1124 F Street #10
(530) 756-5332
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-3:00
Unitrans E bus line & Yolobus Lines 42B & 43
Fiber Optic High speed Internet &
Digital Cable TV - 90+ Channels included in your rent
Coinless Laundry
Park-like Courtyard, & 3 BBQ Areas
Two large parking lots
Ample Bicycle Parking
Air Conditioning & Heating
Gas range
Frost-free Refrigerator

Americana Arms Apartments are now called Academy Lane Apartments.

Just Renovated! Wood-like vinyl floors, Plush Carpet, New Cabinet Fronts, Refinished Counter-tops and Bathrooms and New insullation to increase energy efficiency and reduce sound!!

Americana Arms features newly upgraded units. They have 157 one-bedroom apartments and 1 huge two bedroom apartment. The deposit is $325.00, and the application is $42.00 per person. Most people seem to like them, and the management is responsive. The apartments are large for the price, but have fairly thin walls. This may not be a problem for you if they have the older, more grad student heavy population that they've had in the past.

Fiber optic wireless internet provided by Instaconnect (with the problems that usually entails) and 90+ channels of Comcast Digital Cable Television are included in the rent. Americana Arms is a smoke-free community. Residents are permitted to smoke 20 feet from an exterior door. The apartments lack dishwashers and garbage disposals.

The complex is within walking distance of grocery shopping Davis Food Co-Op and the North Davis Nugget. The Unitrans E Bus Line and Yolobus 42B and 43 stop right in front of the complex. For close shopping, Woodland Walmart is an approximate 10 mile drive, and the Dixon Walmart Supercenter is just under 10. For IKEA, head on over to West Sacramento (13 miles).


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WARNING: The two reviews below, and also someone who is the manager of the apartment complex, share an IP address which could mean that they were left from the same computer, but could also just be caused by all the computers being on one network. From the Americana Arms Staff:"The Americana Arms office is located in the 1124 F Street building and uses the same network as the 40+ residents of that building, hence the IP conflict."

2010-08-06 09:22:17   I've been very happy here! The management and maintenance has been awesome! Any problem minor or major has been attended to very quickly. A couple of perks: The office will take packages for you so you don't have to try and chase the UPS driver. They also sell stamps and have a fax machine, which can be convenient. I live on the inside row, so I do not hear any street traffic and the train noise (best of my memory) does not happen in the middle of the night. I think it's only a couple times during the day - hasn't been a problem for me. In fact, I kind of like it.

The pool is great! —toolej

2010-09-09 21:18:29   We've lived at Americana Arms for the past 3 years and have really enjoyed our stay. The management is very friendly and responsible and maintenance has been absolutely great. We've lived here for so long, because we think it is the best deal in Davis for a 1-bedroom. Wireless and cable are included in the rent, and the wireless is awesome. We can stream our Netflix anytime and we've had no problems whatsoever. The rooms are of decent size and are pretty basic, but there is a nice-sized closet in the bedroom. The management recently put in double-paned windows too, which has helped us save money with energy.

The grounds are well kept, the pool is nice and the location is great since campus is less than 10 minutes away by bike and you can walk downtown. Mostly grad students live here as well, so it doesn't get too loud in the evenings or on the weekends. Overall, we've had almost no complaints with anything. We've had many friends come and stay with us and they've all been impressed with our standard of living (especially given the price).

We will be the first to admit that there are nicer places in Davis, but the problem is that you're going to easily pay 2-3 hundred dollars more per month (2k-3k more per year) for something that isn't much of an upgrade. This place has everything you need and more, and is especially great for graduate students and the like. —NickandAdelina

2010-10-11 17:33:32   I'm surprised by all the negative comments left by others. I've lived here for 2 years and have had a pretty good experience. The apartment is kept in good condition and while it is old, maintenance is great and management is nice. You get a pretty decent space for about $800/month. There aren't many other one bedroom apartments in Davis that you can rent for that price. Overall I think this is a nice place! —lawrenceucd

2010-12-20 18:13:31   Note: Since I’m posting from home, my review will apparently show up with from the same IP address that management has since we’re all on one network. I’m too lazy right now to go somewhere else that has wi-fi to post this, but if anyone actually questions the validity of this review coming from a resident, then I will repost it from school or something. Cheers.

My husband and I have lived in Americana Arms for over half a year now, and since my time here has included experiences of how the apartments feel during different seasons, I feel that I can accurately give an honest and fairly knowledgeable review. One of the reasons I want to leave a review is because all the bad reviews on here almost scared me away from living here.

Overall, I think Americana Arms are very good apartments. They’re cheap, they’re pretty centrally located, the staff and maintenance are nice, and the neighbors are usually easy to get along with. The staff here is professional and has a good attitude. I know that there is a summer intern person, but her name escapes me, but there is Alicia and Leslie in the office, and Roy and some others as maintenance (sorry that I don’t know the other people’s names, I just haven’t interacted with them). Alicia’s really nice, upbeat, and friendly. I think she’s the more people-person of the two. Leslie is professional and nice as well, but I never really know how to talk to her and find her a little intimidating. It might just be me, but it always struck me as Alicia is the one who talks to new and prospective residents, and Leslie is the stricter one who would deal with any problems that might arise. This is just an opinion, as I’ve never had any problems during my stay here. Roy’s quiet but nice, and just kind of gets the job done is on his way to the next job to do. Something else I really like about the staff is I feel that they treat me like an adult. When I was searching for apartments, I checked out College Square Apartments and they had this whole “So, when are Mom and Dad going to sign the lease?” attitude that really annoyed me. Americana Arms is geared towards graduate students and other responsible people that just want to live in peace, and as a person who is paying my way through school, I appreciate the respect I get from them.

The apartments are located right next to the train tracks, and you can hear the trains passing by quite clearly. I think management said they only pass by a couple times a day or something like that, but I’ve hear them pass by several times. The noise really isn’t a problem though, and after a while you don’t even notice it anymore, but I suppose it could bother some people. I grew up near some train tracks, so I actually like the sound when I’m paying attention to it. A friend of mine who also lives here has an apartment that faces the tracks, and she likes looking as the train cars pass by, and no one I’ve talked to minds the sound.

The cost of utilities hasn’t been a problem here at all. My husband and I moved to Davis so I could attend UC Davis, and the summer here kicked my butt – at first. Surprising after the few days I spent adjusting to the weather of the valley, we rarely used the A/C. I believe that this is because our apartment windows face north, so the sunlight never directly hits us. We also haven’t really used the heater this winter, except in November when I was sick. All in all, PG&E has been very manageable. However, I find that we’ve used the A/C and heater much less than other residents, so obviously this will depend on what kind of temperature your body needs.

Internet and cable are included in the rent. The internet has been pretty reliable; it seemed faster in the summer before all the students moved in, but even now, it’s fine. The internet has gone out on me for short periods of time, like a few minutes usually, but there were two occasions where it went out for a whole day because something had to be fixed in the office. The cable was kind of hard to set up, but once that was done, we haven’t had any real problems. My neighbors complain that their cable goes out all the time, but the only thing we’ve experienced is a few seconds of the screen going all static-y and then returning to normal.

Communication between residents and staff is prompt and effective. There was only one occasion where my email went un-responded when, during the winter, our pilot went out once during the weekend. There is an emergency after-hours number which I could have called, but since I was dealing with the cold just fine with all my blankets and my significant other beside me and wasn’t really using the heater much anyway, I just sent an email. The email got lost in the system or something, so I sent another on Tuesday (I think), and the pilot was either lit later that same day or the next day. My first email about the pilot was delivered to the staff’s inbox weeks later, and Alicia actually called me when it did, worried that my pilot had gone unlit for so long. I thought that was very nice of her to check in like that.

For their price, these apartments have a decent amount of space. There’s a walk-in closet, but even a person with a moderate amount of belongings can fill up an apartment here pretty quickly. It would be nice if there were outside storage of some sort, but these are old buildings, so some things are to be expected. Since the building is so old, there are some other things that you should expect when moving here. The walls are thin, so you can hear your neighbors pretty clearly – this usually isn’t a problem as most people make the most noise in the day and quiet down at night to sleep. I’ve only had a problem with noise twice, and both times it was more so the fact that my husband or myself were trying to sleep a little earlier than normal due to work or a cold or something rather than unusual noise at odd hours. There is no garbage disposal, as other people have said, but that shouldn’t be a problem as there’s this little drainer-catch thing to strain stuff before it gets down the pipe. There is no dish washer, but I don’t see why that bothers people so much, personally.

Really, American Arms has pros and cons like any place you can live. However, they have a good price, nice staff, the space, and the inclusion of cable and internet in the rent. You can probably find a nicer place in Davis with more space, but overall, I think these are very nice apartments and a good choice to make your home.


2011-04-06 10:18:46   I just moved out of Americana Arms to leave Davis, and I was very pleased with my experience there. I found from the time of my initial inquiry about renting there, through the leasing process, during my time in the complex, and through my move out, the building manager and office staff were wonderful. Friendly, professional, flexible, and thoughtful people—every time I went to the office, they greeted me by name and helped me with anything I needed.

While living there, I appreciated the incredible responsiveness of the maintenance staff (including a few times late at night when I blew a fuse and needed someone to come trip the breaker for me—at 2am, someone was there within 20 minutes!) The building is clean and well-maintained, rent is very affordable, neighbors are friendly, and the amenities are great—and of course the location can't be beat! This is a great place to live. —AshleyHoran

2011-09-02 22:11:58   Do not live here. I live on the first floor and the walls/floors are paper thin. You can hear the upstairs residents as the floor boards crack ever step they make. Also the internet seems to have severe issues. The server seems to disconnect users ofter and when I say ofter its like every 5 minutes. Connection speads are ridiculously slow if you are lucky to get connected. Not worth the $815 a month I pay. Look elsewhere...you have been warned! —davistemp

  • **Under new management now, who work for a huge heartless corporation, I hear. Didn't even give the previous managers the option to continue working under the new regime, after they'd been working there for years: a quick but not nice sweep...wonder how that attitude will translate to new management/tenant relations?—RaoulDuke

I would like to speak in regard to this comment, I believe the management is big-hearted and the corporation has nothing to do with how we work on a personal level with our residents, and neighbors. During most property sales or changes in managment, it is pretty standard that the staff change with it. However - most of previous staff were given options and quit by the way. Several of which were re-offered positions after that as well.


2012-08-26 13:28:25   Under new management, as RaoulDuke said, and so far it's a reign of terror. They routinely give less than 24 hours' notice before entering my apartment (for example, by leaving a note at the end of their business day saying they will enter the following morning). Twice that I'm aware of they have come without giving any notice whatsoever. Now we've received notice that they'll be coming in ANY TIME IN THE NEXT SIX DAYS to do work and that we need to have all of our furniture moved 2 feet from the wall. For six days. All of this has taken place over a period of less than three months (since they acquired the business). Who knows what else is in store? —Psittacosaurus

You might want to mention California Civil Code section 1954 to your landlord. Not giving 24+ hours notice prior to entry is a big no-no. —TomGarberson

I'd like to speak on behalf of the Management, the notice to enter as required by law is always posted, and all the construction that is going on is to complete NECESSARY repairs that were ordered during the inspections upon the sale of the property. Any notice that was for a span of time was a courtesy notice to allow you to be warned in advance, prior to the shorter notice and not intended to be the actual 24 or 48 hr notice to enter that we would post asas required by law. If any entry was made without notice it was due to an emergency or a misunderstanding. The work was not started until the end of July, FAR from 3 months by the way - and the time it takes to complete is due to having to have inspections from the county and city in between each phase of the construction. I'm very sorry you have to deal with it, and I completely understand your frustration, however I believe your exagerative rants are a bit extreme. If you have complaints, I would think they would be better dealt with my making them to the management personally. —AngeliqueDonovan

2013-02-05 14:47:28   I've been watching Craigslist. Looks like they'll be changing the name from "Americana Arms" to "Academy Lane"? Anyone have more info on this. Used to live here. Looks like with all the "upgrades" that the rent will also be going UP! —jenb

2014-03-28 16:01:49   I have lived here almost four years and really enjoy these clean, affordable apartments. They are centrally located near downtown Davis and close to Community park, the library, etc. I bike a lot and it was nice to see the bike racks get modernized a year ago. In the summer, I make frequent use of the pool and BBQs outside. Management is very attentive to the needs of the tenants; whenever I have needed something fixed, they take care of it with 24 hours. I also really enjoy the activities they have for tenants around the holiday, such as BBQs, ice cream social, and raffles. —DavidMcHugh