South Davis
Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 till 9 PM
Jerome V. Braun
$75.00 per Month

Wing Chun is a style of kung fu developed by a Buddhist nun based on the snake and crane. It is a southern Chinese martial art which has lately been popularized in the Ip Man movies.

Women may find the art easier to learn than men since it is a soft style which stresses position, sensitivity, and skill rather than overt muscular strength. However, classes are suitable for adults who wish to learn a traditional kung fu style.

This club is starting from scratch. If you are on campus then definitely check out the UCD Wing Chun Club.

Brief instructor statement: "I have been a student of Wing Chun since 1995. My teacher is Chung Maan-Nin (Kenneth), who learned from Leung Sheung, who learned from Ip Man. My long-term goal with this club is to build up a group with solid Wing Chun skills and with a strong cooperative work ethic. If you practice on your own fairly diligently, you should be able to learn everything I can do in a couple of years. Then, we can work together to get even better."


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