1949 5th Street , Suite 105
west of DMV
8:00AM - 4:30PM
(530) 753-0655
Laine Hall
Payment Method
Checks, Cash, Credit Card

Auto Trim Design is the only place in Davis that offers window tinting. They provide a variety of other services:

  • Custom Pin Striping
  • Protective Side Moldings
  • Fabric & Paint Protection
  • Stainless Steel Rocker Panels
  • Wheel Well Molding
  • Dash Covers
  • Sun Shades

It's run by Laine Hall, he has been in that location for 25+ years. You would be very hard pressed to find someone who stands as firmly behind their work & shoots as straight as he does. The positive fawning reviews he has accrued on the Davis Wiki place him firmly in the upper echelon of all business reviewed & in this aspect ATD is rivaled only by the king of good service.


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2007-03-23 01:38:28   Laine is a great guy, easily the smoothest transaction I've dealt with at an auto shop. I visited Auto Trim to get a tint job, the price was more than I expected but the 3M materials used and the 3M lifetime warranty are simply the best in the business. On top of the quality product used Laine takes pride in his work, and was precise to say the least. 100% perfect tint job, I left impressed and I will definitely go back to Laine if another tint job comes up. —MikeWata

2007-09-23 19:56:25   More expensive than quoted and elsewhere but he did an excellent job. Highly recommended. —HaiYu

2007-11-26 21:41:19   Laine is a really friendly and helpful guy. I didn't get my windows tinted here, but he gave me an honest answer about him not tinting the front windows any darker then the legal limit and told me about a couple places that would. Most people wouldn't have told me other shops while he did. If I didn't want my front windows tinted, I would have definitely done it here. —DonaldJaye

2008-05-01 11:48:44   I just got the windows on my G35 done, and Laine did an excellent job. The tint looks fantastic. Highly recommended. He was very friendly and helpful from start to finish. Additionally the 3M lifetime warranty is something to seriously consider, if the tint bubbles or changes color, the company will pay him to replace it for you. I will definitely recommend Laine to my friends. —CarDogg13

2008-09-16 14:57:37   I had the back window and two rear side windows tinted; the two front side windows UV-tinted (nearly clear); a dark tint applied to the top of the windshield; accordian sunshade attached; and the paint protection applied. Laine did an outstanding job and it all looks fantastic. I'm going to have another car done with the windshield top tint, two front side windows UV clear tint, and the accordion sun shade (rear windows already tinted from factory). I highly recommend this business. —RalphFinch

2009-06-23 12:58:58   Laine is extremely nice and always helpful. I originally had one rolldown window re-tinted after my truck got broken into and it was very cheap, and he worked a deal with me to get some older film put on that would better match my older tint. The price and service were very impressive. Since then I've recommended 4 other people to him who all got their tint done there and LOVE it. My girlfriend's mom drove all the way from Stockton to have him do her tint.

Highly recommended. I'll keep coming to him after I graduate and leave Davis. —ChrisC

2011-03-09 02:09:33   Not only is this the only tinting shop in Davis, I believe it's one of the best around. While I didn't get tinting put on, I did get an incredibly bubbled/old tinting job on the rear windshield removed that was making it impossible to see out the back, and Laine did a terrific job. The job was completed quickly, and the workmanship is impeccable. My car has defroster lines, and they were entirely intact and functional when he was finished, which is impressive considering the condition the tint was in. Laine runs and operates the store by himself, sells a wide range of high quality 3M tint that comes with a lifetime warranty, and is incredibly friendly and personable. I had attempted to remove the tint myself first and gave him a call to ask for a quote and some advice. He stayed on the phone with me and gave helpful and professional advice on how exactly I could do that, pretty rare for someone who makes his living doing just that. In the end, it was way too difficult for me, but I was more than happy to fork over a very reasonable amount of dough to have Laine work his magic. Highly recommended! —IanBurau

2011-06-02 09:07:26   I can't remember the last time that I experienced costumer service like I got from Laine. I went in to get a quote for a tint job on my jetta and to be honest it was about 30 bucks more expensive than the quote I got from a shop in Sonoma county but after talking to Laine and comparing the shops I noticed that Laine planned on spending all day on my car vs. the other guys who said it would take them two hours. I couldn't be happier with the job that Laine did. The quality of the install was top notch, my interactions with Laine were smooth and very personable, and you can't beat the 3M material with its lifetime warranty. It should also be noted that Laine has been installing tint in Davis for over 15 years and stands behind his work. two thumbs up. —EMTCarter

2011-06-10 11:35:17   I highly recommend Laine's paint sealant job if you're too lazy to wax your car or even wash it regularly. Laine is the friendliest nicest guy and was the cheapest I could find in the Davis/Sacramento area. He explained everything about the product he uses and the benefits of doing this for your car, did the job in 3.5 hours, and it looks fantastic! Afterwards he showed me every scratch he was able to seal and get rid of as well as the bits he was unable to seal due to weather damage, what to look for when it's time for a new sealant job, and explained what the next steps are right now. He apparently is contracted by some of the dealerships around Davis to do the same paint sealant jobs but for up to 5x the price by the dealership. —ymdean

2011-09-18 13:08:36   Laine is a wonderful guy, so personable and kind. I needed to have my rear window tint peeled and redone because it was bubbling badly. He gave me a quote over the phone for removing and re-tinting, then offered to have me come in and he'll teach me how to take the tint off if I wanted to give it a try to try to save me some money. NO ONE does things like that these days. He really cares about his customer, not just getting money in his pocket. It turned out it was reallllyyyyy hard to take my tint off myself, so I gladly paid him the extra to do it for me. I picked up my car in the afternoon and loved it. He did an excellent job, plus you can't beat a life-time warranty. I have NEVER had such great customer service from any one, in any service field, in my entire life. —bjgerke

2012-02-27 17:00:15   I received a "fix it" ticket for illegal tint so I called Auto Trim Design. Laine was incredibly friendly and was able to fit me in within thirty minutes of my call. The work was performed quickly and it seems to have been done very well (I don't know anything about tint but it looks good.) The price was extremely reasonable. He also gave me advice about how to proceed regarding getting my ticket resolved. Definitely recommend!! —LoriOrf

2012-04-04 13:39:44   I tried to tint my car windows myself, which was a big mistake. It's hard work and requires a lot of skill. I was fortunate to find Laine. He is super friendly, offers great advice, and does outstanding work. He worked around my schedule and was able to remove the old tint and replace it with a beautiful new tint job on all four side windows and rear window. He did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend. I opted to go with the more expensive 3M tint with the lifetime color guard warranty versus the standard three year tint. —AlH

2012-04-26 14:25:15   I went to Laine for a tint job on my car and he did such a fantastic job. Laine has excellent customer service, explained everything, showed me on his own vehicle what I would be purchasing and did any excellent job and offered a great warranty. He is so personable and nice, he even gave me a ride to work so I didn't have to walk. Can't say enough good things about my experience with Laine and what a great job he did. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality customer service and attention to detail. I am impressed and will go to him for all future jobs. —KristynFresz

2012-09-25 13:46:40   I have to agree with all of the reviews here about Laine. He has the best customer service and is such a great person to work with. He was extremely accommodating in helping me decide what color tint to get: he took me outside to compare how they each felt/looked in the sun and held it up against my back window as I sat in my car to get an idea of how much visibility I had. I'm very happy with the overall product and highly recommend Laine. —jessik

Laine is not the cheapest, go to Woodland if you want that. He has been in the same location for 24 years now, and uses superior materials coupled with unparalleled workmanship. I would highly recommend Laine if you want your tint done right the first time. He is also very jovial. He doesn't do fabrication of trim Daubert

2013-04-16 10:36:15   Laine has done a number of cars for me, he is by far the best in the area, highly recommend. Jamie —JamesMorton

2013-06-02 23:07:12   I have had eight cars tinted at four different places. The last four were tinted by Laine, and I won't go anywhere else. Before I knew Laine existed, I drove all the way into Sac thinking I was doing the right thing. Ug. No. 20-somethings might be more limber and faster with a blade, but they sure don't care about the finished product nearly as much as Laine does. Laine is honest, does outstanding work, and uses the best products. He's the real deal, and he's right here handy in Davis! —DarellDickey

2014-07-02 13:04:31   Laine has done a fantastic job on both of my cars, the most recent being my little mini cooper. The results were fantastic, and his customer service is top notch, well worth the price. There was one small part of the job that I wasn't 100% satisfied with, and he re-did that section quickly and at no extra cost. Thanks Laine for a job well done, I won't hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends! —ErikHenricson

2017-07-08 12:08:47   The best experience I've ever had getting my windows tinted! This is the third car on which I have tinted the windows and I have never been shown this amount of service and attention before. Laine is such a great guy! He took the time to ensure that I was getting what I wanted, and made sense for me and my family. He showed me the different tinting options and gave pros and cons for each. Drawing from personal experiences and the stories of others I was able to choose a level of tinting that best suited my needs. The process was simple, his scheduling was flexible, and his workmanship was impeccable. He uses the best quality product, which is warrantied for LIFE (as is the installation). If anything ever goes wrong with the tints, you can take the car back to him or any authorized 3M shop and they will fix it for free. My car looks great and I couldn't be happier! I have and will definitely continue to recommend him to anyone looking to get their windows tinted. We are planning on replacing our aging SUV soon; when we buy our new SUV, I am going to bring it to him. —asperotti415