Graham Freeman


Andrew Banta

Patrick Sing

Simon Fung

Roy Wright

  • Relaxing at home with the family.
  • Leaving Davis, particularly for Dixon or Vacaville.
  • Math classes.
  • Walking to my office along the wonderfully-named Putah Creek to avoid exposure to undergraduates.
  • Hanging out in the MSB.

Jill Weinstein

Michelle Accurso

  • The Death Star - so fun to wander, late night parking is free and it's lecture hall is open.
  • Slide Hill Park - location of BBQs and a cool spot to run around at night.
  • The Co-Op - as somewhat of a food snob, I love the great stuff here.
  • Campus - not a student, so campus is simply a bunch of buildings to roam around at night and has the best rooftops
  • Arboretum - something about places at night...

Janelle Alvstad-Mattson

Allison Eriksen

Anna Jones

Philip Neustrom

Emily Tung

Julien Elstob

Brian Ang

Adam Flowers

Other Favorites

  • Yolobus - especially the 42 A/B taking you out of davis.