was a DIY webzine and forum. This means that all the content on the page was submitted by the people who visited it.

Beyond the website, YSDHC is a brutally crucial xCREWx who will totally hit you in the head with a lead pipe if you so much as look at us the wrong way.

YSDHC began as a website created for the purpose of putting food reviews, videos, and fart jokes on the internet. Then, for a while, it was a forum where Davis locals shared their love of hardcore/metal/punk etc. At the time it was a great place to meet people and find out about upcoming shows.

Our homies rolled deep at The Loyola House.

Davis Hardcore Bands:

Other Bands Who Also Rule:

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2007-10-5 22:14:41   :[ this website/organization seems to be defunct (which makes me very sad because i love punks and metalheads and there are so few in davis). can anybody confirm if hiatus is permanent?—MiranPark