
Lee Pflugrath

$0.53 per oz.

Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Card
The Healthy Choice

The rewards cardYolo Berry Yogurt is a self-serve yogurt shop. It serves six different flavors of yocream frozen yogurt, always including original/tart with a number of flavors rotating, and 101 toppings, including fresh fruit, to go with them. In addition to the original/tart flavor, there is always the option of one non-dairy sorbet flavor (note: completely vegan and lactose-free for those with dietary restrictions), as well as the tried-and-true classics: chocolate and vanilla. Pumpkin flavor is often available during the fall and is totally yummy (if you like that sort of thing). Both the yogurt and the toppings are self-serve and are charged for by weight. They have a card where you can buy 8 yogurts and get 1 free.

When they first opened they had a webcam where you could watch people dispense themselves frozen yogurt from the safety of your own home. The webcam proved controversial and was removed.






Smiles from Yogurt


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2008-06-25 22:15:36   I think there should be some yogurt tasting comparisons when this place opens. I will not be a judge because I work at Yogurt Shack. Volunteers? —JackkiCox

2008-08-11 08:37:08   Does anyone know when this place is opening? —HDLee

2008-09-16 21:52:06   Mid October I believe —Vdavis

2008-10-18 15:30:02   They're open now. They have 101 toppings, and some innovative ones like apple pie filling. I got a mango sorbet/original tart mix with Heath Bar Crunch and coconut topping. Yum! Their yogurt is more creamy and less tart than Swirl, but I haven't been to Yogurt Shack, so I don't know how it compares to them. I'd definitely go here again! —MonicaWilliams

2008-10-19 10:03:50   This place is amazing. I went there yesterday, which was their first complete day open and I love it! I'll be back on a regular basis. Also, the owners are soooooo nice and friendly. They have a ton of flavors and more to come. All of their yogurts are top quality and their toppings are really creative. Two thumbs up! You'll be seeing me there —AppleBlossom

2008-10-22 23:05:26   Took the kids there the other day... very good "creamy" yogurt. Better than Yogurt Shack in my opinion, but different than Swirls/Cultive. Lots of choices for toppings, and good overall value too. Best Mochi toppings by far... owner says they were made fresh, and you can taste the quality. I would recommend it to those looking for sweet creamy yogurt. My kids loved it. —Aaron.Curtin

2008-10-24 12:51:40   Very creamy and delicous yogurt!! They have an awesome variety of toppings. Also the owners are very friendly, makes for a very comfortable environment. Will definately be going back. —AngelaGerould

2008-10-24 22:59:36   this is the new yogurt joint. Its kind of in a wierd location but good thing i spotted it. Was really great, the best thing was the toppings. I love the flavored mochi balls. THey are delicious. Also their yogurt is def. not ice cream like some other place in davis "hint hint" but it was so good. and on top of everything the price is realll cheap! check this joint out. —thizzling

2008-10-25 15:22:09   I tried Yolo Berry out for the first time yesterday, and it was delicious! I appreciate places that have the tart and the more traditional fro yo, since I am not a big fan of the tart. Their yogurt is really creamy. They have a great selection of toppings and my husband loves that they have cookie chunks. —AmLin

2008-10-29 17:57:55   I went in a week ago and enjoyed a delicious cheesecake yogurt topped with fruit. Delicious! In my opinion better than the Yogurt Shack. —Magster

2008-10-29 21:10:18   I went here recently and it was really good. They had a good variety of flavors (pumpkin and cookies and creme were memorable), but what really impressed me with their selection. I really loved the apple pie filling on my yogurt, which was warm and went really well with it. I was really pleasantly surprised with the mochi they had. Their selection is a lot more than Yogurt Shack, which used to be my favorite dessert place in Davis, but I'm definitely going here now. The yogurt was also noticeably cheaper than what I was used to paying. —JaimeG

2008-10-29 23:29:39   Yolo Berry is the cheapest yogurt join in town, has more toppings than the other two, multiple kinds of mochi, a gift card that has a better dollar for dollar value than the stamp cards at the other two, and is super convenient if one is at Farmer's Market. Winner: Yolo Berry Yogurt! —MichaelAWoods

2008-11-03 20:11:51   Sooo good! Best yogurt place in town! An insane amount of toppings, and really well priced. Plus the owners are always there and they are really nice. —Selby

2008-11-03 20:59:59   love the pie filling, mochi, and chocolate syrup toppings. If you are a health nut, they still have plenty of fruit toppings. —justinhu

2008-11-05 16:59:10   I work at Yogurt Shack. I'm not going to say anything mean about yoloberry but there are a few things I would like to comment on. First Yoloberry uses YOCREAM brand yogurt. We use that brand for most of our flavors. Second it is only 1 penny cheaper so you are only saving 16 cents a pound. —JackkiCox

  • In response to JackkiCox's comment about Yolo Berry only being a little bit cheaper, it seems that her comment is a little imprecise. Yogurt Shack has a two tiered pricing structure (depending on which toppings you want) and therefore an individual yogurt there may be more expensive than she claims. Yolo Berry toppings are all one price. —Etherington

    • I don't think the more expensive 'bulk candy' at Yogurt Shack is meant to be used as a topping. It's just candy you can buy and have bagged separately. If toppings weren't all the same price, it would be difficult to figure out how much to charge. —JonathanLawton

2008-11-11 14:41:28   I think Yolo Berry is by far the best frozen yogurt place in Davis. Their toppings and yogurt are superior to those at Yogurt Shack and they have great fresh fruit like the place formerly known as Swirl. I think the service is excellent and I get to make my yogurt just the way I like it. I'm so happy this place opened in Davis. —Etherington

2008-11-12 11:28:38   I tried yolo berry last night later, Blew me a way. The original tart yogurt was the one I settled on, it has great tartness, the peach was a little lighter but I wanted something with teeth. Then after skipping past all the candy toppings I hit the back wall, and once again went nuts. Hardshell (even though I passed on that one), multiple different flavors of pie filling, cherry, peach, apple! They had berry sauces, and fresh fruit / cheescake! I talked with the owner and even though he takes a hit on the fresh fruit it is still worth it on general principal to him. That is major, major points. Good atmosphere and cheerful employees. Watch out Swirl... —StevenDaubert

2008-11-12 16:40:58   Fortuitous circumstances prompted me to try this place last night. I highly recommend this place. I'm not normally a yogurt person, but it is absolutely delicious. i second StevenDaubert's comments. I had exactly the same thing he did. And the owner is deeply concerned about providing the highest quality of service and ingredients to his customers—regardless of cost. Also, the yogurt has "live cultures". He even has the permit handy. —CurlyGirl26

2008-11-12 22:12:38   Pretty good, enjoyed the yogurt with all my stuff in it. I like that you can chose what size cup you wish to fill, and that candy is the same price as everything else. The mochi and the pie filings are different and quite good, and I didn't try any but there are a lot of sauces. I like this place, nice atmosphere and good yogurt. I think that it's a matter of personal preference or possibly location between Yolo Berry and Yogurt Shack. This place measures up about the same (I'd have a hard time choosing between the two. Pie filling pulls me to Yolo Berry.) —ChristyMarsden

2008-11-12 22:58:17   I really like the tarty-ness in the yogurt (tasted like Swirl/Cultive's— which I also really like). Question: if Yogurt Shack uses the same yogurt, how come theirs usually taste sweeter? Do they add sugar? —geezlouisexyz

  • Dannon provides a wide selection of yogurt varieties. It's kind of like wine: each type has a distinct flavor. They may use the same supplier but different yogurt.

2008-11-16 14:21:08   I just love this place. It's all the good things about Swirl/Cultivé and Yogurt Shack combined (good yogurt + self-serve/cheap). Before coming here, Swirl was my favorite yogurt place because the yogurt at Yogurt Shack was always super disappointing and fake-tasting. But now that Yolo Berry gives me a self-serve option and has tasty, creamy yogurt like Swirl, I can't say no. The Peanut Butter and New York Cheesecake flavors are personally my favorite, though the tart flavor is delicious too. So glad this place is here!

Also, I talked to one of the owners last weekend, and he said that come Spring, they'll have an outdoor seating area. —WinButler

2008-11-16 14:58:25   I like this place, but I will still keep going to Yogurt Shack. The flavor is not too different, the latter uses the biodegradable spoons and cups. —jsg718

2008-11-17 08:20:28   After my 2nd trip here yesterday, I am convinced this will probably be the only place I'll go for yogurt anymore. I even like it better than Big Spoon, which I always rated higher than Yougrt Shack. Better tasting yogurt, more topping choices, and definitely seems cheaper than anywhere else to me. It would be great if we could get a Yolo Berry in Woodland...we are yogurtless over here!! —AmLin

2008-11-17 13:04:43   I for one am interested in the patio, apparently they want to do some minor music venue type stuff as well! —StevenDaubert

2008-11-20 17:46:38   In response to JSG718's comment about going to Yogurt Shack over yoloberry because of the biodegradable spoons and cups. I agree that having those is a great idea. But did you notice that when you're down with your eco friendly spoons and cups they go into the general trash? So they're not actually getting recycled. —SarahDavidson

2008-11-21 13:32:25   Yogurt Shack's cups and spoons can only be composted. We have yet to find a source that can handle the amount of cups and spoons we use. If you or a friend has a composting pile or any information on composting in Davis we would love to talk to you. Also we always encourage our customers to bring in their own container to cut back on waste. —JackkiCox

  • When customers bring in their own containers, do you tare the scale? Also, have you contacted Project Compost on campus? I went to one of their worm composting workshops once and they seemed pretty serious in general about composting! —JonathanLawton

2008-11-21 22:09:14   Yolo Berry is the best in town! Love walking to the park after filling up on delicious fresh fruit! —NinasStudio

2008-12-03 19:47:55   Hello everyone! I just stopped by today b/c I was craving for yogurt & finally decided to try this place... I usually go to YOGURT SHACK for their yogurts.

Overall, the place is decent & I do agree that YOLO BERRY is less pricey compared to the other yogurt places in town. Personally, I prefer YOGURT SHACK b/c they have a bigger selection of crunchy nuts & fruits which I like but they are a little more expensive. I haven't tried Swirls yet so I can't compare the difference there. I usually don't like to add any sort of sweet treats or at least a MINIMAL amount of treats to my yogurt & I thought there weren't many selections that I like. Some choices I noticed that weren't in YOGURT SHACK like the different pie fillings, saucy syrups, fruit mochi, etc...I am sure lots of customers like it but I know I won't put it in my yogurt. They have most of the choices YOUGURT SHACK has like gummy bears, oreo cookies, chocolate sprinkles, smashed candy bars, etc... again I don't like having too many sweet treats in my yogurt but it was nice to see the huge selection YOLO BERRY has to offer. I enjoyed the yogurt I bought but I like the flavors @ YOGURT SHACK more. Other than that, this is a good spot for a snack with friends or an alternative yogurt stop & their yogurt favors are pretty tasty & rich( TART flavor is very popular). —AlyceeLeung

2009-01-14 00:41:39   Basically a combo of Cultive's yogurt and Yogurt Shack's toppings. The yogurt is good, but they're "tangy" flavor isn't as good as Cultive's. Good selection of moshi. Beware! The weight adds up really fast! I ended up paying $4 for a small with a few toppings. You're better off splitting a large yogurt with toppings with a friend at Cultive for about $6. —AmanpreetSingh

2009-01-15 18:22:35   WOW! Sounds like an awesome, good priced place to go! Must check it out and get back with a response. —BeachBabe

2009-01-19 10:44:32   This is the third yogurt place in Davis now, and it is one of the best. Their snickerdoddle falvor and choc make for a nice combination with brownies and Reeses Peanut Butter cups.You will not be dissapointed. —AnneBrowning

2009-01-25 18:20:10   This place is cheaper than yogurt shack and has endless topping choices, anything from fruit to sauces and chocolate galore! But they need to bring back their pumpkin yogurt, AMAZING! —fffashion13

2009-01-27 00:41:21   the Tart continues to blow me away, and I still can't get over the cherry pie filling and the cheesecake pieces / fruit station. I went in today and talked with Lee and it was very rewarding, he really cares about the customer and the experience which is why I constantly return —StevenDaubert

2009-01-29 03:06:15   AMAZING YOGURT PLACE. Better price and great quality. I'd put this above the other yogurt places —JasonKong

2009-02-15 22:04:55   I like Yolo berry if I just used their fresh fruits as toppings. Warning, do not eat any of their candy/chocolate/cookies/etc. They may look tempting but they don't taste like the normal thing because they are OLD. I've gone there twice and had the same experience. My bf got some sour apple and sour belt candies (whatever their names really are) and they were extremely hard. I got their Reeses cup, brownies, and Kit Kat bar, all of which tasted old. So.. I just recommend sticking to the fruit + yogurt which is really good and a good deal. —renee415

  • I've been to Yolo Berry several times now. Everything from the fruit to the candy is fresh. I know because I've tried them all. The place is always packed when I go there. They constantly have to refill the stations. The stuff can't possibly stay in the store for very long. You say that the candy is "OLD" and "HARD". You got the yogurt, right? You put the candy on the yogurt? You know that the yogurt makes the candy cold and hard, right? Doesn't make the candy old. —CurlyGirl26

  • Also if you perceived a bad experience, why didn't you bring it to the attention of the manager? They love to correct anything that is wrong, don't bite your tongue! —StevenDaubert

2009-02-20 22:33:51   i love this place! good deal, endless displays of delicious toppings from sauces to mochi to fruit to candy! I tried a cheesecake and cake batter mix flavored ice cream with cookie dough, cheesecake bits, mochi, cherry pie filling, hot fudge, white chocolate sauce, and it was the best! I'm definitely going there again. —psanchez

2009-03-14 22:45:29   It seems like the "real" yogurt lovers prefer Cultivé Frozen Yogurt. But I am not a real yogurt lover, and I prefer Yolo Berry. I also prefer being able to include exactly the amount of yogurt I want and exactly amount the toppings I want. Yolo Berry has *lots* of topping choices; more than Yogurt Shack, I think. Otherwise, I'm still undecided which I prefer. One bonus in Yolo Berry's favor is that you have a much nicer place to sit outside than the Shack — hell, you have all of Central Park. —CovertProfessor

2009-03-15 00:06:04   Hands down the best Yogurt place in town. Great location, great service, and great tasting yogurt. —CurlyGirl26

2009-03-15 13:32:27   I just noticed the cost: ouch at 39 cents per ounce. That's super lame in trying to minimally beat out Yogurt Shack. —EdWins

  • Then yogurt shack is now being lame by beating yolo berry yogurt by one more cent (38cents). And still there are more people going to yolo berry yogurt -babiiangee

    • Yolo Berry started the 1 cent undercut ;) But cheers. Hopefully they both continue to go down to a bit more reasonable price. -ES

2009-03-25 14:51:57   Went here last week. The yogurt was very good and the number of toppings was very impressive. I'm going back. —AnnieSirrah

2009-04-13 18:16:04   Awesome yogurt and endless toppings! —Churro615

2009-04-22 19:15:39   at first i thought it was just another yogurt shack with a bunch of candy and sweet toppings but i have been coming here often after i discovered the fruits in the back. i like both yolo berry and cultive, but i think this place is better in terms of friendly service and the fact that it's self serve. —skinnyfatgirl

2009-05-11 15:19:44   I love the original tart at Cultive but they are sooo expensive versus what I can get and be satisfied with self serving at Yoloberry. I also just discovered they honor competitor punch cards so I turned in my old cultive one and got a free yogurt. Yay! —OliviaY

2009-05-28 22:16:45   I just went here tonight and the sorbet and vanilla yogurt mix is really nice, reminded me of a raspberry cheesecake. They have actual fresh fruit and chunks of cheesecake to enhance the whole bowl of frozenness. I couldn't believe i have never been here before. The ambiance was really relaxed and sociable, there were lots of people outside and we were able to grab a cozy little bench and enjoy our treats. Note to others out there who don't know, chewy candies harden when cold. My boyfriend had never experienced cold candy before and found out the hard way. —mowtov

2009-06-12 14:48:36   I came here for a straight week trying to find a flaw with this place. All I need to say is that this IS the place for frozen yogurt. So many topping choices and they serve the tart flavor. I love Yolo Berry forever. 10/10 —strawberry

2009-06-17 16:15:47   I think yoloberry is super great. Ton's of flavor/topping options, however I would like to see them offer at least one sugar free option of yogurt. There are some sugar free topping options, but no yogurt :( —efloughran

2009-06-21 00:54:38   This place is the bomb. Although, to be honest, I think the only thing that makes it beat the other places is a) self serving (seems to be kind of a big deal for everyone, including me) and b) charging by ounce. I know other places do the latter, but being a former swirl customer it was a new and interesting concept. —Babhari

2009-07-02 16:49:12   I am totally addicted to yoloberry! I wish they had cake batter more often, but then I would prob never leave this place! It totally puts all the other yogurt shops to shame! Delicious!!! —Audrey13

2009-07-21 14:01:32   YOLO BERRY IS THE Absolute BEST! Am a picky FroYo eater because I know my Frozen Yogurts! I don’t even know why those other Yogurt Places even bother to stay open! PLEASE CHECK OUT YOLO BERRY when you’re DAVIS! YOU WONT BE Disappointed, I Promise! —Macco

2009-07-21 18:01:53   I love the big variety of toppings. It's also pretty cool that they charge you by the weight of your yogurt. Thumbs up! —KenjiYamada

2009-08-04 00:36:44   Just like the other yogurt stores in town, the flavors choices are lacking, but they are very tasty. I much prefer the self-serve as I can choose what the multiple flavors I want in the quantity I wish. Prices are acceptable. Great during hot summer evenings. —BenLee

2009-09-01 02:32:03   yolo berry yogurt is the best i have tasted.. they even have dollar off coupons any purchase of $2 or more! and they have stamp cards! i know the other places have them too buy yolo berry only requires 8 stamps for a free one :) —yummytummy

2009-09-02 20:01:10   i officially hate this place now. im never bringing my students or my club here again.

theres a particular employee at yoloberry who has absolutely NO CLASS, NO BRAINS AND NO RESPECT. i never get angry with people, but for the first time, i actually screamed at a stranger.

shes a brunette, with a rotund figure and never smiles. perhaps she was condescending towards me because i'm asian. but whatever the case, she was too much for me and i called the manager. its kinda overated, the only reason it tastes better is because it has so much more sugar than all the other places in davis —emme

  • I'm not sure where you get your information about the sugar, but comparing the nutritional facts on the YoCream and Cultive web sites shows that Yoloberry's original tart yogurt actually has 1g less sugar per 1/2cup serving than Cultive's tart yogurt. YogurtShack doesn't list their nutritional information online. —MonicaWilliams

2009-09-07 16:12:01   This place is disgusting, their mochi is so nasty, it tastes artifical and plastic and it's just so tacky-looking —alexhope

  • It has never steered me wrong, the vendor is a older lady in sac who handmakes it iirc, I think your beef lies with her! —StevenDaubert

2009-09-13 22:24:21   I came here with a friend a while ago. From what I recall, it was pretty tasty yogurt, although I personally just happen to prefer Cultive (it's tart-ier IMHO). But the variety in toppings here is awesome. —kthrnngo

2009-10-05 23:50:58   it's funny hearing people complain about their experiences with the employees. You have virtually ZERO contact with them, so exactly why are you complaining? Anyways, Yolo Berry is open till 11:30pm (confirmed with employees), the website still says 11pm. —shraken

2009-10-06 21:41:26   I'm personally really creeped out by the streaming video footage inside the store. This was my favorite place to go but now I'm going to avoid it. Sorry guys :( —OliviaY

Are you serious Olivia? Your going to let a WebCam that no one even looks at OR is for the public to see if they can avoid a HUGE LINE?! Determine your FINAL decision on not coming to YOLO BERRY? WOW that’s GREAT! ( NOT REALLY but to each their own) I LOVE THE WEBCAM thanks for thinking in "that" way, you were the 1st ONE CONGRATS!

  • And what is "that" way? I'm perfectly entitled to my opinion but thanks for the constructive criticism. —OliviaY

    • Your WELCOME! My only apology is that I couldn't respond to you message as soon as it hit the air. “That WAY” means YOU thinking “Creepy” over a silly little web cam and the fact that this WAS YOUR Favorite place BEFORE but have changed your mind because of the WEB CAM. If YoloBerry was really your "Favorite" Place, which for MANY OF US IT IS, you wouldn’t have done this. But like I said to each their own. I would have NEVER expected this to happen. But apparently it did. Well then this would be the last message I post to you Olivia because this is not the proper place nor manner to be discussing this. I only did this because I haven’t let Yoloberry’s new installment affect my LOVE for their FRO YO(Business). And no one ever Forbid your entitlement so please continue to write freely because I will NOT, to you, at least. First time since my arrival as a student last Fall quarter that I have gotten into an argument/ flight and via internet none the less. HOW Hilarious. —Macco

      • "If yoloberry was really your "favorite" place..." it was but I guess I'm just not as fanatical as some about a cold dessert option to overlook what I find to be a dangerous step by businesses toward loss of privacy. If I wanted my life broadcasted on a camera to whoever chooses to watch it I'd try out for the real world. —OliviaY

    2009-10-19 20:38:38   Congradulations for one year serving fairly healthy yogurt. Nice staff, interesting owners and lots of fun (I even wrote a poem for the owners!) though I find the WEB cam troubling because I personally feel it is an invasion of privacy. Keep up the popular flavors for the students, etc. And don't forget the almonds and Chocolate. —GarySaylin

    2009-10-20 23:04:44   Best frozen yogurt in town. Yum! —IDoNotExist

    2009-10-21 22:43:08   I find the live cam feed from the YoloBerry website to be a little creepy. —Ami

    2009-10-23 19:39:22   I agree with Olivia wholeheartedly. I was a regular (coming in at least four times a week) and now I no longer visit because of the live internet feed. I believe another problem is that most of the customers do not know that they are on a web-cam. Patrons need to be informed by the business (e.g. a posted sign) so that they can decide for themselves whether or not they want to be on the internet every time they pick up a yogurt.


      it's just aimed at the dispensers, you guys are overreacting. it's not like it has facebook style tags that tells you who is there, keep your back to it if your really freaked out about random people randomly looking at you (it happens all the time every day, but when it's over the internet it's a problem?!) Daubert It is creepy (to me) when you find out someone in the CS dept is using it as part of a project with facial recognition. Computer takes photos - photos cross referenced on facebook - get a message from random creeper showing he knows when you go to yoloberry = not something I like the idea of. I also just don't think a business should get to use me for free publicity which is what the camera is. Anyway people who don't mind can continue going, they have an amazing peanut butter flavor. I just am not interested and apparently from some of the employees I spoke with, neither are they thrilled by it....—OliviaY the plot thickens, hence why I don't use social networking, or I don't have up to date photos of me —StevenDaubert

      • My gf and I both think the webcam thing is pretty weird. I don't know if it would turn me off the place, but it's certainly odd. I just wanted to say that the DavisWiki certainly does work as a social site :P I stopped using my real name because I started getting recognized at restaurants a few years ago and I certainly didn't want that. -ES

      2009-11-01 14:41:35   I saw a car with a yolobry license plate headed Northbound on L. st a couple days ago —StevenDaubert

      2009-11-01 17:10:11   Perhaps that was for Sudwerk - a Yolo Brewery... —IDoNotExist

      2009-11-08 21:46:43   even though the live food cam is really weird and kinda creepy, we love it here, they have so many toppings and it is cheap. large crowds come often (and of coarse screaming kids), crowding this tiny building and leaving no spots to sit. luckily the park is right across the street and it is really nice to sit in there and eat together. —mrandmrs

      2009-11-22 17:07:37   Honestly, I don't think that this is an overreaction. I really do have a problem with the fact that there are people who will be walking into this store that will not realize that they are on camera. It bothers me that children are inadvertently being filmed. I think that it is potentially dangerous and that the owners should rethink their judgement on this project. A "yogurt cam" is completely unnecessary. The yogurt may be good, and the concept of the place, overall, may be nice, but I would rather take my business elsewhere where my image won't be plastered on the internet to be used for a facial recognition program, or utilized by any other opportunists. In the future, I'll be going to another yogurt establishment where Big-Yogurt-Brother isn't watching. —Pooka

      2010-01-15 15:25:51   Awesome place. Definitely in the weekly rotation. —103

      2010-01-20 21:43:29   All right, I'm just gonna say it: this place is a stoner's paradise. Seriously, you can put warm peanut butter on your strawberry frozen yogurt.

      It wasn't clear to me that the place was completely self-serve when I first walked in. Maybe they'd be well served by some sort of sign, or maybe I was too tired to notice one. —PhilipNeustrom

      2010-01-23 00:00:04   I noticed on their Facebook today that they were serving Cookie Dough frozen yogurt for the first time. I tried it, and it was amazing! I have tried all the frozen yogurt places in town and this is the best one, I think. The most toppings, although I'd prefer fresher brownies rather than the store bought round ones they serve. Also, the yogurt does seem to separate/melt really quickly.. Otherwise, great place. —redbike

      2010-02-06 13:25:09   Great place for yogurt. I tend to like lowfat over nonfat so at times I would like more of the lowfat options but all in all, I think their yogurt is the best in town. They have lots of toppings, including fresh fruit. Sometimes they have fresh bananas. I care about cleanliness (a LOT) and this place gets high marks! And you've gotta love any place with a yogurt cam! :) —toriac

      2010-02-06 23:22:14   Great frozen yogurt, the sauces are kept warm and there is a large variety of toppings. The video feed has no effect on the atmosphere, it is a warm place with a friendly staff. This is the only yogurt place to mention in Davis. —EdwardRiggins

      2010-03-09 15:42:09   I absolutely love this place! The fruit is fresh and the toppings are crunchy and never stale. I come here at least twice a month. —SFNative2006

      2010-04-25 22:15:43   I love Yoloberry. They have great fruit toppings. I love their berry / fruit flavors. I love that they have hard hat chocolate topping that hardens over my froyo. So good! —BryceH

      2010-05-24 22:27:33   You know what they say about doing good business: Location, location, location. Fine. Yolo Berry has that one down. Super close to campus, Farmer's Markey, Crepeville, B&B, etc. The toppings are in great quantity, but the quality leaves something to be desired (whipped cream was NASTY) and the yogurt really wasn't great. Also, terrible customer service. The girl who helped me was chatting with her buddies and treated me like I was an annoyance she just wanted to get rid of. All in all, not so great. —AdamV

      2010-05-24 22:35:00   I love Yolo Berry. Definitely my top frozen yogurt pick in town. I can't comment on the quality of the whipped cream because I don't like the stuff unless it's made fresh. The toppings, though... great variety, and quite a few really good options. I highly recommend the little tiny "raspberry truffle" bits. Those and the fresh fruit totally make my day whenever I go there. —TomGarberson

      • Raspberry truffle bits... ooh, I will have to try those. Which part of the store? —cp

        • I think the top row along the same wall as the yogurt machines. They're probably a little left of center. They don't look like truffles; they're little chocolate nub thingies. Worth looking around for, though! —tg

          • I'll definitely be seeking those out! Update — found the truffle bits and enjoyed them quite a bit, thanks! Though as with many chocolate items on yogurt, they were best before they got too cold. —cp

      2010-06-13 00:46:58   whenever i come here, i go straight to the fruit section. every other topping ruins the yogurt flavor. the brownies are yummy though. —binladen

      2010-06-18 12:54:16   Best yogurt in Davis by far!!!! —ashleyinthemist

      2010-06-29 13:35:53   We really like the outdoor seating at this place. I think the stream of customers outside the store will help entice other customers, good move having a nice and relaxed outdoor area. Employees are friendly and flavor choices are alright. Will be back! Hopefully they stay in business longer than the previous ones. —LeeY

      2010-06-29 14:55:19   Try the tart flavor if you haven't yet. It's the classic "plain" yogurt flavor, and it really lets the toppings shine. Om nom nom! —TomGarberson

      2010-09-17 00:54:11   on mondays and tuesdays if i crave yogurt.. i go to cultive bcause they have 25 cents and ounce after 6PM.. but if it's any other day.. i come here

      i love yolo berry and it was the first yogurt place ive ever been to!

      i love the location as well (scene wise) because of the park and what not :) —sallythatgirl

      2010-10-12 13:43:50   While being further away than the other yogurt establishments in downtown Davis for me, Yolo Berry is my favorite establishment. More selection of yogurt and toppings, the ability to blend two flavors together for a twist, some of the friendliest staff I have experienced in these places and, in my opinion, better prices too.

      After visiting Pinkberry, Yogurt Shack and Cultive, my group ended up here and everyone picked up more yogurt here whether they had yogurt at the other places or not. Everyone agreed this is the best yogurt compared to the rest in downtown. —Wes-P

      2010-11-04 10:38:51   I think this is the best yougurt place. They have a lot of good toppings including chocolate shell. I like the orange shebert. They have heaters outside so you can sit and relax and be warm. —JasperD

      2010-12-05 15:12:31   This is definitely the best frozen yogurt place in Davis. I like how it's completely self serve (unlike Yogurt Shack) and that they have a wide variety of toppings. Their yogurt flavors are awesome too :) —ViviS

      2011-02-27 22:02:19   With all the frozen yogurt craziness in Davis, I have to say this place is my favorite. People are constantly hanging out outside, chillin' on the benches and enjoying the yogurt, it has a great atmosphere. The process of getting yogurt is entirely self serve as well, the only thing the staff do here as far a customer can tell is restock the goodies and weigh your creation when you're done. They also have these buy x get one free cards which are great, you can make one hell of a monster when you're eligible for your free one. They change their yogurt out once in a while with some new flavors that have been consistently good. Go yolo berry! —IanBurau

      2011-03-30 20:13:17   I can't have another frozen/yogurt or ice-cream. It has to be from Yolo Berry. I'm addicted to it! —eipp

      2011-04-04 00:08:30   YoloBerry, while not my favourite yoghurt place, is quite yummy. I like their choice of candy toppings especially (while less healthy, it's a delicious addition you can't always find at other places—brownies, Resse's, etc). The downside here is that it is a smaller location, to you most likely have to sit outside, and the frat houses are not the best view. During the day I think this is a great location, convenient to go to, and I'd recommend it. —Morganna

      2011-04-07 17:55:11   I was a yogurtshack guy when I came to Davis. But sadly YogurtShack is now gone. But Yoloberry is a very good replacement. :) Plus they give out free yogurt coupons from time to time. Which is awesome! —Dozer

      2011-05-14 16:41:44   I've been here twice and i won't go back. This place is always messy. Yogurt and toppings everywhere. And the lids for the warm toppings are always open, which is a health code violation. Lids are there for a reason. Keep them closed. —rachealgalante

      2011-07-23 22:28:37   Best place in Davis to get froyo!!! The usually have an amazing selection of yogurts and toppings, and its all so good! —LauraSaldana

      2011-10-10 19:58:50   Great place. Not so many flavors, but an amazing selection of toppings! —ParalegalAlien

      2011-11-11 20:28:20   i like yogurt —JackSwagger

      2014-04-15 22:12:59   Cheap, delicious, and in a convenient spot! I would recommend this to everyone!!!!!!! —YoungResident