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Yolo County is one of the original 27 counties created when California became a state in 1850; it has been suggested that the name "Yolo" is derived from the word "yoloy," a Patwin word signifying "a place filled with rushes." Yolo County is primarily composed of the four cities of Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento and Winters. Other locations of note include Esparto and the Capay Valley. Other than these cities, most of the land is used for agriculture. Davis rests in the southwestern edge of Yolo on its border with Solano County. According to the county's web site, Yolo County is the 3rd largest producer of "processing tomatoes" in California.1 Processing tomatoes are used in processed tomato products like sauces, pastes and ketchup; California produces 99% of all processing tomatoes consumed in the United States.

Woodland is the county seat, although it was originally Washington (later called Broderick, which in turn was absorbed into West Sacramento).

Yolo County Line

Careless Hearts, a band from San José wrote a song titled "Yolo County Line". The song was used to demonstrate the multimedia capabilities of the Palm Pre during the January 2009 announcement at CES.

Yolo the Town

Also check out the lesser known town named Yolo.


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2012-03-26 01:39:33   Probably totally unrelated, but young people have been saying YOLO a lot recently. I was dismayed to find out that they aren't giving a shout out to my home county, but rather quoting a song by Drake. —CecilioPadilla


1. Yolo County's Star Crop - Processing Tomatoes, Yolo County web site

2015-01-04 13:19:31   That's funny! I always thought the name of the county was a defiant cry against the tedium of existence, or else a wry observation on the futility of life--You Only Live Once! —MichaelPlotkin