This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


231 G Street, Suite 4
in Court 'N Cedar at the corner of G & 3rd Streets
Mon & Tue CLOSED
Wed 12pm-7pm, Thursday 1pm-7pm
Fri 4pm-11pm (open late every Friday for FNM)
Sat-Sun 1pm-7pm
(530) 758-2280
Facebook page
Mark Rodriguez
July 1st, 2008
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Visa, MC, Discover, Checks, Money Orders
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This store will be out of business starting on February 15th.

Drom's Comics and Cards is a large comic, cards and collectibles shop located at the corner of 3rd and G Street inside the Court 'N Cedar plaza. They also sell videogaming items and roleplaying games. The downtown location makes it perfect for a quick stop for lunch hour Davisites. Everything is available to order, with a 10% discount for all special orders. Comic shipments arrive — normally before they open but always within an hour of opening — on Wednesdays (barring any holidays or acts of nature), and if you feel like browsing or want to sit to read or play a game, feel free. Drom's has enough table space for 40 people, a soda vending machine, and near perfect A/C. There is also a WiFi connection for all of those internet addicts who would be rather irritated without their connectivity fix.

They are currently the only Wizards of the Coast Premiere store in Davis which runs DCI sanctioned events, which means they are the officially endorsed location for tournaments of Wizards of the Coast games offering full promotional access and Prize support from the WPN and WotC such as FNM cards, promotional decks and sets, pre-release events and more. They occasionally host 24-hours draft events on the release of a new set. Drom's features sanctioned events with full prize support for many games every day, save for Wednesday including Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and others. Drom's also has an expansive comic selection for both new and old comics.

Drom's has several discount programs: 10% discounts on all comic book savers, free bags and boards and much more. They also have bulk discounts, donations available for schools and other public services as well as special sales throughout the year. Drom's also holds monthly Street Fighter IV tourneys as well as a selection of new and used videogame console accessories including the New Street Fighter IV Round 2 Tournament Sticks. Also included in their discounts program are Gift Cards which offer a few bonuses for use including special buyer discounts.

Droms has a website (see address info above) updated every week with specials and events including a weekly shipping list.

They hold fighting game tournaments that are streamed online.

Weekly Events

Sometimes special events or holidays will take precedence over weekly events so please call to verify your event is still scheduled.


Comic Shipment arrives!


Casual Elder Dragon Highlander League Games Casual Vinatge & Extended Magic Tourneys


Friday Night Magic at 5:00pm: $13 Entry includes draft set and additional packs to the prize pool in addition to the FNM Promo Cards. Drom's has also begun alternating Standard FNM tourneys at a reduced fee and varying prizes, call store for weekly information.


Magic the Gathering Tournaments @ 1 PM. Please check our website to see which format we are playing for a particular Saturday. Drafts Every Saturday!


Yugioh Tournaments at 2 PM with a $5 entry fee. Other events vary. Please check our website for other events.


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2008-08-11 14:27:48   I stopped by this store last week and was really impressed with the inventory and the owner (Wes?). I plan to return with my daughter to support this independent downtown business. Welcome to Drom's Comics! —DrandyJones

2008-08-22 11:24:10   I'm not much of a comic person. I was back when I was a pre-teen, but recently had an interest in some of the more artistic and unique stuff as well as some of my secret obsessions (*cough* Buffy *cough*). I came here because it didn't look like one of those over-the-top comic places where you feel out of place if you come here during your lunch break dressed in business attire. And it wasn't. I had a pleasant time here as I perused the various sections. I didn't buy anything on my first visit since I was more interested in just looking, but on my second return, Wes had notified me of the 10% discount for frequent buyers. Such a great deal when you take into account that is the deal get from ordering online, except this way you don't pay shipping, there are no fees for backorders, and you're promoting a new and local business. Though I don't think I'll be coming here often (college student funds are in short supply), I will be returning when I can. Heck, it might even be interesting to drop by during one of their card games to see what the craze is all I say, don't knock it 'till you've tried it. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-10-13 20:57:44   I first heard about Drom's from my friend. so i went there and when i first came in there was a welcoming feeling. it it WAY better than bizzaro world i mean in size comparison bizzaro world tiny Drom's Huge. I haven't gone back yet but i will be sure to go there many more times because IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! —windcat88

2008-10-24 11:54:07   I'm not a big fan of this store. The staff is not nearly as knowledgeable regarding comics as Dan of Bizzaro World (a Davis institution), their back issue stock is mediocre and their selection is unimpressive. —rfrazier

Keep in mind that at this time the store had only been open a few months and stock was still somewhat low. As far as back stock goes, it is difficult to keep them in stock when you offer 25% off all recent back issues. Truth is, we don't want tons of books on our shelves. That, to me, is the sign of a poor business model. Older back issues and sets, I have plenty of those, all very reasonably priced, including signed and variant issues. Add it all up with our discounted saver program, free bags and boards for every comic purchased and I feel the guests at our location end up with a very fine bargain. I would welcome anyone to visit both stores and judge for themselves. - WesOne

2008-11-02 15:23:54   my friends and i supported Droms even before the first day it officially opened and we NEVER went back to bizarro's world after that. The guy that works there (Wes) is awesome, always gives me discount and deals which is why i always come back. Very friendly people's person. prices for magic/comics are great too! way better compared to bizarro's. —CloudFire

2008-11-14 16:37:32   I never had the problems with Bizarro World that others seemed to, but I have to say that most, if not all, of my business will be going to Drom's from now on. The prices are cheaper, the space bigger. 'Nuff Said. —AlvinTsao

2008-12-02 14:11:39   Anyone know if this place plays host to RPG sessions and the like?

A friend of mine is writing a rule-set and it would be nice to have some exposure (play there so people can just check it out, and watch a session). —MasonMurray

2008-12-06 02:26:50   Wes is the man. He's always friendly,and he knows much about comics.He will order any kind of book or comic related item you want.I enjoy Drom's shop because of the roomy, uncluttered space along with all the new comics displayed along the walls including graphic novels.Wes will always give a good deal on his items,and he does have some back issue comics that are not trash.Drom's also has a Coke machine,so in the words of the great Stan Lee "Nuff Said". —redbone

2009-01-15 21:55:34   I went into here today in search of a magic deck, and although they didnt have what I wanted in stock, I was very impressed by the customer service. I believe Wes was at the register today, and he took time and helped explain to me the many new rules and new types of cards (I've been out of the game for nearly 5-6 years now). I'll be returning soon once they get more of what I was looking for in stock. —JimL

2009-01-20 01:31:27   This is a great comic shop. I went there frequently last school quarter to play magic. Wes, Jenkins, and Mark provided excellent customer service and are really nice guys. All the comic people and card gaming players are chill and I liked going to the events such as magic the gathering extended or draft. Everyone there made the place a nice gaming playground. Now that I have a place to stay again in Davis, I'll be back for sure. —MynameisDennis

2009-01-25 23:42:39   It's nice to hear that this place was charging the cover price for the barack obama spiderman. Bizarro world wanted me to give them 60 bucks. I say ha screw you I will never shop at bizarro world again. Maybe I will try my luck here now —metalhead15

2009-01-28 08:49:58   i just heard about this store and have since been there many times. the atmosphere is friendly and very relaxed. Wes is always very helpful and knowledgeable about the magic cards. great deals and cards. —michaelrc1999

2009-02-14 11:38:37   Really good store with friendly staff. It's not often that you find a place that stays open till about 2am in the morning just to accommodate people playing tourneys. Lot's of space too. —Blkspds


2009-03-10 16:37:58   Not going to lie, the opening of Drom's plus the atmosphere single-handedly got me into playing competitive Magic again. Everyone is really nice, friendly and helpful, and the drafts are smoothly run with one of the best judges in California. I would highly recommend the store to any Magic fan, serious or not. Also Jenkins does a good job at selling singles, cause he's always selling out of things when I need them, which isn't a bad thing and I commend him and Mark on running an excellent business. I hang out here alot and it doesn't matter who you are, if you come in your guarenteed a laugh, smiles, and at the very least something your looking for at affordable prices. The 10% off of Magic singles seems like not much, but it adds up over time. This is my haven. —JulienEpicBubbles

2009-03-20 13:26:33   This place is absolutely great. I only come in every couple of weeks, but they always address me by name. They'll back and special order comics at cover price or less ... and they have incredible knowledge of a wide range of comics. It's so nice to buy from people who simply love comics and card. The business naturally comes from their love of the product, not the other way around. —jsg718

2009-03-27 23:00:18   I come here only for the comics, but the card fanatics still provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I had a great first impression with this place because... They Order Everything! New issues of every comic book series I can think of always arrive nice and early. You can also count on getting everything at a low price (they seem to have a LOT of excuses for giving you discounts). And of course, every book you purchase will be put inside a shiny protective cover. Do make sure you show up early every Wednesday though, because this place gets a lot of business and they may run short on stock for some items. —RedPyramid

2009-04-11 18:56:04   I like buying sodas here because you can get 20oz for a dollar. Grocery stores charge about sixty cents more and so do fast food restaurants, although you get free refills, how many times do you really refill? —hankim

2009-04-30 17:08:59   After years of going to A-1 Comics (I had been to Bizarro World once and had had a bad experience), I decided to try Drom's today after reading the great reviews here. I also wanted to see how friendly they would be to a female bringing her two young children. It was clean, and fine. I didn't have any wonderful customer experience like some people had, but I didn't have a bad one either. There were two people working there when I went in (around 1:30pm), and there were a couple of people at the tables. No one greeted me when I walked in, or even acknowledged that I was there. I looked around (no one offered to help me find anything), and then I purchased two comics during an almost silent transaction (I wasn't offered comic protectors or anything). All in all it was OK. Nothing great, but nothing bad. I'm editing this to add that I just realized that they gave me 10% off each of the comics I bought. —RG

2009-05-19 11:16:36   To RG: I'm very sorry your first experience at Drom's wasn't great. Our goal is not mediocrity, and I hope you come back to give us another shot. —JMitchell

2009-06-18 10:37:26   Since Vacating Davis, I haven't been around Drom's as often as I had been since its opening, and the great thing about that is, I know my saver is being filled with each discounted issue I have on my Comic Must Have list. (10% off comics in your Saver!!) Also, in having this saver, and talking Comics with Wes, Jenkins and Mark, they often save a copy of a non-listed comic that they suggest based on what I do save, by Artist (Ian Churchill is so under rated), writer, story-lines, etc that I favor. The Atmosphere here is also great, the store really acknowledges the input of its customers/denizens, just as if the regulars at the card tables are also customer service reps. Each Employee is also vast in knowledge in they're own unique fields. Magic Players (which over power the tcg community; LONG LIVE VS SYSTEM)have a home in Drom's because Jenkins and Wes actually know what they're talking about, not to mention the effort as to make each tcg (trading card games) event as professional as possible. (Check out who the judge is!) Comic enthusiasts are also taking well care of by Wes. Who, try as he must, stays on top of current story-lines as to suggest to new/old customers what they should be reading. Then there's Street Fighter, must I continue on that!? Overall, Drom's is rapidly becoming a Staple in the Davis Community as your One-Stop Nerd Shop (come now, admit to yourself, and join the nerd side) —nc69chicano

2009-06-21 19:29:29   Drom's Comics and Cards was on CBS13/CW31 a week ago:

2009-06-22 09:26:54   I love this place, has a very friendly and helpfull staff. Nice large tables to play games, or sit and read comics. —DagonJones

2009-07-17 19:00:32   I had only heard of this place recently after a few years of being out of competitive magic. I've got to say I feel comfortable being there, some of the patron base seems to consist of the slow in the head middle school crowd (baggy pant wearing, 5th edition border sharpie-ing, loves tupac but mysteriously can't sing along with any of it) but the people behind the counter and the atmosphere more than make up for it. I has the same feel as the end zone and the same quality of employees as Ian. I haven't been in there much but the town seems to have lost a bit of it's magic card playing college student base. Jenkins is a good guy, great job overall crafting this place. —OlinHannum

2009-08-21 12:03:22   The comics I wanted were out of stock, so the owner ordered them up for me no problem. He took my phone number, which I assumed meant he would call me when they came in. I never got a phone call, but when I went in a week later to check in on the status, he gave me a ridiculous discount. I've since then gone back many times. —Alexander.S

2009-08-25 20:04:12   Does anyone know if they sell warhammer stuff here? I play WH40K...if you have no idea what I'm talking about oh well, but I was just trying to see if anyone plays that up here... —vfmac - Sorry but there are no warhammer miniatures at the store, you have to go to Sacramento for that. Try Great escape games near Arden. If you find other players in the area talk to Droms employees, maybe you could set up some games at the store, they have the table space for it. -dagonjones - Did you find a place? Olde Time Games in Vacaville is set up for playing 40K (as well as fantasy). They also sell supplies, and the staff are great. —VivianCosta - Drom's doesn't carry Warhammer stuff as far as I know, but now Bizarro does. Apparently they have a WFB night the last Thursday of every month and are trying to set up a 40k night as well. —kawende

2009-09-04 10:51:29   The owners and employees run the business out of love. It's truly a store that cares about it's customers, whether they're there to buy loads of comics or sit around playing games for free. Also, the store regularly has 5-10 people in it (and this is during the summer, mind you), holds events several times a week, and gives away prizes and such now and then. Best store of its kind in the area. —JustinKudo

2009-11-11 14:31:22   I am a regular here. They have a "Saver" program in which when your comic book comes in they save a copy for you to pick up. If for some reason your comic wasn't ordered they will sometimes discount your other saved comics which is pleasant, although I would pay full price for my purchases regaurdless. The owners and operators take pride in their store and are always friendly. They try to remember my name although I only come in about once a month or sometimes once every two month. This is how a comic shop should be run. —MattSi

2009-11-14 11:25:59   Drom's has lots of space to play card games and as you can see they organize a lot of games. They also have the legendary Wes. Wes is a friendly and very interesting guy. His stories are better than the comics. —Richard-Bruce

2009-11-22 21:32:22   This store is definitely very lively, it is always packed with people playing card games. If you are a Davis student and you love Magic the Gathering, this is the place to go. Also, this is a good place to indulge on your hobbies, and meet and talk with other people as well who may share your interests. —RuntyTiger

2009-12-26 10:29:38   I had never really hung out at a comic book store before, and while i probably don't fit the profile of the kind of girl you expect to see there it was fine b/c i didn't have any friends interested in comics anyway. then i met some friends that did and she introduced me to Droms. When i first walked in i didn't feel out of place, it is a welcoming place. the people are friendly and always open to helping you find exactly what you want, even if you don't really know what it is. i noticed it was a safe-haven for many misunderstood people and a place where they could do what they love without being judged, i really liked that part. now i stop in all the time to just say hi sometimes and an always greeted with a smile, or at least the ghost of one. —Jaqui-Hime

2010-01-23 15:05:59   2 bucks all day sf4 with huge high res screen and nice sticks > you —StevenDaubert

2010-01-25 00:40:35   I attended a Grand Prix Trial tournament for Magic: the Gathering at Drom's today. It was a fantastic event with 20+ players and a DCI certified Judge from Sacramento. Drom's is the best place for premiere sanctioned Magic tournaments in Davis. EDIT: Since some people have found my "overly positive" review to be suspicious, let me offer some perspective. I've lived in Davis for 22 years. I've played Magic for 16. I've seen about a half dozen comic/card stores rise and fall in town. This is the first time any store in Davis has held an event of this type (only step below a Pro Tour Qualifier), and the success of the tournament hopefully means we will have more to come. Yes, I am damn excited. This is a huge deal for Magic organized play in Davis.—Risky

  • Even I found it a bit suspicious, but I had a feeling it was you. —hankim

2010-02-05 01:52:28   I've been getting comics here for quite a while now, and let me just say... my loyalty to this shop is unlikely to change! Regardless of what I'm looking for, I can pretty much be sure it will cost me less $ here than at the other shop in town. It's really that simple. —RedPyramid

2010-02-19 21:05:24   I recently sold some of my comic book collection to Droms. I was able to make an appointment with Wes, who came in expressly to appraise my comics. He not only did so, but showed me the whole evaluation, including which ones he wanted, which ones he would accept, and what everything was worth. It's the first time anyone I've sold comics to has been transparent with me regarding condition and what they would pay versus what they themselves would then try and sell my comics for. That information was verifiable and the honesty on the part of the vendor meant I had no problems selling there, and would do so again. —mnightingale

2010-03-11 09:08:16   I've been hearing that starting with PHB3, Wizards is giving "Premier" stores new sourcebook releases a week or two early. Is Drom's in the "premier" program, or whatever? Will they be getting early releases? —TomGarberson

  • Oh, I see in the store description that it's a premier store, answering one of my questions. Are they getting the early releases? -tg

Sorry for the late response, I don't check the Wiki as often as I should. We can get early releases if thats what our customers would like from us. Please feel free to call the shop during business hours and we can help to accomodate you. Jmitchell

2010-03-23 15:15:03   This place is awesome if your into comics and card games. This place is usually full of people waiting to play a game of magic, even the employees jump into a few games. This is the place to be if you want to play magic. it doesn't matter if you're new to the game or a competitive player, as they're plenty of players of different skill levels hanging around. I'm not much of a comic guy but i ask for recommendations on whats are good title and i haven't been disappointed yet. All in all the store is the one of the better comic and cards shops i've been to in a long time. —chidori612

2010-09-14 21:00:12   prices are never better. This place kicks bizzaro worlds @$$. The games are SO well priced...zelda for 8 bucks :O. I have spent almost 250 bucks here and have never regretted a cent :-) —AlexKiani

2011-04-01 15:06:42   An amazing shop. Their prices on singles are the best in the area. They reward the loyal customers they have by keeping items in stock and informing you when they get new stuff they think you will like. They expand upstairs for larger events. They are always willing to help you out with your deck. Staff is honest and prices are fair. They have won me over. —SeanPatch

2011-04-01 17:29:01   Okay I'm sold. I like coming in here and seeing a room full of my geeky peers. It just makes my day a little better and I don't get that feeling at Bizzaro. Does Droms get the Guild comics in when they are new? I'm collecting all the one-shots.... —OliviaY

2011-05-10 01:37:51   If you like comics don't go here! They cater to a very select crowd and new releases for most major titles sell out very quick if you want to get involved with the crew there I suppose they are great but I have had nothing but disapointment there as far as selection of current and past issues. —TravisMartin

2011-06-29 10:54:27   before i went to work, i walked across this store, and it seems like they have put up a white board similar to the curtains. i dont know if that is part of the store, or if it where the break-in took place. —NikhilDahal

  • No, those are just the vertical blinds. The damage from the break-in has been repaired. I went in to see if there was anything I could do to help and there was a bit of clean-up here and there. The break-in was not helpful, but was definitely not enough to break the store as a lot of their regulars have proven lately... I get along well with a lot of people, including former employers (save one), but these guys are the only ones I have ever liked enough to actually care about. — Wes

2011-08-10 21:44:40   Walked in here and this place was really great.Bunch of yugioh cards and I now know where I want to spend my money now. Great people and friendly service. —eedoan

2011-08-16 16:52:22   The owners here are awesome and surprisingly the customers too! I'm not a big comic/card game kind of guy, but I love the fighting game scene at this shop! This is a haven for nerds like myself! —PaulV

2011-09-20 07:30:08   This place is alright. The owners know NOTHING about comics though so if you're there to ask for suggestions best to go elsewhere. I remember asking them about Blackest Night a year ago and they looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. The bundle sales are pretty good though and not a lot of people buy comics there so you can probably get some back issues cheap. However, just like Bizzaro, this isn't a comic shop it's a magic the gathering shop. —CameronMarsh

2011-10-05 08:42:27   My thought process is Card Games = Drom's; Comics/RPG = Bizarro World. I've tried Drom's on comics a couple times, but it just isn't as good for browsing for new and old titles as Bizarro. The lack of on-site inventory hurts them on this score. Drom's has the variety of CCG brands (even the Spoils) that Bizarro has in comics and RPGs, without the need to order over the counter. —JeffWood

2012-07-06 16:49:38   What is up with the weird crazy hours and randomly being closed even not on Monday/Tuesday?! Too undependable. —gurglemeow

2013-07-20 18:50:30   Since moving out of Davis, I realized how much cooler Drom's is compared to other comic book shops. No more special deals on back issues or free bags and boards at shops in the San Jose area. —hankim

2014-02-02 23:36:02   I'm really upset this place is leaving. There won't be any place left in town for FNMs, GPTs, and pre-releases. The staff was always friendly and the people were generally just as cool. —MilesThomas

2014-03-07 15:29:17   It might be feasible to set up something (like an fnm) regular somewhere in town like the public library, somewhere on the UCD campus, or elsewhere. It needn't be (although it could) be "official" through an institution like UCD. I'm not wise to the (dis)advantages of such things.

Regardless, a facebook group seems like a good place to start. If you know a lot of players in town (I don't) then feel free to message me at or facebook or some such and we'll see it we can't start a group on the latter or something

As an aside, I once purchased twenty four boosters from this store (four from one box, twenty from the other) and received a single mythic, a frost Titan. Honestly, that's rather suspicious. I don't like to close my comment on a low note but I had to mention it while I was on the page —Pladd