920 Garrod Drive
(530) 752-4880

The Arboretum Nursery is managed by the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum. It is located by VMTH, near the Unitrans yard, north of the Arboretum.


Plant Faire

Occasionally, they have plant sales. You can find flowering plants, herbs, native grasses, desert plants, small trees, orchids, and tons of other nice plants. Most are outdoor, but some do well indoors, too. The people who run the nursery sales will gladly give you advice if you ask for it. Botany club members also help set up the event. The prices are reasonable, members of the Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum receive a 10% discount on plants, at these events the cost of membership is reduced by ten dollars and they have a buy one get one free deal. Some local businesses give discounts to card-carrying Arboretum members.

Public sales are held regularly in the spring and fall. There are "members-only" sales before the public sales, but you can join at the door. During these plant sales, the public receives a 20% discount and members receive a 40% discount. The Friends of the UC Davis Arboretum maintain a website with their plant inventory and information on these sales.

Sometimes they need cardboard boxes for plant sales.

New Location

In the Spring of 2008 a new location for the nursery was constructed closer to the west end of the arboretum.

Under construction end of June 2008

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