View from the freeway.

46710 County Road 32b , East of Davis
near the SHF Rice Dryer & Warehouse
Spring/Summer hours:
8:00am-7:00pm Mon-Sun
Winter hours:
8:00am-6:00pm Mon-Sun
(530) 753-7579

Inside the store. Dry fruit and assorted goods.

Yolo Fruit Stand is a little market in the eastern outskirts of town on County Road 32b. You can easily get to it by taking Chiles Road east from Mace Blvd and following it as it turns into County Road 32B, or by turning from the eastbound lane of I-80. Heading west on I80, take the first frontage road after the Yolo Causeway, and make your first right; this road loops around under the freeway and turns into 32b. If you're going by bike, 32a (on the north side of I-80) may be a little more pleasant, as there is a bike lane most of the way. If you can't make it there by car, and if you can't bike there, don't fret; they accept mail orders over the phone.

The store sells a variety of very fresh fruits and vegetables and a selection of other items at very cheap prices. The small grocery isles contain several middle eastern items, dried fruits, olive oil, and fresh baked bread. For the inquisitive taste buds, they have mint yogurt soda (yes, only for inquisitive taste buds). In one corner of the store is a small coffee stand selling organic coffee (cups or whole beans). And as of May 2006, they sell great freshly made fruit smoothies (variously using watermelon, stawberries, and cantaloupe).

The owner/employees are very friendly and quick to give you advice on choosing items you may not be familiar with. You can find out more about the folks running the place and the challenges inherent in running a roadside produce stand in a story that follows manager Altim Shquti in Davis Life Magazine.

Yolo Fruit Stand sells a number of flavors of Gunther's ice cream and fruit freezes (try the mango!) in its freezer.

They'll show up on your credit card record as "YOLO FRESH INC."

Produce out front. More produce out front.

Comments about Yolo Fruit Stand:

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2005-05-14 22:35:29   I was sooo going to make this page a couple weeks ago, but I was at work and didn't have the contact info. I love this place, and hope that people go there so they stay open! A warning to the curious: the mint yogurt soda is totally disgusting. It's lumpy and really salty and just totally vile. My roommate Amanda and I tried it a month ago, and agree that it's nasty! On the bright side, they sell the yummy tortillas that you can get from the Farmer's Market here, but they're cheaper. —SummerSong

2005-05-14 23:46:06   You kinda have to be used to the mint yogurt soda stuff. It's a really popular cold drink for most of the mideast, especially when fresh in a pitcher. DooghES

2005-05-15 09:24:44   The paradoxical thing about the yogurt soda is that you're supposed to shake it to break up the yogurt clumps. However, as the clerk warned me when I bought it, after you shake it, "don't open it when you're in the car!" —Carl (love mint yogurt soda) McCabe

2005-07-07 21:05:50   This place is great! They have a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies. Their mangoes and white nectarines are awesome. They also have tons of unique packaged foods, like chocolate covered nuts, yogurt pretzels and dried fruit. This palce is all about bargains and great food. —SiennaGrass

2005-07-25 09:46:35   Bigger than Ikedas, but not as good. Somehow Ikedas has even managed to squeeze a better selection of food into their smaller space! The eggs I bought at Yolo Fruit Stand were already going bad. Won't go there again. Ikedas is better. —MattJurach

2005-07-25 11:36:05   I have only gotten coffee there, it has been nice. (it is very convienent for me on the way to work) —RocksandDirt

2006-03-19 13:50:00   I think Yolo Fruit Stand is better than Ikedas's. From my experience, the quality of the produce is great and really cheap. They used to carry the Le Vert Green Tea drink but I dont know what happened to it. I can't find that drink anywhere. —PattyLouieJunior

2006-04-26 12:07:04   My opinion is kind of biased since I spent a summer working at this market, but this place is great. The main attraction is all kinds of produce at super-cheap prices, usually cheaper than ikeda's and waaaay cheaper than any supermarket. Things get really cheap in the summer, some of the highlights last summer were:

bellpeppers 5/$1 corn 7/$1 lemons/limes 4/5/$1 etc.

This place is owned and mostly operated by one family and they are very friendly, if you want to try any of the fruit just ask.

They also have fresh juice, every kind of dried fruit and nut you can think of, and a lot of imported foods, (trader joe's type stuff), and a full espresso/smoothie bar.

If you find yourself there I would throw down $5 and try the lemon-honey, orange-honey, or rasperry-honey almonds, by far my favorite item in the store (and i've tried almost everything). —HaggroAlex

2006-09-17 21:23:57   I love the Yolo Fruit Stand and will find myself making the weekly 10 mile round trip trek on my Vespa. BUT...this is a fairly decent but, the fruit, while cheap, in my experience hasn't been good at all. The vegetables taste alright though. But THE reason to come here is for the dried fruits and nuts. They're cheap and they're delicious. My favorite is the dried cantalopue, but I haven't seen that around lately. To give you an idea of the sorts of deals that abound here is my most recent shopping list: 1 cantalopue, one watermelon, two small avacados, one pound of peanuts, half a pound of dried peaches. Grand total: $7.10. Good times. —SteveKent

2006-12-26 16:48:32   I stopped here once, it wasn't all that great. The fruit looked bad, (it was late in the season) and there were lots of flies. I prefer Pedrick's near Winters. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-01-11 11:02:04   Wonderful fruits!! We bought oranges on the 1st from their employee recomendation, it was the sweetest orange I've ever had. The stand is clean, the employees are friendly. Great atmospher! I can assure you I will be back. —KarenFernandez

2007-02-19 18:05:40   I just bought some 10/$ kiwis and 2/$ avocados there. Cheap oranges too. —SteveDavison

2007-03-16 10:26:19   Produce here is cheap which is great for those on a budget yet want to eat healthy. At times the produce can be rotten and that is because all of it is directly delivered from the farms and has not been thoroughly inspected like supermarkets. The staff tries their best to deliver only the freshest produce but at times be wary of finding something rotting. The fruits are extremely sweet especially during summer and the vegetables are tasty. My top picks are the peaches, corn (5 for a $1!!), tomatoes (very cheap), watermelons (11c/lb). The dried fruits and nuts are also a great deal. Excellent for creating a quick and healthy snack. —BrandonToo

2007-04-14 09:40:46   I got a wiki profile just so I could comment on this page! Awesome deals on everything from asparagus to assam. Shop here and keep them open! —harris

2007-05-18 15:50:53   My brother worked here for a little bit, he enjoyed it —StevenDaubert

2007-05-24 21:55:27   I would not suggest using County Road 32A because some drivers are pretty aggressive on that side. 32B may look unsafe, but the drivers tend to make the road a bitless nerve-racking. It is not illegal to take up the whole road if there is no bike lane, but drivers may find it annoying. Produce is much cheaper than Safeway, and it is just as good if not better. I would suggest using this place to help reduce some of your grocery costs, and take a bike to this place if you can. —DavidTran

2007-07-19 16:33:08   This place is the best in Davis i lived here for years and i am glad to say you are here better than the other place —dickjones

2007-09-30 16:47:38   Love it! —maymay

2007-09-30 22:08:23   I really like this place. They have the biggest selection of produce out of the fruit stands. my only complaint is that I wish they had more local produce. I believe their grapes(dixon) and honey(woodland) are the only local items there. Pedrick Produce has a few more local items, and the produce is a little fresher and cleanier, but the prices are slightly higher (still way less than safeway). —MattHh

2007-10-08 11:03:09   MattHh, Take the E. Chiles Road exit just as you're getting off the causeway; turn right at the stop sign, it'll take you under the causeway and onto County Road 32b where the market is. —jasonm

2007-12-29 19:21:30   OMG, this place WAS good until this summer, the change of management. you never know if the stuff they r selling is fresh or not!!! I am telling the truth! Every time they find a bag with a hole on it, they just re-bag the item. Sometimes, the holes are from the mice and THEY DUN CARE!!! One time, they found bugs and eggs in the pistachio bags, they just pull all the pistachio in to a box and pick out the ones with eggs on it and then bag the rest. That is y the stuff there are cheaper. —Woan

  • It's a farmer's market. I hate to tell you this, but the mice had sex underneath and slept in your produce when it was in the field. There were plenty of bugs crawling all over it all season, and the plants were rooted in dirt. That also applies to everything at Safeway. Wash it off and it'll be okay, I promise. You're just seeing the tail end of it being an actual part of nature rather than the fake sterility of the shrinkwrapped produce found in megamarts and Trader Joes. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

damn jabber your good! Daubert

2008-01-01 I LOVE this store!! They have the freshest produce everyday! And the cheapest...i swear I AM telling the truth!!! I go shop there almost every weekend and everytime they have been SOOO caring and nice! Also they give credit for anything you buy! ITS GREAT!! Also they are getting more organic and local produce! Also they have sooo many different nuts and dried fruit to choose from!! I LOVE IT! —aggiegurl

2008-06-21 09:01:44   2007-12-29 19:21:30 OMG, this place WAS good until this summer, the change of management. you never know if the stuff they r selling is fresh or not!!! I am telling the truth! Every time they find a bag with a hole on it, they just re-bag the item. Sometimes, the holes are from the mice and THEY DUN CARE!!! One time, they found bugs and eggs in the pistachio bags, they just pull all the pistachio in to a box and pick out the ones with eggs on it and then bag the rest. That is y the stuff there are cheaper. —Woan That is true and the employees do not use gloves when bagging nuts. —silverchloride

2008-08-30 12:29:30   I like this place for being cheap. I only wish it wasn't so far out of the way so those of us without cars can get there. oh well.

As to the comments about the bugs, rotten fruit, and such: you must recognze that this is a green grocer, not safeway. I used to work in the produce section of albertsons, and we threw away almost half of our product. If bananas weren't green, we had to throw them out. If something was ripe, we had to throw it out. That is why its difficult to find ripe fruit at big grocery stores; no one will buy it so they have to throw it away. That is why prices are so high. If they tried to do that here, they would go broke, so they put out everything and let you get what you want. I like that better. At least you know what you are getting and can eat it that day. —ascapoccia

2009-02-04 15:47:56   This place is great. The fruit and vegetables are cheap and delicious. I had always meant to go in whenever we drive back from Sacramento, but always forget. Finally went in a couple weeks ago and I was surprised that I only had to pay $1.49 for a 1lb container of organic mixed spring greens! We thought maybe it was old or something, but it was still fresh! I was used to paying the $6.99 price at Nugget. —Rachelottlinger

2009-03-15 18:08:17   my girlfriend and i lovelovelove this place and we go at least once a week. the prices are excellent and the fruit/veggies are usually the best in the area. plus they are always very nice. —leiris

2009-09-17 18:12:44   If you need anything to make savory Persian dishes, go here! They have EVERYTHING! —nooshpouya

2010-04-09 00:00:34   They're the only place in town that sells the yummy Blackcurrant tea bags. Try the Asian peanuts! —LeeY

2011-03-19 21:08:58   The first time I visited this place I really liked it. The owners and employees were nice and so I thought I could work there for a long time, but after working there for a while, I realized I was accepting work without filling out a W-form and signing a contract. I quite the job right away and haven't been paid for the hours I put in. Overall, this place has great customer service and a great selection of fruits and vegetables, but I wouldn't recommend working there unless you don't mind working under the table and being mistreated. —ArielWong

2011-06-09 22:12:29   I went here for the first time today and loved it. The prices were great! —EliseKane

2011-08-20 22:08:40   Pretty decent! The prices are good, and most of the fruit is delicious, but I bought a package (Yolo Fruit Stand brand) of dried fruit and there were about 5 strands of hair in it... shudder. —Churro615

2012-01-15 16:09:28   My husband and I do all of our produce shopping here. They have an excellent selection and you cannot beat their prices. I always find what I need and it is evident the food has been allowed to properly ripen, unlike most of the produce from the grocery stores! —BlairSwadley

2012-05-23 15:11:14   Does anyone know where the produce actually comes from? The prices are unbeatable, but I don't shop here much due to the fact that the produce is most likely covered in pesticides/chemicals. If it could be proven otherwise, the Yolo Fruit Stand would have a life long customer here. —FoodsterDan

2012-11-03 17:51:51   Most of the produce is from Watsonville, Stockton and anywhere ranging within 100 miles of Davis. However, there are a few products from out of the country, such as Pineapples and garlic. Pesticides and chemical-wise control, I am uncertain, but for most food products it is not a huge deal. —lovelovelove

  • It is true that some fruits and vegetables absorb more pesticides than others. The Environmental Working Group regularly puts out lists of those that are particularly harmful and those that are OK. Topping the "Dirty Dozen Plus" list are common foods such as apples, celery, bell peppers, peaches, and strawberries. So, it is not quite accurate to say that for "most food products" it is not a big deal. But yes, you have less to worry about, health-wise, with foods such as onions, sweet corn, pineapple, and avocado (these top the "Clean 15" list). That being said, there are other reasons to be concerned about the use of pesticides, such as the effects on other species, the effects on farm-workers, and the pesticide run-off. (Garlic, out of the country?? Garlic is grown locally. And a bit further afield is Gilroy, CA, the self-proclaimed garlic capital of the world). —CovertProfessor

2013-07-28 03:31:10   Yesterday I stopped by and picked up a pineapple and a couple avocados. Great, ~7 bucks- out the door. Well, until I counted my change. I gave the girl a $20 and some coins and got three bucks back. So I dispute the change.

A woman with a heavy Russian accent comes over and tells me that "she didn't have a $10 bill in her register before and now she does." Really? You noticed that from across the room? So she says that she'll "review the tape." So this lady counts the money in the girl's drawer- she's $5 short, in fact, "so she _must_ have given me the correct change." WHAT?!?!? So the fact that she's off, but makes up for it with OTHER MISTAKES is acceptable???

In my head: "ARE YOU A CRAZY WOMAN????" She takes my number and says that she'll give me a call if/when they review the tape (yeah, right) and it looks like she made a mistake. Seriously, the girl is ALREADY fifteen dollars short! (I'm counting my ten in there as well because of her wonderful cash register skills.)

Pretty sure I'm not going to get a call. This place is okay. Just watch yourself: count your change, pay attention to your transaction, and call them on errors EARLY. They can fabricate stories on the spot, and you may lose $10 if you don't keep track. —DavidBarnum

2014-01-25 15:18:51   We just came back to West Sac after ten years away, so I understand why we never noticed it before. That said, we appreciate the prices and the selection (need Armenian cucumbers, but they've never been requested before). Went crazy on our first visit today. Thank you, Tim and all. —ERandallNelson