110 F Street (Adjacent Hallmark Inn)
Sunday -Thursday: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Friday-Saturday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

(530) 750-1905
Eugene Zheng and Tommy Tu
Payment Methods
Cash, debit, credit

CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) is a new location for the Bay Area-based ice cream sandwich parlor. You pick the cookie and ice cream flavor, and they assemble it for you. You can also buy natural and gourmet cookies, brownies, and ice cream separately, along with toppings. Other menu items include shakes, malts, and floats. Vegan and gluten-free alternatives are available.

A single cookie costs $0.90, a 1-cookie half-sandwich costs $2.00, and a 2-cookie sandwich costs $3.00. Cookies are served from holding ovens, so they're warm and get the ice cream melty. 2 oatmeal-raisin + vanilla ice cream = an It's It without chocolate.

They have a Taco Tuesday where their ice cream tacos are a dollar off all Tuesday. This coincides with the discounted movie showings at the theater across the street, so expect a line!

CREAM is originally the title of a Wu-Tang Clan song: "Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all."

The grand opening festivities on Saturday, September 21, 2013, featured free 2-cookie sandwiches, and ran out of green tea ice cream by 1:00. Despite the rain, lines reached to the corner of the AT&T building for at least part of the afternoon. Other celebratory things:

  • 12:45pm: UC Davis Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan
  • 1:30pm: Ribbon cutting with Mayor Joe Krovoza
  • 1:45pm to 4pm: KSFM 1025
  • 1:45pm: UC Davis Marching Band

They also offer catering.

Menu http://www.creamnation.com/menu.html


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2013-10-09 22:53:34   Delicious and not over priced. Works for me. —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-10-10 09:02:18   I went here last night and I must say I like them very much. Good chocolate chip cookies, very nice prices, a real bargain in fact. I tried the coffee cookie but was not impressed. I get chocolate chip cookies with cookies and cream ice cream, it is the perfect combination —DagonJones

2013-10-19 05:39:25   I liked the ice cream but was not particularly impressed by the cookies. They seemed about on par with the ones you can get at Subway. Overall, it's a cool idea at a fair price, but a bit overhyped. —ScottMeehleib

2013-10-19 12:39:05   I went to cream, or as I like to call it the "the cookie trap downtown" and tried the bare bones chocolate on vanilla. It's good, and warm, and I perceive an okay price point (especially with cash)

I then hit it up again and got kinda zany white chocolate macadamia nut and the royal caramel ice cream, and it's super good... Slogged thru a fat chunk of caramel and it was great. They only have Vanilla flavored milk? What kind of cookie shop doesn't carry straight milk??? —StevenDaubert

2013-11-09 00:32:37   Ok, so I went here the other night, got an ice cream sandwich and paid with a credit card. Then tonight a receipt popped up on my phone via email. I was a little confused, because I didn't remember giving them my email address, so I opened up the email contact they had listed for me and it showed my home and work addresses from about, 2005 plus home and work phone numbers from about the same time, along with my email address. So given that, it kind of looks like they used the name on my credit card info, Google searched a bunch of my personal info, and put all of it (fortunately mostly outdated) into thier database. Are other people getting this too? —jefftolentino

2013-11-17 17:38:57   We were excited by the idea of an ice cream sandwich shop and we wanted to try them as soon as this place opened! Then day after day we saw the perpetual line extending a city block out the door- we decided to wait a while and let the crowds die down before trying to come back again. Finally, the sidewalk in front of the business was bare and we walked in. It seemed like a bare bones shop with no frills and my eyes scoured the store find more things to contemplate, but there were few. There's ice cream in the freezer/counter and cookies on metal racks behind the counter.

We each picked two cookie types and one ice cream flavor. I was asked if I wanted my cookies "warmed up" and I said "yes". We each paid the VERY reasonable "cash price" of $2.50 for a sizable ice cream sandwich. I feel like a similar item at Sugar Daddies or Baskin Robbins would probably run $2 more. We walked out of the store and tasted our sandwiches and the conversation turned to our flavor choices and how amazingly delicious the treat was! I don't know if it was my amazing talent at picking flavor combinations or the amazingly high quality and tasty product, but I was doing all I could to not eat the wrapper after my sandwich was gone. I will definitely be returning. It was worth the wait. —JSilva

2014-06-25 01:23:23   Honestly, this place overwhelmed me so much the first time I walked in (mostly buzzed, I will admit)I couldn't actually make a decision and left empty-handed. However, the second time I was sober and able to finally make a decision. Honestly, the size of the ice cream sandwich was a little overwhelming for me, and I am a dessert maven! I am interested in trying the 'half' sandwich, but I forgot to ask what that entails. Is it an 'open face' sandwich or do they slice it in half? I guess I'll find out the next time I go in because there definitely will be a next time! —ArianeMetz

2016-07-30 17:15:17   I love this place!!! Never gets old! Ice Cream is very yummy and the cookies are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MOIST AND FRESH!!!!!!! —OlsaB62

2019-03-19 22:58:09   Hands down the best vegan ice cream in town. Other ice cream places only have fruit sorbets or plainly flavored coconut-based ice creams that always end up being kind of icy. CREAM does delicious, creamy soy-based ice cream in Blueberry and Mint Chocolate Chip. You'd never guess they were vegan. The vegan cookies are pretty great too. Can't speak for the regular ice cream and cookies, but my friends seem to enjoy them too! —fruitpunchsam