217 E Street
Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m. - 2 a.m.
Sat/Sun 9 a.m. - 2 a.m.
(530) 204-5533
Simon and Henry de Vere White
Davis Beer Week

Note: The bar actually opens at 11 a.m. M-F and 9 a.m. Sat.-Sun.De Vere's Irish Pub is an AWESOME restaurant and bar that has a new Davis location. It occupies the former space of Soga's. De Vere's serves traditional Irish pub food (Irish stew, Reuben sandwiches, bangers, etc.), and has a good variety of British and Irish drinks, from stouts, to ciders, to whiskeys, to Irish coffee. It is a very food-centric establishment; most of the food is made in-house (they butcher their own meat, brine the Irish bacon, double-grind the burgers, and bake their own Irish brown bread.) The owners were both very excited about expanding to Davis; they had wanted to open a location in town for some time.

Good to know

• The pub stops serving food at 10 p.m.

• There are a number of drinks specials including $4 wells and $6 shot/beer duos.

• There is a rotation of craft beer.

• Long Island Iced Teas are not served here, as the establishment does not care to attract young college-aged people who just want to get trashed.

• Unlike most restaurants, they do not charge a corkage fee if you want to bring in your own bottle of wine.

A wee bit of history

The de Vere Whites are an Irish family from Dublin that immigrated to the United States. Starting on the East Coast and working their way west, they eventually decided to make Sacramento their official home-away-from-home in 1984. The area has always been so good to the family, and they have always felt compelled to give back to it. So, in 2009, they opened de Vere's Irish Pub in Midtown Sacramento—a place where friends, families, and co-workers could come enjoy farm-to-table food, watch American and European sports, brunch all day, and try more whiskeys than most knew existed.

When the opportunity arose to open a location in a university town like Davis, the family couldn’t resist. To re-create the same experience Sacramentans had come to love for Davis’ students, professors, locals, and families, they went back to Ireland to have all the pub fixtures and furniture designed and built. (It’s true—everything was shipped in pieces across the Atlantic and then reassembled here! See slideshow.) They also filled the walls with family paintings, photos, and antiques. You can feel the heart of Ireland beating in every nook and cranny!

Photos that will make you hungry

Limerick sliders Irish fryup 


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2011-04-04 15:29:07   If it's anything like the one in Sac it should be a success. Hopefully they'll cut the beer prices a bit for the Davis market. —ARWENNHOLD

2011-04-05 22:03:28   Love this place in Sac! Seriously cannot wait for it to open in Davis!! Amazing brunch (something Davis is kind of lacking) and finally, a place downtown that serves a variety of Irish and British beers. I've been desperately trying to find anything but Guinness (maybe Murphy's) outside of the Grad. Great Irish food, amazing fish and chips and (at least in Sac) a really fun atmosphere. —chuckgirl

2011-05-24 13:34:13   Have enjoyed the Sac location a number of times, and really looking forward to the new one; hope they give a nod to the Davis market by featuring seasonal taps that don't have to travel 500-5,000 miles (carbon footprint reduction plus delicious pints from Northern California craft breweries = HUGE WIN). —Swilltopower

2011-06-19 12:45:50   Will deVere's have a snooker table? You can't have an Irish pub without a snooker table, right? (or at the very least, a pool table). —Wehttam

2011-09-21 15:17:09   Any news about an opening date? —ashleyinthemist

2011-09-21 16:05:13   Their Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/#!/deveresdavis) puts a soft opening at October 15. —JoePomidor

2011-10-09 10:44:13   want now want now want now ... SO EXCITING. I hope that it remains as a nice place to drink and hang out with friends! —ChristyMarsden

2011-10-28 14:46:11   Well, Oct. 15th has come and gone....Anyone with an update????? —ashleyinthemist

2011-11-08 00:29:47   They had a soft opening tonight. Man was it glorious. All the traditional brews you'd find in a Pub in Dublin or Cork. Excellent sound system. Great Classic Rock. Friendly Service and one of the few places I've seen in the states that know how to pour a Guinness properly. Please patron this establishment! —CarlosOverstreet

2011-11-09 13:34:58   I just had lunch there today. It was great! The burgers are the best I have had. The bun was awesome. The decor was beautiful! The service was outstanding. Leo who was my server was the most friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. I will be back soon to try more things on the menu (probably tomorrow)!!! The happy hour specials looked good as well. Thanks Leo! —ashleyinthemist

Just spoke with Henry one of the owners, they are super excited to be in Davis and I'm stoked to have them, the interior looks incredible and the food looked good (the people eating it said it tasted good as well, recommended pork sliders) and the bar served me a nice Shirley temple. They have an emphasis on quality food... I for one am sold, and encourage you to stop by and form your own opinion Daubert

2011-11-09 19:28:07   It's here, and I for one am loving this place for Davis!! Great vibe, wonderful food, and the service is impeccable. For the 1st week it's great!! I love what they have done with the interior. Beautiful! —Sherri

2011-11-09 19:56:19   The menu alone has me drooling. I haven't seen a menu that appealing come into Davis in awhile, and it is so nice to see something different for a change. I'll be heading over as soon as I can! —CovertProfessor

2011-11-10 00:26:23   Just went to the Sacramento location. Definitely a different feel than the Davis location but still a Pub. The high ceilings make a difference. Nice staff. Check em out too! —CarlosOverstreet

2011-11-11 15:13:26   Just had lunch here with a party of 6. Yum! The food was excellent, service was extremely friendly. The burgers are delicious (get blue cheese!), and I really enjoyed my shepherd's pie. There were some mixups on our orders and the food came out over the course of about 10 minutes, but that's the sort of thing that gets worked out during the soft opening. They were extremely friendly about it and ended up knocking two items off the bill. I hope to be back frequently.

Also, the decor? Incredible. Gorgeous decor, and they did an amazing job with the space. Although the place is quite large, they made it feel nice and cozy. —TomGarberson

2011-11-11 19:23:56   I love this place. I'm not much of a bar person but this place is phenomenal! Great food, good drink selection, and the inside is amazing. Everyone was very nice when I went and it felt very much like home. I hope it stays that way once they have their official opening. I'm so glad they have Study Hall and brunch, it shows a lot of effort to connect with the community. —AlisaKim

2011-11-11 20:24:39   Checked it out last night. What a cool place. Beers on tap you won't find anywhere else. Unique and comfortable decor that makes me feel like I'm on Cheers or something. All around a very fun place to hang out. Great addition to the Davis scene. —jsogul

2011-11-13 00:53:26   Hands down, best bar in Davis. I especially enjoy the library seating area. Was able to make new friends over an exciting game of UNO. I highly reccomend this bar. Can't wait to try their food. —ChrisDietrich

2011-11-16 14:17:15   Just had a company luncheon here and I had to come straight back to work and write a review. Davis has found its new best restaurant! A lot of other restaurants could take some notes from these guys. I got to chat with the Owner, Henry, what a cool guy. This place has what every successful restaurant has or needs, a strong foundation built with family tradition. Each and every piece of decor has a meaning to it. The pictures chosen to adorn the walls weren't just picked by some interior decorator to make it look like a rustic Irish Pub, they were each hand picked with a story behind them. It truly feels like your in an Irish Pub. Quite a nice little getaway if I do say so myself. As for the food, deee-licious! I had traditional Bangers and mash, but was able to sample the shepherds pie, fish and chips, and their amazing crispy bread pudding sans raisin with a whiskey caramel glaze. All quite tasty. Now, for the service, really top notch. A large group of 15 could seem quite daunting to many restaurant wait staff, but not De Vere's (Christiann was superb!), they were ready for us. Food came out all hot and together. Drinks were refilled without asking. All I can say is you need to go and try it for yourself. I will certainly be coming back with my friends for a fun night out. Thanks De Vere's for a fun company luncheon! —hazeleyes16

2011-11-18 10:45:28   Love the reuben, but it would be that much better if they made their own sauerkraut instead of using some so-so store-bought stuff... —DavidGrundler

2011-11-20 09:38:46   So I went here on Friday night, it was crowded but there is a great atmosphere. My only complaint was the extremely rude waitress that we had that night. She basically threw our credit cards back at us, never smiled or was polite, and grabbed things off our table in such a fashion that she nearly hit us with the condiment holder. Her name was Rachel C. Terrible waitress...I hope she gets fired. Hopefully next time I will have a better waitress and a better experience. —TinyBubbles

2011-11-20 10:04:46   Had a blast here last night. It was crowded, but not claustrophobic. The volume inside is just slightly lower than most other places in town at night, so that you can actually carry on a conversation with someone standing 2 people away, if you want. It's a pleasant change. The only other place where that's possible is The Davis Beer Shoppe. Another fun change from most places in town is that a cocktail waiter/waitress comes around every little while to see if anyone wants anything. You can actually order drinks from your seat, rather than having to go wait in the crowd at the bar. The little library area in back is really nice. It'd be even nicer if they had a real fireplace instead of just a brick mantle, but obviously that has its own challenges. —TomGarberson

2011-11-20 17:45:21   First of all this place is beautiful. There isn't a single place in Davis that has as much thought, detail and charm as this spot. I was absolutely blown away.

As a bar: 5/5 stars. Amazing and something davis needed. It's not a club, it's not too loud, it's not a dive and it has the perfect environment for friends who want to have a private-ish table and some pints. The atmosphere is amazing and the prices are on par with most other spots in town $4-6 for a beer and my cocktail was $5.

As an eatery: 4/5 stars. The food definitely tastes great. It's a little bit pricy to what you get for a college town. I don't anticipate as many college students eating dinner here. The prices are still cheaper than more upscale spots (Bistro 33, Seasons, Bernardos) but the ratio of cost-to-food puts it in a difficult area for students when you can get more food for less money elsewhere. That's the only complaint I have otherwise it's wonderful for dining too. —OliviaY

2011-11-21 13:20:43   Went for lunch this weekend. Really good food, but not so great service. Two of our party's burgers were literally raw in the middle and another burger order was messed up twice. Hostess and waitress were very awkward. Maybe still getting used to things? I'd give it another shot though —EmilyNeary

2011-11-25 21:36:34   I have been so excited about getting an Irish Pub in town, and I have to say that the meal there tonight did not disapoint. The food was great, service was attentive, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. We'll definitely be going back. —TiffanyGreer

2011-11-21 23:59   Went there tonight, pretty nice place. Food, drinks, service was a-ok. My only complaint is their lack of conviction with the EPL games on Saturday, Sunday. They advertise on their menus that they will be showing the games, however upon questioning, the staff stated they would not open until 11AM. Would be nice to be open at 4:45. Sjoe

2011-11-30 11:31:08   I finally made it to this place. I ordered the bangers and mash an old favorite of mine and my wife had the fish and chips, both of which were very good. However, I have two complaints. 1) The bangers and mash is not well rounded and felt incomplete, if they only added a piece of bread the meal would be complete. 2) The fish and chips were pricy for the quantity, if they added a piece of fish and only a few more chips the meal would be perfect. —JoeRandom

2011-12-02 09:28:01   WTF? No Thai food on the menu? —KelMcc

2011-12-03 15:21:21   Wonderful soups and salads make it possible to share yummy, meaty entrees. Be prepared for a long wait at dinner time unless you are willing to go very early.


2011-12-03 16:51:18   This place is EXACTLY what a pub should be. No mere bar, here. Good food. Good booze. Good atmosphere. It's fancy, but not TOO fancy. The perfect place to hang out and relax. It has a feel of having already been here for generations. The food is insanely good - the bread pudding is like a churro and a cheesecake made sweet, sweet love. I think it will do VERY well here in Davis. —Flynn

2011-12-07 13:12:52   Absolutely perfect. I've now been there three seperate times - and left each time utterly impressed. Friday night was packed. And STILL got outstanding service from the attentive and hard-working bar and wait staff. Food is first-rate pub fare. This is absolutely my new "go-to" place for out of town guests. And beyond that, it is simply my new favorite place in town.

The owner, Henry, stopped by for a quick chat to check on us and is as 'real deal' as it gets. Very gracious and inviting. LOVE THIS PLACE!!! —browneyedblues

2011-12-09 12:36:34   I love this place, but here's something that really bothers me. I went to the happy hour and ordered "Irish Bangers" with bread off the happy hour menu. It arrived as a plate with only ONE lonely banger. No mistake - they promised me bangers! How many? I don't know, but at least enough that I could rub two together. I know, I'm a cheapskate, but the food is so good that I'll go broke if I pay full price. —EdwardNiemand

2011-12-13 12:38:59   I went on a Saturday night, around 5pm: 2 couples and 2 kids (one 5 and one 10). I was really happy with the way the staff accommodated the kids. They had crayons, kid's menus, and cups with lids. My son's little burgers were the top-notch sliders and very good quality. And we weren't the only families there. So it is a good place to take kids. —NoelBruening

2011-12-13 13:36:28   Finally got around to trying this place last week. The pub has a truly elegant interior with beautiful stained wood furnishings. Fairly expensive but well worth it for the atmosphere. Too expansive to be considered cozy in most of the areas, but I found it relaxing and pleasing to the eye nonetheless. Haven't tried the food yet, but I'm excited about the menu and glad that they have at least a few seemingly authetentic options. —ScottMeehleib

2011-12-19 10:31:33   The food is very good, I have had the bangers and the shepherd's pie and they are both great. The dinner portions are appropriate for one person and are a bit overpriced in my opinion but this seems to be the going rate for quality pub food. Unfortunately this place is often a bit too busy for my taste. —DagonJones

2011-12-22 13:43:04   This place has a Real nice Irish pub look! The owners paid special attention to the interior details which makes the place look great! Only wish they paid that much attention to some people they hired. Their host, Hillary, was a total rude snoot! Disappointed in the total lack of nice customer service with her. But I guess every company has its bad eggs. Service and food were pretty good. Overall this place will do really well if their prices don't escalate. —HonestCritique

2012-01-04 16:54:25   Have been here three times for lunch and once for dinner. Everything was very good. My only disappoint was the Irish stew. It was more like Irish soup. I expected it to have a thicker base as most stew do, but this was broth. The flavors were there but I guess just not what I expected. Love the atmosphere and have great service each time. —LokiAbbi

2012-01-04 17:02:47   The decor is probably the nicest of any dining establishing in Davis. The food was pretty good, though we were a little disappointed with the Irish Stew, mostly because it seemed overpriced at $12.00. Also, you don't need a whole Sheppard's pie to yourself, just get half. They were out of fish n chips so I can't comment on that. The reuben looked pretty good. Will probably go back for happy hour. —MikeyCrews

2012-01-13 20:16:05   Just went. The food is pretty good, and the atmosphere can't be beat, but the prices are out of whack. A sandwich is about half the size of those at the nugget, but costs upward of seven dollars. The worst part was paying an additional 2.50 for a caesar salad, upgraded from the original side of fries, and the salad was approximately a cup in volume. If you like Caesar salads, just skip the main entree entirely, because otherwise you'll spend too much and not get enough of either. —Th3DrD0nn4

2012-01-14 13:08:25   I've been here three times now and I have yet to be impressed. The first time I went for happy hour with some friends and our waitress was REALLY snooty (though the waiters for the remaining visits were friendly). Their selection of happy hour drinks is pretty pathetic. Second time, met for drinks in the evening and then they started blaring trivia throughout the WHOLE place. Even if I was there for the trivia it would have been way too loud. Went again last night for dinner, and the free brown bread I keep getting told about was nowhere to be seen. Then of course they keep advertising melt month on their blog without mentioning that it's the sac location only. Too bad, since that's the only reason we went for dinner. Got stuck eating there because we had already waited 30 minutes for a table. Partner got the reuben, said the sauerkraut to meat ratio was way too low and that the kraut taste was below average. My grilled cheese with avocado was pretty good but nothing I couldn't make at home for a fraction of the price, unlike the melt of the week. I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the missing melt, since there are a lot of tasty-looking items on the sac menu that are missing from the Davis location (such as Newport Nachos). Another annoyance is that nobody has yet been able to answer my question of whether their mushroom gravy is veg. Overall, their nice decor means nothing to me when they're overpriced, crowded, and loud. Not worth it. —MeggoWaffle

Update: the service here is really inconsistent. I have not had even one friendly waitress between several visits since opening.

  • Did you ask for the bread? In my experience, they'll bring it if you ask, but if you don't ask, you don't get any bread. —CovertProfessor
    • No, didn't ask. They probably don't offer it to maximize profit. -Megan

* imagine that, a business trying to maximize profits

2012-01-14 13:37:14   I've eaten here a few times now and enjoyed it each time. I particularly like the shepherd's pie and the beef stew. As someone else noted, the large shepherd's pie is a large portion, so you can either order the large and take half home, or you can order the half size. And it's true that the stew was not in a thick broth, but it had a lot of big pieces of meat and veggies in it and was very tasty, so I was happy with it. Ask for some extra brown bread and you can take care of that broth in no time. I also tried the fish and chips. It was pretty good, but I am not a big fan of battered and fried fish to begin with (I prefer breaded), so I couldn't get that excited about it, but it was better than most, it seemed to me. The little fish tacos with guacamole make for a yummy appetizer. This place does get crowded, though — even on a Wednesday evening during winter break. Yowsa! —CovertProfessor

2012-01-15 15:23:56   So, I have heard good things about this place and have contemplated going...but their lack of vegetarian options for dinner has mostly scared me off. I know that British/Irish pub fare is generally not vegetarian—but what about some Welsh Rarebit on the appetizer menu? Or a British-style veggie pie a la the Sherlock Holmes pub in London? Maybe I am being too picky. One of these days I will come in for a Guinness to experience the atmosphere. —ArianeMetz

2012-01-24 16:33:36   I've been there several times, maybe 5 or 6, and I've loved every time I've been. There food is AWESOME and the service has always been good. They have a neat little lounge area at the back with a TV, books, and board games. They have a lot more seating than it looks like, there is a whole other room back beyond the main area that seats quite a few. The place is really cozy inside and the architecture and design is really impressive. Most if not all of the wood and much of the furnishings were imported from Dublin according to one of the servers. I think that's a nice touch. I Definitely recommend this place. —kirstin

2012-02-01 15:41:50   Complaint: Their sign in the photo above says "Stouts", which led me to believe that they would have multiple stouts to choose from. The waitress informed me that the only Stout they carry is Guinness. Guinness is alright, but its like the Budweiser of Stouts. Needless to say I was disappointed. Maybe the extra S is a typo and the sign was supposed to read "Stout". —MikeyCrews

2012-02-03 15:51:45   Been there twice now, about 2 months apart from each. Reason being is that the first time we went, we had terrible service for both food and beer. Granted they had only been open a few weeks, but you expect a restaurant to operate efficiently. We sat down near the window and ordered 2 appetizers and a pitcher of Guinness. Nearly 35 minutes later both appetizers came out, and they were bloody cold. The beer came out 15 minutes after that (a total of 50 minutes) and we had already eaten our food by then. However, they first brought us 1 pint of the wrong type of beer, and then when they offered to correct this we cancelled our order. It then took over 20 minutes for them to print out the check. All in all in it was quite terrible. I know pubs are supposed to have a relaxed feel, but at least in the relaxed feel the service is still available, whereas here t'was not. We returned recently and had very similar service. With the combination of higher prices (for both food and beer), a lack of interesting beer selection, and abysmal service, we will not be returning, nor recommending it to any friends. This coming from someone born in NI and lived in Belfast for 10+ years. It's sad since I was so excited about its potential. —NorthernIreland

2012-02-17 16:55:58   FINALLY, a place in Davis that supports cultural diversity outside of Asia. I loved the Sacramento location and the one in Davis does not disappoint. Being here makes you feel like your not in Davis. I love the shepherds pie (the small portion is plenty). I cannot wait for more visits in the future! Feels like home in DeVere's. —SarahLesmeister

2012-03-24 12:29:01   It pains me to write a negative review about deVere's because I've generally enjoyed my trips there, but I was very disappointed with my experience when my girlfriend and I went this past Thursday. We fell in love with their Italian Burger when they served it on Burger Thursday earlier this month and we hurried back from our trip out of town this past Thursday to have it again. We arrived at 8pm only to find that they had already run out of ingredients for the night. They had been promoting the Italian Burger all week online and never mentioned that there would be a limited supply or that customers should arrive early for it. Our waitress was very apologetic and accommodating and she attempted to have the kitchen create a makeshift Italian Burger with their leftover prosciutto, but for some reason the chefs refused to do so. After this experience, I doubt I'll return to deVere's to eat because their menu is generally overpriced for the small size of the portions. I still enjoy their decorations and atmosphere though, so I might be back if I'm ever in the mood for a nice pint and the Davis Beer Shoppe is too full. —AlexHirsch

2012-03-24 23:28:37   Still waiting for them to bring the brunch menu to Davis. —Mbrowne

2012-04-07 11:11:42   Anxiously (okay, maybe impatiently) awaiting those bottomless mimosas! —BombayCollins

2012-04-15 10:33:33   Pretty terrible service. The security team act like they are TSA agents and always seem to be in the middle of a clusterfuck. Bartenders are asshole and lack customer service skills. The bar is nice, but need to restaff that place. SMH. —Mr.eNigma

2012-05-01 13:54:58   I'm slowly becoming a regular here. The first thing I have to say is that the de Vere's staff has been so helpful in accommodating my handicapped friend who requires a wheelchair. When we first started attending the weekly trivia nights, it was difficult to find a table where he could comfortably eat and drink, except for in the back room. The problem was that they don't normally accept reservations and it gets incredibly busy on Mondays to the point where, even if you come early, you're not guaranteed to get a particular spot.

Thankfully, they were able to make an exception for my friend, allowing him to have the same table each week, and even making a slight alteration to the table so he can easily slide his chair in and out, making it very easy for him to reach his food and drinks! The staff has always been extremely gracious and kind about all this. It may seem like a simple thing, but you would not believe how resistant and rude other places have been even when asked nicely about such things. Unfortunately, there are many establishments in Davis that are NOT willing to cater to the needs of the handicapped, either by doing the bare minimum without considering the comfort of handicapped patrons, or in other cases failing to meet the basic ADA requirements altogether. So, fortunately, de Vere's serves as a shining example of how to run a restaurant/bar in this respect; they are truly a class act and care about their patrons.

Also, I believe the bartenders here are among the most attentive in all of Davis, particularly when it's not ireally busy. The daytime bartenders always seem to play close attention to when you are ready for another drink. Today, it was almost as if the bartender had read my mind. I had just finished my bloody Mary and was feeling very thirsty. Right as I was about to ask for water, an ice cold glass of H20 was plopped in front of me. And when I quickly drank about 3/4 of it, it was immediately refilled. Great place. Great people. —ScottMeehleib

2012-06-01 15:16:27   I've been coming here since they opened. I love the food. I really come for lunch. I just want to recommend the bourbon BBQ burger. It is out of this world. The bourbon sauce is wonderful. One of the best burgers I have ever had! —ashleyinthemist

2012-06-30 18:31:41   So excited that brunch has finally arrived! The food here is consistently amazing and the portions are appropriate for normal humans, though most restaurants in town (in this country) would like us to think otherwise. Only place in town to get a nice Irish/British ale poured as well as it can be outside Ireland/UK. Service can be uneven, but the bar staff and a number of the servers are outstanding, just a few duds. —chuckgirl

2012-09-03 13:37:34   I absolutely adore de Vere's in Sac, but ever since they put in the Davis location, I have been consistently disappointed in them. I fell in love with the crispy french toast they serve in Sac, and was ecstatic when brunch was finally being served in Davis, only to discover that the only differences between the two menus was that crispy french toast was replaced with amaretto french toast here in Davis. Biggest disappointment of my life, but I moved on and tried other items.

This weekend, I was fooled twice in a single outing by their Facebook page and website. Firstly, they advertised a Nutella french toast for brunch in Davis. Did not exist. Next, I asked to get the crispy french toast off of the child's menu, since that was what was listed online under the Davis location. I was then told not only did they not have the crispy french toast at all at the Davis location, but that they would not serve me anything off of the child's menu anyway. I find it absolutely bizarre that they were willing to serve my boyfriend a salmon benedict, which was not on the menu, but are completely unwilling to serve me a smaller portion of something that they do offer. We rectified the issue by just leaving and going to the Sacramento location, which, the Nutella french toast was absolutely amazing.

More or less, I love the food of de Vere's, but the Davis location has been filled with nothing but disappointment. I would be here every weekend if my experiences were different, but between my portion sizes constantly varying, never knowing if what is being advertised will really be there or not, relatively slow service, and them not having what I consider their best item on the brunch menu, I will have to deal with going to the Sacramento location when I can warrant it. —Cassie

2012-09-09 17:50:23   The service at the Davis location is completely ridiculous. The waiters have no idea what they're doing and are constantly standing around or busy talking with one another; besides that, they will surely bring you the wrong food or take an outrageous amount of time to deliver your bill. The worst part, though, is the imbeciles who work as security. Hey, congrats on your huge job carding college kids on the weekend... I'm sure it makes you feel better about yourself when you harass us and act like you're better than us. That's definitely a way to keep customers coming. —cjones

2012-09-22 16:48:56   Love their shepherd's pie, love the interior feel. Bartenders could be a little bit friendlier I feel, not at all like Red88 or Woodstock's. I go here for drinks on the patio for sure.

P.S. Will be there tomorrow since they're the only place open at 10am. Hullllooooooo NFL at 10am on a SUNDAY? Please wake up woodstocks! —JamesMcCardle

2013-01-22 09:33:14   They've jacked up their prices. For example, the grilled cheese is now $2 more (almost a 30% increase) and the salads are $2.50 more than they were a couple months ago (33% increase). Not cool at all. —MeggoWaffle

Sooo just an update on this. Prices are STILL drastically increasing for certain items. Example: Tostada salad was $7.50 in the fall, jacked to $10 in the winter, and then jacked AGAIN to $12 on their latest menu. Why would I ever go order something that costs 60% more than it did a few months ago? Oh and the happy hour price went from $4 in the winter to $7 for the spring menu. 75% increase, awesome.

2013-01-25 17:11:01   I'd like if the menu and drinks were a little easier on my wallet. I absolutely love the food, craft beer rotation, and the atmosphere. Dave the bartender is a total rockstar! —BombayCollins

2013-03-17 14:25:58   Tasty biscuits and gravy. Awesome selection of whiskies, etc. —DavidBarnum

2013-03-23 14:27:03   Like TGIFriday's but more expensive. —ScottB

  • Wow. I'm sympathetic to some of the complaints on this page about prices, etc., but like TGIFridays? No way. The food isn't even in the same class. dV's is much, much better. —CovertProfessor
  • My comment was more based on the lack of soul this place has. I find the obsession with newness and attractive waitstaff as more important than other things annoying. --ScottB

2013-07-27 10:12:56   Delicious food and best trivia night in town! We love de Vere's and Dr. Andy! —jenb

2014-01-22 22:41:02   The deep fried pickles are AMAZING. Why are they only served at happy hour?! —ChristenDee

2014-03-01 21:42:38   Terrible experience. We (a family of 4) went for dinner, placed our orders and all seemed fine. Until the mains started coming out. My son's dish was messed up - wrong sides altogether; OK, we figured, no problem, we told it to the waitress and the hostess (we sat right next to the entrance), we told them that they brought the wrong dish and if they can bring the correct order. They told us they will fix it. So we sat - and sat - and sat - and the manager came out asking if we needed anything and so on. So we said we were just waiting for our dish - and he returned 15 minutes later, with a bowl of ice cream. Surprised, we thought he was merely bringing in a `cleanser' since they needed time to cook the food. Alas, our illusion was dismissed shortly, when they brought us the bill - and yes, you guessed right, with the dish never delivered included in the total. Upon our disagreement with this, the manager came out, and went on apologizing about the incident invoking busy time etc. We did not want to beg for anything and merely just paid for what was delivered as ordered and walked out. In an establishment with some self respect they would have offered credit etc, but nothing like that was forthcoming. We were greeted out with "smiles" which seemed totally out of place under the circumstances - until, on the way out, I noticed a small sticker on the hostess' counter saying "Remember to smile". My good bye greeting to them was "Before you smile, remember to THINK". They should learn that - and given our experience, this seems to be something they ought to address rather urgently. —PhysProf

2014-09-01 12:37:21   We had our engagement brunch here and we cannot say enough good things about the experience. The food (buffet style) was great and timely and plentiful. The waitstaff checked in with us just enough to make sure everyone had something to drink (favorites: mimosas and Irish coffees)and plates were cleared, but otherwise ran everything from behind the scenes. This graciousness and the quiet space in the back made it possible to do exactly what we wanted: sit and chat with family and friends for hours, without rush or hassle. Like the pubs in Ireland.

A particular thank you to Edward, the event coordinator and Kim, our main host. Our families loved you. —rlreeves

2015-09-25 14:04:50   Lamb Sliders-so tasty! —tknelson