Most apartments in Davis have iBINs.

City of Davis Public Works Department
1717 5th Street

The California Department of Conservation awarded the City of Davis grant funding to implement a new recycling program at multi-family properties in Davis —the iBIN Recycling Program.

The iBIN Recycling Program provides each apartment unit with its own recycle bin. These iBINs (in-apartment recycling bins) will make it easier for residents to collect and transport recycling from their apartments to the recycling carts in their community's trash enclosure.

iBINs are available at no cost to multi-family properties in Davis. Interested property managers, home owners associations and other multi-family community leaders are encouraged to contact the City of Davis Public Works Department at 757-5686 or via email ( with your property name, address and number of units, to see if your property qualifies to receive iBINs for your residents. Residents who would like an iBIN should talk to their property managers, as their approval is required before iBINs can be delivered to the property.

More information about the iBIN Recycling Program and recycling flyers can be found here.


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