Casitas Exterior Sign


Complex: 675 Alvarado Avenue , in North Davis,

on the NE corner of Anderson & Alvarado

Office: 717 Alvarado Ave at Chautauqua apartments
Office Hours

Mon–Fri 9:30am – 5:30pm

Closed from 12:00pm -1:00pm for lunch

Phone: (877) 889-8506
Property Website
Types of Units
1br/1ba, 2br/1ba Duplex, 2br/1.5ba Townhome, 3br/1.5ba Townhome
3br/2ba Duplex, 3br/2.5ba Townhome Duplex
Price Range
$1040 to 2430 for Fall 2017

Casitas Apartments, known officially as Casitas del Valle, is across Anderson from Chautauqua. Like Chautauqua, it is a Tandem Properties complex and the two share a management, maintenance and landscaping crew. Management can be found next door at the Chautauqua rental office (717 Alvarado). Residents' amenity keys (given at move-in) also access the pool, fitness center, and laundry room at Chautauqua.

Residents comment that they dig Casitas' close proximity to shopping, bus lines, greenbelt and access to two swimming pools. Since this complex has fully mature trees, and because it is located on the greenbelt, some residents have complained about uninvited guests with too many legs... Management has responded on this page that, "Because Davis is an agricultural community, there are insect and rodent populations within the City... But, if a pest of any type has entered a resident’s home, the resident should immediately report the problem to management. We have full pest services available from a professional pest company at no expense to our residents."

Management Notices

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Features & Amenities

Large Willow Tree at North end of Casitas where Complex Touches Covell Park

Wifi in the study lounge
Private Yards & Patios
Central Heat & Air in most units
BBQ Courtyard
24 Hour Fitness Room
Cats, small caged animals and aquarium fish
Community Room/Study Lounge
Laundry Center
Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Microwave
Large Closets with Shelves
Washer Dryer hook-up in select units

Other Notes: The central laundry room has three standard and one high efficiency front-loading washing machine along with four standard dryers. There is a second laundry room at the North side of the property. As of September 2009, washes cost $1.25 a load and drying costs $1 per load. All machines are relatively new and the room is very well ventilated. Casita's pool goes to a depth of 7 feet and the jacuzzi is timer operated. Mail boxes are centrally located in the same compound as the pool and laundry. Apartments are furnished with 240V electric ovens and ranges. Appliance models and features may vary from apartment to apartment. Refuse disposal is also covered by rent and each apartment has an iBIN. In April and May of 2009 the exterior of Casitas was repainted.


Public Transportation - Apartment is located on Unitrans F, G, and J bus lines. Just a few blocks away at Anderson Rd. & Hanover Dr. there is another stop for the Unitrans P/Q Bus Line and several Yolobus routes that will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Winters Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - You can access the Davis Bike Loop by heading south on Anderson and either hanging a right on Villanova or a left on 14th St. The UC Davis campus is 1.1 miles away. There are bike lanes, bike paths, and bike connectors on all of the surrounding streets.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, walk out your front door and connect to The Greenbelt. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Anderson Plaza is two blocks away and The Marketplace is 0.3 miles away.

Parking - Uncovered parking is available

Floor Plans

Apt Size Sq ft Deposit Availability (contact office for current information) Comments
1 bedroom x 1 bathroom 506 $400 none Wall Unit Heat & AC
2 bedroom x 1 bathroom duplex 950 $500 none Central Heat & AC
2 bedroom x 1.5 bathroom townhouse 900 $500 none Central Heat & AC
3 bedroom x 1.5 bathroom townhouse 1100 $700 none Central Heat & AC
3 bedroom x 2 bathroom duplex 1400 $700 none Central Heat & AC
3 bedroom x 2.5 bathroom duplex townhouse 1700 $700 none Central Heat & AC

1 bedroom, 1 bath 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath Townhome 2 bedroom, 1 bath Duplex 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath Townhome 3 bedroom, 2 bath Townhome 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Duplex Townhome


Main clubhouse 1 bed 1 bath 3x1.5 townhome Duplex Private backyard 3x1.5 townhome 3x1.5 kitchen 3x2.5 townhouse duplex - our largest floor plan washer & dryer hook ups in most units

Connection to the North Davis Green Belt. </div>


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2009-01-11 21:44:03   Nice place, good location - I really like the greenbelts, and the proximity to the Anderson Shopping Center. Management is nice, and the monthly newsletters are a nice touch. Quick to repair, and the mirrored closet doors and fans in every room are pretty cool. However, my apartment has no insulation so it's really hot in the summer and super cold in the winter if we don't use our heating/cooling unit. Also, the electricity is wired funny so that my roommates constantly trip the breaker if simply using the overhead lights, each a computer in each separate room, and one with a low-wattage space heater on. They each have their own room, so I can't imagine if they were sharing and there were more than one computers per room. I like this place, I only wish I could afford it next year and that it didn't hold the same temperature inside as outside all year long. —ChristyMarsden

2009-05-07 13:07:50   Not satisfied with these apartments what so ever. When I lived here recently the apartment was very run down and dirty on the inside. My carpet came with SEVERAL stains, my dishwasher fell out off the hinges, the fridge makes loud crashing sounds as if someone dropped pots and pans, I discovered ROACHES and Beetles in my place CONSTANTLY ( I slept with the lights on for god knows how long ) , and It is soooo over priced! On top of that I could hear my neighbors going to the bathroom and having simple conversations -_-! Lots of cars get broken into in the area as well. =( The maintenance staff however are very nice, helpful, and prompt. The office staff is pretty nice too. However, I think that people have the right to know what they are getting themselves into when they move here. Its a nice location near the shopping centers but if i were you id seriously go ask people in the apartments living there now how they like it over all before signing anything. —AnastaciaSmith

2009-05-07 13:18:56   this place is okay minus the roaches, beetles, and flies lol ! Maintenace is awesome but the wiring in the place trips out a lot so you have to reset the breakers....! You get access to two pools though thats a plus. I live here now and I have to relate to Anastacia I sleep with my lights on too !! Rather pay that extra buck then get bugs on me lol! No pets is a drag but whatever. The apartments need SERIOUS updates on the inside like carpeting, cabinets, ect. My neighbors practically live with me cause i can hear their every move and when they take a shower, i have to wait for the hot water to return (lame)! The greenbelt is beautiful and located sooo close to the apartments! I am moving out after my lease because i found a place in the colleges for cheaper than what i am paying here. —NCH

2009-05-08 11:53:16   Dear Residents, Because Davis is an agricultural community, there are insect and rodent populations within the City. As a management team, we maintain our buildings, trim back our landscaping, and utilize pest mitigation practices in an effort to keep the creatures of the outdoors from entering apartment interiors. But, if a pest of any type has entered a resident’s home, the resident should immediately report the problem to management. We have full pest services available from a professional pest company at no expense to our residents. The pest company will work with the resident to resolve the issue. But, if a resident accepts the situation as "normal" and does not report the problem to management, we have no way of knowing that the problem in their apartment exists. Please CONTACT THE OFFICE when you have a pest or maintenance problem. We’re here to help. If you don’t let us know you’re not happy, we can’t fix it. :) —ChautauquaManagement

2009-09-21 11:05:23   It has been a few months since I moved here into a 1-bedroom apartment. So far no electrical, bugs, or security issues. Maintenance has been great and even remembered a past maintenance issue which helped solve a more recent one. Management has also been great. While I'm not used to a team that takes care of over a hundred units and two properties, most of them know my name and apartment number. Always nice. Only hick-ups were paint spatters on my carpet (but difficult to see except with close inspection), and very dirty A/C and bathroom vent; certainly overlooked by the contracted cleaning team. Laundry machines are serviced by Web Laundry Service. They were a bit slow getting out here (next day) but the serviceman was very nice and provided a refund for the trouble that I had. Facilities are well maintained and grounds crew seem to have pride in this property since it is kept quite clean. I'd love to see thermal efficient windows as the frames on the current ones can nearly burn you when closing windows that have sat in the sun for just a short while! That's a lot of solar energy entering my apartment! But the blinds help keep things cool otherwise and adding blackout curtains insulates even more. The A/C works fairly well but a small fan is recommended to direct cool air into the bedroom for the 1-bed apartments. Closely related, having a ceiling fan in the bedroom was a major factor in choosing this apartment! The kitchen is very efficient in usage of space and makes you think hard about how best to place culinary equipment. It is unfortunate, however, that there is not an outlet on the kitchen side of the bar near the phone outlet for a home phone, coffee maker, or other small appliance. Otherwise there are plenty of grounded outlets to plug-in to. The linen closet between the bathroom and bedroom is a lifesaver... I don't know how I got along without one. My particular bathroom lacks a medicine cabinet but that is okay since there is a ton of counter, drawer, and cabinet space. Having two towel racks is really nice. The environment surrounding the complex is relatively quiet; coming from my previous apartment, it is like a library here. But your mileage will certainly vary. All around, a pretty nice and efficient 1-Bedroom with great staff. The free DSL makes even faster DSL cheaper although max throughput speeds seem to vary greatly day to day which can be frustrating. Still, it is a pretty dang good value. I'll check back after 6 months or a year if my experiences change. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-03-19 17:08:53   **LOCATION: Awesome. As mentioned, it's located right on a greenbelt. Biking and busing distance from the UC Davis campus. Walking distance from SaveMart and the surrounding food quart. Biking distance from Safeway and the surrounding food quart. Three major buslines go by — J (to the Silo), G and F (both to the MU). If you need to drive, then there are nearby gas stations as well. **MANAGEMENT: I love Casitas' management! They respond to requests promptly, and all the workers are friendly and approachable. On Thanksgiving this year, they provided a free Thanksgiving feast (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, the works!) for their residents, on a first come, first serve basis. And on finals week, they gave out free breakfast! **ACTUAL APARTMENTS: I live in a 2 bed/1.5 bath townhouse. The apartments themselves are not too amazing, but do keep in mind that these are old buildings to begin with. Bring a vacuum. Paint chips off from the ceilings in little flakes occasionally (this mostly matters if you have the top bunk of a bunk bed, or if you're planning on buying one of those tall desk/bed combos). The kitchen comes with an electric stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher... the sink for us is a bit shallow, but it's workable. Turn on the bathroom fan after taking a shower, or you will get mold (there's no other ventilation)! **BUGS: Many bugs lay eggs in rotten food that's left out. In the fall, because Davis farms often have a surplus of tomatoes that rot, there tends to be a lot of flies. One of the ways to prevent the flies from getting out of control is to have separate garbage cans (one under the sink for vegetable peels and rotten food, and one not under the sink for anything else). Also, if you see a spider, don't squish it. Just bring it outside, and it'll catch flies for you. **AMENITIES: The internet in the study room hasn't been working; this lack of internet has actually turned out to be a GOOD thing for my personal study habits, as I tend to Facebook and email more than I ought to. However, just keep in mind that you'll want to download class lectures or whatever BEFORE you go into the study room.... unless the internet gets fixed soon. There are several laundry rooms, currently $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry. If you make a friend in one of the nearby complexes, I hear that it's $0.75 for washing and $0.75 for drying (but those machines might be smaller/older). I haven't used the pool yet, but I may use it soon, with the nice spring weather that we're having. **NEIGHBORS: Our neighbors seem nice, and the parties don't sound too frequent or out-of-control. However, the walls are not very soundproof — mainly the front walls (with the windows/doors) of the townhouses. So if you have the urge to have a loud conversation about how drunk you are at 2am, do that indoors. This is really just common courtesy. —Myself

2010-04-05 15:57:58   Hi Myself,

We're happy to hear that you love management! We love our residents too! We don't generally hear complaints about paint falling from the ceiling. Please contact the office so we can better help you troubleshoot the problem. We did have someone contact the office about the Casitas internet this week. Omsoft has been out and the problem has been fixed. If you continue to have trouble, please don't hesitate to let us or Omsoft know. If we don't know you're having problems, we can't fix them. ;) —ChautauquaManagement

2010-06-30 01:11:31   I love living at Casitas, but I have one major complaint, and it isn't the management's fault at all. I live in apartment #45, and I'm not sure if it's just the trees around my area, but this problem persisted when I lived here in 2007 in apartment #52. The birds chirp from the hours of midnight to 5am. Every. Night. I don't know if these birds are blind, but they definitely have some serious issues. Personally, I find it disconcerting and have to wear earplugs...there's something strange about hearing birds at that time of night, perhaps just completely conflicting with circadian rhythms. I wish they didn't chirp from the hours of midnight to 5am, but they certainly do. —RandallWilson

2011-01-12 10:58:15   Looking to sublease 1br in a 3br/1.5bth townhouse now until end of August. Great location, very responsive and friendly management and maintenance staff. Two female undergraduate roommates, clean and quiet. Contact for more information! —SamTin

2012-02-07 19:01:04   Alright, since the floor plan is incredibly blurry I have measured the master bedroom for the 3 bedroom 1.5 bath townhome! It is...10ft by 15ft! That includes the closet. Also the management has completely changed this year, and the new management seems competent and friendly. —DECarter

2012-03-13 10:00:03   I've been here two years and It's pretty nice. Very reasonable prices for Davis when you take into account the pool(s) and exercise room and other amenities. The building date from the '70s so the walls and windows are a bit thin, but the neighbors quiet down reasonably well. —MyRealName

2012-03-15 11:59:20   As a long time Daviswiki Lurker, I feel I should give a DISCLAIMER: this is about to turn into a rant.

My roommates and I have been here for over a year, I guess this is our second year here? We are NOT renewing next year.

Why we decided not to renew: 1. Bug problem has NEVER been taken care of completely. You try living with cockroaches for two years and being told "it's normal because it's Davis." My friends who live across the street don't have ANY cockroaches. I am calling BS here. 2. Of the two maintenance guys we've dealt with, only one of them ever seemed to listen or care about us. The other one—short, squat guy—would say "oh I fixed it" and then we'd look and it wasn't fixed and we'd tell him and he'd brush us off. 3. We really don't feel like we've been heard. You would think that as a good business practice you'd want to take care of your residents. I feel like the new office people (staffing sure has changed A LOT recently) are trying, but that it's too late to fix the damage done.

Why we lived here at all... location is great. Price was decent. Now, of course, we feel totally ripped off.

If you're looking to live here... good luck. Don't live in our building.


    2012-03-26 09:36:25   Hi JQuest,

    We are very sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience at Casitas.

    Our management team works hard with our pest team to oversee an integrated pest management program that is meant to keep pests away without over-exposing our residents and the environment to an excessive amount of pesticides. Normally, this program works well to keep insects and other pests outside where they belong. Unfortunately, problems can happen when a household in a building allows any breach of that barrier and leaves the problem unreported, allowing it to grow and spread. In such a circumstance, problems can become larger and harder to solve by the time management becomes aware.

    We are have been alerted about a few instances of this in the current lease term and are incorporating new pest methods that seem to be resolving the issue. Additionally, we are implementing a new inspection program that should help us better detect and mitigate any problems in the future. As a means of evaluating our maintenance service, we are incorporating a new call-back program as a part of our maintenance plan. We have been randomly selecting households and calling to follow up in regards to customer satisfaction.

    If you have any issues with our office, pest, or maintenance personnel, PLEASE do not hesitate to inform our office staff. We want to deliver only the best service to our community, and your feedback helps us stay on point.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we truly hope we can make the rest of your stay with us a terrific experience.

    Best, Casitas Management —CasitasManagement

    2012-04-03 22:18:59   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DO NOT LIVE HERE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I've been having the same situation as JQuest. Cockroaches have been coming out of the walls since October and management has not made any serious attempts to solve the problem. Every two weeks or so the same pest control company comes in to lay new traps and spray the baseboards, but they do nothing to root out the source of the roaches.

    After contacting tandem properties about the issue, they replaced the bathroom floors and baseboards to seal any cracks. Now the cockroaches are showing up in the bedrooms and they are still going unchecked in between the walls of the apartments. This is completely unacceptable.


    2012-04-03 22:50:30   I enjoy living here, its a nice complex as far as apartments go in Davis. However, we've had a cockroach problem since our second month living here. Casitas management has confirmed, by inspection of all the attached units, that this problem originated in a unit that is attached to ours.

    We contacted Casitas early on, and they've come in a sprayed multiple times over the continuing duration of our residency (at least once every two weeks), but the cockroaches keep returning. Management refuses to do anything more than having pest control come in to spray once a week because it would affect all of the units attached to our building. Casitas management has been fairly considerate about the issue, but has failed to solve the problem, four months after we first noticed. Perhaps they are more interested in filling next year's empty units than solving a persisting issue that will only continue after we leave. We are not renewing our lease and some unlucky person will take it over if this issue is not taken care of. It's only fair that potential residents of my apartment know about this problem because we were definitely not informed of this cockroach problem existed before we moved in. And as the busy college students that we are, we would just rather not have to deal with this problem to say the least.

    Other than living with cockroaches in the walls that often spill out into our home, the amenities they provide are top notch, aside from the rusty mailboxes. Its nice to have our packages waiting at the office since we're usually not home during the day, and they have an awesome lighted, color changing pool. Amenities aside, I personally dislike living with pests, especially cockroaches. So despite how nice everything else may seem to be, my one-star review will stay for now. Updates to come.

    Their Yelp Page

    2012-04-06 11:18:36   Dear Todd and David,

    We are determined to resolve your pest problem and satisfy your needs. When a pest issue is reported in a building, management works with all households in the building to detect and eliminate the source of the problem as quickly as possible. Not all households in the instance mentioned here were comfortable consenting to chemical treatment. Consequently, we did have to turn to integrated (non chemical) methods which, happily, do appear do be working, but did take a bit longer to eliminate the source than any of us would have liked.

    We have tried our best in this situation to respect the needs and wishes of all households involved while working to remedy your pest concern as quickly as possible. We are genuinely sorry that our efforts have left you unsatisfied. This particular pest situation was an especially unusual circumstance. Our apartments are regularly inspected for pest issues and we would never move any household into an apartment with a known pest concern. We hope that as a resident who has gotten to know our team and Tandem's commitment to resident care, that you believe that to be true. We're glad to hear that despite your frustration, you still have had some good experiences at Casitas.

    Upon Monday's inspection of your unit, it appeared that the problem was contained, but as you are clearly still understandably frustrated, we worked this week on coming up with new options for you and have attempted to contact you to go over these. While we understand your frustrations with your experience at Casitas, as we said, we are determined to resolve your pest problem and satisfy your needs. Please get in touch with us when you can.

    Sincerely, Casitas Management


      2012-04-19 13:58:04   i'm a future tenant and they never answer their phones!! so frustrating. everytime i need something i need to ride down there. not looking good —shacheung

      2012-04-23 10:00:34   Hi shacheung, We're sorry we missed your phone call. Occasionally we miss a call when all of our team members are assisting other residents on the phone or out on the property. This past week we were a bit short handed as our new Manager, Kerry was sharing her time between our office and her former property, Chaparral. Our Casitas office is now fully staffed, but if we ever miss your call in the future, please leave us a voicemail and we'll happily get back to you as soon as we can. You can also reach us via email at :)


        2012-12-07 14:41:01   We have lived in our current appt for 5 years now, and had lived in Chautauqua for 2 years before that. Great amenities and location for the price (2 pools, 2 hottubs, 2 study lounges, 24 hours gym!)! Management team has changed over the years, but the current one has done a fantastic job with anything we bring to them. The maintenance team does a fine job of getting to any work orders we've put in quickly and efficiently. I've read some of the reports of bug problems, and have never had one myself (other than the few random's that happen being right by the greenbelt and farmlands). Have enjoyed living here for the past 5 years, and have plans to continue renewing our lease for as long as we are at Davis. —GFlener

        2013-01-21 22:38:04   Maintenance is really fast, usually the same day. The complex and pools are always clean. I don't really like the layout of the 3 bed 1 1/2 bath townhouse though. The house is kind of cramped. The walls are really thin. I can hear everything that happens in the room next door (good thing nothing much happens in there). The upstairs bathroom is really weird. I rather they put the 2 sinks in the same area and make the bathroom larger. Such a waste of space to make 2 separate areas for 2 sinks. The kitchen would have more room if the removed the laundry room also but I guess Casitias is more for families than students. I chose casitas because another housemate really wanted to live here. The color of the whole complex is really not that visually appealing either. —shacheung

        2013-03-12 11:07:17   If you like sleep, DON'T LIVE HERE. You get a 7 AM wake up call Tuesday-Friday from either a leaf blower, weed whipper, lawn mower, or garbage truck. And they like to move slow so it lasts allllll morning. It seriously sucks. I never understood why they couldn't start in the afternoon considering college students get little sleep to begin with...seriously SO ANNOYING. You've been warned. —kelby

        2013-03-14 15:11:40   Hi Kelby, I'm sorry for your frustrations. Companies that do landscaping maintenance often start early to allow them to get through all the work at multiple large properties and for the safety of their workers (it can be really tough on their staff to do yard work during the heat of the day.) While we can't make too many adjustments that prevent our landscapers' ability to maintain the property, sometimes I'm able to ask them to avoid starting in certain areas when a resident has a particular scheduling need. Please come chat with me when you have a moment and let's work together to see how I can help you get some more sleep. Take care. —KerryK

        2013-06-03 21:44:45   I agree with Kelby about landscaping. It's horrible living facing the greenbelt the landscaping takes 1/2 a day. I wake up with a headache every tuesday. Also, it's annoying that I can't keep my windows open without bugs flying into my room and there's no AC in the townhouses. the walls are paper thin. I can hear my housemate cough, sneeze, and her coffee machine running. The front door is the MOST annoying of all. It's so loud when it closes. I have to close it very lightly to make no noise. the 3 bedrooms townhouses are really cramped too. The fitness center is nice but there's no free weights. —shacheung

        2013-06-06 13:24:17   Hi shacheung,

        Thank you again for bringing your concerns to my attention here. Per our conversation yesterday and today, all apartments at Casitas have air conditioning and we have discovered that your unit's AC is in fact not working at this time. The maintenance requests we talked about were submitted yesterday and our team checked on them for you. The kitchen burner and your front door are both in good working order now. Our AC technician will be by this afternoon to work on the broken parts of the AC unit. If you have any concerns, or if anything new comes up, please feel free to let us know. We are happy to help remedy any problems for you as soon as we are aware of them. I'm so glad we saw your post and hopefully we will be able to help you feel more comfortable soon. Good luck with studying for finals!

        Take care.

        Kerry Residential Manager


          2013-06-22 16:45:28   Correcting my previous post, our unit does have AC but we just assumed that there was none because we read somewhere on their website or lease or move in packet that some units have fans and others, AC. I gotta praise their superfast maintenance and even faster replies to comments on this page. —shacheung

          2013-08-20 18:22:49   I'm about to move out after 3 years of residency in Casitas. 1 year in the 3 bd 2 bath single-story townhome and 2 years in the 3 bd 1.5 bath townhome. Management is super friendly. Repair requests were done very promptly (almost always same day) and the maintenance team is all super friendly.

          G and J bus lines run often and will get you to either of campus' 2 bus terminals (Memorial Union and Silo, respectively). We've rarely had noise issues as long as we didn't blast music with all of our windows open. The Savemart and Safeway shopping centers are both ridiculously close and downtown is a quick drive down Covell and F st.

          The pool is kept clean. The hottub is almost always kept heated. There are plenty of laundry facilities/units. You're adjacent to the Greenbelt which is awesome for running. I never used the study rooms but they were clean and frequented by a lot of the other tenants.

          No real complaints about this place. Highly recommended. —RyanMeyerhoff

          2013-09-08 15:20:02   When I moved into this apartment, the carpet is not clean with some dirty spots, there are also FLEAS in my house, the Stoves and Oven are not working. The fan seems about to fall down when it is turned on, the wall in the storage room is broken, full of spider webs, spiders ( palm size) and trash. Some of the shelves in cabinets are getting off. I complained to the apartment a week ago. They NEVER come to fix it or replace anything. Without the oven and stoves, I have to buy my meal from restaurant every single day. This apartment disappointed me. Well, this apartment has good location and transportation, but for maintenance it is something that you should hesitate and think about. —KingMa

          2013-09-09 15:59:46   Hi KingMa,

          Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention in the office this morning. I'm so sorry to hear that we missed your maintenance request last week—the work order was given to maintenance, marked as a priority, and intended to be completed same day. Sal (our maintenance supervisor) was in your apartment today to address all your maintenance concerns. So far, it looks like the stove and oven were noted as working when they were inspected by maintenance last week and it seems that the issue is actually due to the circuit breaker being tripped in your apartment. Please keep me posted on how things progress after Sal's visit again today. And like we talked about, please bring me your restaurant receipts so we can reimburse you for having to eat out while you waited for the the repair—and, in the future, please feel free to use our after-hours emergency maintenance line if we've missed you so you won't have to do that. We never want you to have to wait with an non-working stove or oven.

          For the carpet, the small spots near the laundry area are bleach marks and those won't come out. It is noted on your inspection sheet so you won't have to worry about that at move-out. Just to be sure things are as clean as possible for you though, we've scheduled for your carpet to be re-cleaned.

          As we talked about, I also have a call into our pest company to schedule a visit as soon as possible to look into your concerns —there is no record of prior issues with fleas in your apartment during any of our inspections, so thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Please let me know how you are doing while you wait for his visit. I don't want you to feel you have to remain uncomfortable if things change.

          I'm so sorry again that things were missed and we are determined to make them better for you. Please don't hesitate to tell me what else I can do to help—we want for you to enjoy your new home.

          Take care,

          Kerry Klotzbach Residential Manager