1219 4th Street
M-TH 9 AM - 5 PM
Open Saturdays by appointment only
Contact Information
Phone Number: (530) 753-9175
Zachary Sturges
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Check, Credit, Davis Dollars

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This business accepts Davis Dollars community currency.


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2010-05-03 12:25:55   These guys re-upholstered my truck ceiling. They were quick and did a great job. They even did the sun visors as well. I would highly recommend this shop if your car's "sky is falling". —Avenamia

2011-07-09 12:25:09   I had them re-upholster my truck headliner recently. Well, they were courteous and did do the job quickly, but the quality of the job was lacking. The color is off (it doesn't match the sun visors which they didn't do), they got glue on the "new" liner which probably won't come off, and they left the truck with the old degrading foam material all over for me to clean up. And, at $150 for a single cab pickup, that's a pretty steep price to pay. But, this is the only place in Davis that will do this that I know of, so I went with them. —ibirdie

2011-07-23 11:44:46   I just had a headliner done here, and I have to say they did a pretty impressive job. The guys at the shop were willing to accommodate my work schedule and managed to get the job done quickly. The color was a little off, but I can't complain the quality of the work and the turn around time did more than compensate for the slight color difference. I recommend these guys to anyone who has any upholstery concerns, they are one of Davis' secret treasures. —markaddler

2011-08-08 11:14:55   The leather seats in my 2004 Accord had worn out in a couple of places. A co-worker recommended Tawana at Davis Upholstery. She had her couch re-upholstered there and thought he did a good job. Tawana gave me a cost estimate and said he would do the repairs Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday so I’d have the car back before Monday. He gave me his business and cell phone numbers and called with a progress report. I picked up the car Sunday afternoon and was very impressed with the quality of his work. Tawana also offered to drive the car to my house because I didn’t bring an extra driver with me. Tawana is very nice and does quality work. In my case, the final bill was $50 less than the original estimate. —nowhereman

2014-11-23 The new owner, Zach, does good work for a reasonable price. He's also really nice. He came to our apartment and fixed our injured 'donation station' couch for us. The back supports had popped out. I thought I could push them back in, but of course it was more complicated than that. I can't afford a new couch, and this one (repaired) is nicer than many we could find second-hand, so I called Davis Upholstery to see what it might cost to have a professional fix it. At first he was going to refer me to a carpenter he knows, but instead he came over to see if he could do it himself first. He figured out how to repair it properly but cost-effectively. It only took him an hour, so it didn't even cost as much as he quoted! We had to wait a couple of weeks because he is busy, but it was totally worth it. Our couch looks and works great now. I highly recommend him. —KirstenOlson

2015-03-12 01:11:00   Zack, the new owner, just reupholstered an armchair and rebuilt back cushions for our couch. Zack does beautiful, careful work and we'll continue to take all our work to him. He saved us having to get new furniture. He is a true craftsman. —jescheib