Stan Oklobzija says this about iDeaLiSTiK: Jud, aka DeaDKiDSyNTaX, aka 50 percent of this hip-hop duo, has been bothering me to review his demo since May. As I have been preoccupied with being drunk, promiscuous, and drunkenly promiscuous in the last four months, I have let the occasion slip past me more than a few times. But no more. Guilty feelings about my own indolence as well as fear for my physical safety have prompted me to climb to the top of the nearest minaret and shout the name of Idealistik so that the faithful might congregate. Let me now take the occasion to promote this fine group of musicians. Laboriously producing its own beats by cutting samples from old records, Idealistik is thinking man's hip-hop. "Evil Kings" is a hip-hop battle that Louis XIV would find both entertaining and informative. Attend their live show, and be delighted by a remix of the Muppets classic "Mahna-Mahna." Go see Idealistik, or Jud will beat me up.

iDeaLiSTik may be on permanent hiatus seeing as they haven't had a show in a very long time.