DaMento held a Juggling and Circus Arts Festival at the Davis Senior High School 2014

Juggling Club

The Damento Jugglers (Davis-Sacramento) are an informal group of people interested in juggling, unicycling, poi, contact juggling, and other object manipulation skills. This group has a good mix of students and non-students, is participatory, free, and not a performing troupe. All skill levels are welcome, so come by to learn, watch, or to share your skills with others! Regulars usually bring spare equipment, but if you have any of your own, you are encouraged to bring it.

Damento jugglers at Friday meeting. Brianne Crabtree on the left.

Meeting Times

Currently, the DaMento Jugglers are meeting on Wednesday nights from 6-sunset and Saturday mornings at Central Park at 3rd and B streets.

They also have monthly potlucks at Central Park and McKinley Park

More Information

For more up-to-date information join their facebook group or visit the Damento Website.

A California Aggie article recently featured the Damento jugglers.