Camping in front of Dutton Hall, this presumably nameless fountain is frequently called The Saddest Fountain. Some people love this fountain, and others think it barely passes as a fountain at all.

When you pass by it looks just like a bump coming out of the ground, and the water is not really visible. The fountain is calibrated to pump out just enough water so that it trickles down the sides.

People occasionally add soap to the fountain. Please don't do that.

Another popular name for this fountain among students who find joy in sweet foods is "Flan Fountain" because, from afar, it looks like a giant mound of flan protruding from the ground.


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When I'm trying to direct students and parents to our office (yes, I work in the Evil Dutton Hall), I tell them to look for the 3 foot glass fronted building with the fountain in front that looks like a margarine tub. - AnitaNalley

Am I the only person who likes this fountain? The water cascading off the sides is really pretty, especially if it's windy. I don't think it's sad at all.SummerSong

2005-04-07 15:59:12   I actually like this fountain a lot. Maybe we should rename it to something like Dutton Fountain? —MikeIvanov

2005-04-07 16:31:21   I actually preferred the name "The Saddest Fountain" I vote for changing it back. It's pretty sad. —BrentLaabs

2005-04-30 13:02:26   I like this fountain. Its beauty is in its simplicity. —GeorgeLewis

2005-05-03 03:06:55   this fountain always makes me think of a giant dog's water bowl. i sometimes expect some huge labrador to jump over dutton to come get a drink. —AynReyes

2005-05-04 19:46:09   I would go out of my way to run my hand along this fountain. I loved it when people would float rubber ducks in it. They were so jaunty.=) —MeganCurtis

2005-06-28 03:16:00   Calling this the saddest fountain is a travesty. It is probably my favorite thing on campus. Not only does it look like flan and give of a soothing noise, but does so without any chaotic and pointless splashing (like the fountain at Voorhies, for instance). —RyanPrendiville

2005-11-05 13:24:11   I agree, this fountain is great, and so simple. I love how the rocks are a few inches under water and they look shallower than they are because of refraction, so when you stick your arm in it can go in farther than you expect. —NickSchmalenberger

2006-03-08 22:09:48   It really looks like flan. Apparently the illusion is hightened further while inebriated. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-04-11 21:49:29   I like the fountain ... unfortunately I have a terrible urge to sit in it ... or hug it ... or something ... and yes I'm very tired right now ... yum flan —TusharRawat

2006-10-09 10:07:51   my favorite for washing my hair —XavierHenry

2008-07-20 16:28:05   I love this fountain. It is impossible to generate a standing wave on it, because the energy is always directed away from the center of the fountain. Also, unlike flan, I do not have an urge to eat this fountain. Which is too bad, because flan is really good. —IDoNotExist

2011-04-05 22:47:01   I think someone pranked the fountain today or yesterday by putting blue-green dye in it. I can understand putting soap to get bubbles, but it looks pretty bad. I'll try to upload a picture of it tomorrow. —Michellaneous