Amy Martin was a candidate for ASUCD Vice President with current Vice President Bree Rombi for President. Amy was an ASUCD Senator elected in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election. She was endorsed by the The California Aggie. She previously served as the Chair of the Internal Affairs Commission, Chief of Staff to the ASUCD Controller, and Senate President Pro Tempore. She also served two terms as a Panhellenic Council officer.

Winter 2012 Election

Executive Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies! We are Bree Rombi and Amy Martin and we are running to be your ASUCD President and Vice President. Bree is a 4th year Spanish and Communications double major from Huntington Beach, CA. Bree is the current ASUCD Vice President, a former Senator and member of Outreach Assembly, and a current member of the UC Davis Varsity Bowling Team. Amy is a 3rd year Political Science and Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning double major from Pleasanton, CA. She is a current ASUCD Senator, former Internal Affairs Commission Chair and Chief of Staff for the ASUCD Controller, and has served two terms as a Panhellenic officer.

We have both been involved in ASUCD since our freshman years and together we have established The Pantry, reinstated the ASUCD Scholarship, instituted composting in the MU, brought outlets to the Main Reading Room in the library, and created the ASUCD Newsletter. Additionally we have both chaired the budget hearings that determine ASUCD’s annual $11.1 million dollar budget.

While all of these projects are important, we recognize that there is one primary issue of concern to students today: the price of our education. That is why we plan to dedicate our term to holistically addressing college affordability through the following plan of action:

WORK TOWARD FIXING THE UC SYSTEM by laying the groundwork for running a 2014 California ballot initiative to increase the number of student regents and give students a bigger voice in the selection of their student representatives. We envision having 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate/professional student regents. We recognize how much work this will be but we have already done our research and begun communication with other UC campuses; and

LOBBY THE CAPITOL AND THE REGENTS by sponsoring a campus-wide Lobby Day on May 17th, the date of the Regents meeting in Sacramento. We plan to reform our ASUCD Advocacy Units to be proactive in the fight against higher tuition. Also, to ensure that YOUR voice is heard, we will require that there be a student representative on every campus advisory committee; and

GIVE STUDENTS FINANCIAL RELIEF NOW by increasing the funds available for the ASUCD Scholarship by cutting summer pay for the ASUCD Executive Office and institutionalizing funding for at-risk student resources and events such as community-specific graduations, Safeboats, and other traditionally funded student resources that have seen drastic decreases in funding due to university budget shortfalls.

We will dedicate the resources of the ASUCD Executive Office toward making the student voice heard statewide. We are always open to ideas, questions, or concerns and we will commit ourselves to making ASUCD serve you as a student. Vote for experience that matters. Vote Bree Rombi and Amy Martin for ASUCD President and Vice President.

Proven Leadership

Our projects have spanned many aspects of campus and illustrate our ability to affect change within ASUCD and across campus. Some of our major projects are detailed below.

THE PANTRY: Bree was integral in the established of a new ASUCD Unit, - The Pantry. The Pantry provides food items and basic necessities to aid all UC Davis students struggling to pay for the basics. Aggie articles: - "New Unit Offers Unique Solution to Struggling Students" - "UC Davis Opens Up Student Food Bank"

SCHOLARSHIPS: Bree, together with former Senator Andre Lee, brought back the ASUCD Scholarship, which this year will provide a total of approximately $10,000 in scholarships to undergraduates. This scholarship is available to ALL undergraduates, regardless of GPA or AB540/documentation status. If elected, we will put an additional $3500 towards scholarships for the next academic year. Aggie articles: - "ASUCD to Hand Out Scholarships for Students" - "New ASUCD Committee to Reinstate Distribution of Scholarships"

COMPOSTING: Bree established composting in the MU and Amy expanded composting to ASUCD offices. We are currently working to begin trial composting programs at the Silo and the Quad. Aggie article: - "Compost Fills Trash Bins in MU Despite Availability of Compost Bins"

NEWSLETTER: Amy created the ASUCD Newsletter to help bridge the gap between the general student body and ASUCD. You can sign-up to begin receiving the monthly newsletter at the bottom of the - ASUCD website Aggie article: - "ASUCD Works to Bridge Gap Between Students and Government"

PLUGS: Bree, together with former Senator Andre Lee, brought additional outlets to the Main Reading Room in the library so all students can study there without concerns for the battery life of their computers. Aggie article: - "Library to Install More Power Outlets in Main Reading Room"

BAGLESS BOOKSTORE: Together with former Senator Darwin Moosavi, we worked with the UC Davis Bookstore to begin the elimination of plastic bags. The campaign “Have Some Swag, Bring Your Own Bag” will help promote sustainable practices across campus. Aggie article: - "Have Some Swag, Bring Your Own Bag

Contact Us

Please always feel free to contact us! We’d love to provide more information, answers questions, tell you about ASUCD, or get your help with our campaign! -Facebook friend us! -Email us: Bree -; Amy - -Text/call us: Bree - (714) 756-0202; Amy - (925) 209-5979 -Visit us during our office hours: Bree – Mondays 2-4 CoHo, Tuesdays 3-5 SCC, Wednesdays 2-4 MU 3rd Floor, Thursdays 3-5 MU 3rd Floor; Amy – Tuesdays 3-5 SCC, Wednesdays 6-8 CoHo -See us in the CoHo debate: February 14th 12-1PM -Check out our Facebook event - here

Endorsed By

SMART (Students Matter: Activism, Retention, Teamwork) Slate: Senate Candidate Beatriz Anguiano Senate Candidate Norman Borgonia Senate Candidate Jaki Joanino Senate Candidate Marcus King Senate Candidate Chucha Marquez Senate Candidate Desun Oka

Winter 2011 Election

Senate Candidate Statement

I want to serve YOU and bring you the programs and events on campus that are important to YOU. I love our campus and I believe ASUCD can continue to do so much more to enhance every student's experience at UC Davis. ASUCD has made a huge positive impact on my undergraduate experience and I believe I can help ASUCD provide this experience to everyone. I strive to represent the interests of EVERY STUDENT and would love to discuss any issues or ideas you may have for our campus.

PLATFORM ISSUES: If elected, I plan to work with ASUCD Units to make their services technologically up-to-date and to expand environmental sustainability practices both within ASUCD and across campus.

CLASSICAL NOTES ONLINE: I want to work with Creative Media to create a website for Classical Notes which would allow students to purchase class notes with their student ID or credit card, and view class notes and eBooks online, providing convenience to students, promoting environmental sustainability, and cutting costs to the unit.

EXPAND COMPOSTING: Work with BOLD Executive Candidates Adam & Bree, as well as a multitude of campus organizations to meet the 2020 UC-wide zero-waste mandate, specifically by focusing on the expansion of the successful composting in the MU to outside the MU, the Silo, and other areas on campus.

CREATE AN ASUCD NEWSLETTER: Create an ASUCD Newsletter that will be distributed via email to undergraduate students, describing important legislation passed, upcoming events, and job opportunities so that students have easy access to information about their student government.

BE BOLD: Vote for AMY #1 for ASUCD Senate, BOLD #2-6 and Adam & Bree for Exec!


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