Zero Waste Events started on campus with a program managed by the now defunct R4 Recycling program to reduce waste during on-campus special events by eliminating waste at its source and replacing trash cans with compost and recycling bins. Event Centers, the Custodial Division and Grounds Division now support Zero Waste events on campus.

The City of Davis has a web page devoted to holding a zero waste event. On December 6, 2011, Davis City Council passed a Zero Waste Resolution, setting a new goal for Davis to achieve 75% recycling by 2020 by implementing zero waste strategies. This makes Davis the 1st city in the Sacramento region to adopt such a resolution! Go Davis! Link to the staff report.

The Campus Center for the Environment also provides some support and materials.

Zero waste events help reduce our dependence on raw natural resources such as timber, petroleum, and land. Reducing and diverting any waste generated lessens the total amount of waste that goes into the UC Davis landfill. By using compostable wares, we can compost and recycle everything at events. By providing reusable wares, we cut down on energy used in producing and disposing of non-reusable wares. In the end, you feel great about helping eliminate waste!

Landfilling organics is a major contributor to global warming. Methane is released when organics decompose without oxygen (such as in a landfill). By composting organics, you prevent the creation of this potent GHG and instead create a valuable fertilizer that helps plants grow more and sequester even more CO2. Zero Waste helps cool the planet.

Also, it is university policy to move toward Zero Waste.

Any and all campus events can be made Zero Waste. Except for that least well known event, the "hide trash in random places around campus" event.

Please note that paper Starbucks and Peet's Coffee cups cannot be composted. These cups are lined with plastic and will contaminate any compost. You are welcome to bring a reusable cup to Starbucks or Peet's Coffee and you might get a discount on coffee that way.