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2006-01-25 18:34:46   I got my hair cut here today by Alexis, and she did a good job. She managed to pencil me in despite the fact I didn't have an appointment, which was much appreciated! —PhilipNeustrom

2006-04-23 00:45:55   I got my hair cut by Mandy, and I liked it! She was really nice. —MindyYang

2007-06-05 22:42:25   I didn't spend 30-40 but I had a partial with color and a hair cut and it cost me 160$. Yes I know...I am stupid for going there!! enough said. —gina

2007-07-10 17:38:52   I had an appointment with Hannah and I had a really good experience. I went in and just let her know some of my vague needs in a haircut (low maintenance because I rarely style/blow dry my hair, shoulder length, and maybe some layers) and just let her be creative. She was great at explaining everything she was doing and was also just a nice person. The new cut is great ~ I've had it for two weeks now and it's passed the true test - it looks fine after it air dries. It's more than I usually spend for a haircut ($50), but it was a great experience for someone like me who didn't really know what she wanted but wanted something more than a trim (which is all I have the lingo to ask for usually and no one at the $15 places has ever been able to come up with suggestions for how to cut my hair). —AnnaD

2007-08-16 15:12:52   I just got a great cut with Candice. My hair looks fantastic! everyone is very nice and they have a student discount :). —renee

2007-09-08 12:47:14   I had a wonderful experience at Luci's. Victoria did my hair, highlights and cut, and she did a great job. Very creative, and such a fun girl! —Roxanna

2007-11-07 19:32:59   I've gotten my hair cut a few times here. They've done a pretty good job. The girls at the salon gossip with each other and aren't very friendly. I've heard them talking about customers after they left. They only use Bumble and Bumble Products were are good, but very overpriced. —Idunitt

2007-11-08 19:14:34   Hannah always cuts my hair well and I can always get an appointment with her. I wish it was cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for. At least it seems that way for hair salons in Davis. —lemurific

2007-12-01 15:58:23   Best haircut in Davis, no doubt. Victoria cuts my hair, and the cut has always been perfect. You get what you pay for. —SteveR

2008-01-04 16:36:20   i always get my hair done by candice, and she does such a great job! i had my hair very very short, and have been growing it out, and she is always able to style what little hair i have, i highly recommend her! she's also very personable and attentive. —KatieDavalos

2008-01-10 23:43:38   Alexis is awesome! —HeatherBeck

2008-01-20 00:42:21   I absolutely love this place. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-02-08 11:14:44   Justine did my hair....came out really cute, but looked nothing like the picture I brought in for her. My bangs are a poorly cut, but hair cut is the best I have had. She is really nice and a fun person. The major problem...the price! I had highlights and a cut....$160!!!!!! I felt bad because I had to leave a crappy tip because I could not afford to leave anymore after that crazy price! If you are loaded, go here...if not, find somewhere else. The girls are all really good. (Candice has ddone my hair before, haircut only cost $35 that time, why? I have no idea) —tgdavis

2008-03-08 09:48:48   I recently got my hair done here. The girl convinced me to add some more colors. I said I wanted to just get a small trim and she gave me one for about... 2 minutes. This added $45 or so to my total. Grand total was $185. This was way more than I expected to pay. Especially since I saw the prices in advance. I've been to a lot nicer salons and paid less. But the girl who did it was very nice, the appointment book was empty and they have amazing availability. My hair ended up looking pretty good and they used Bumble and Bumble. Good experience, just watch out for the prices, they might trick you into doing one more thing, and then add on $50 or so. —lv

2008-03-21 11:49:12   I have been going to luci's salon for two years seeing hannah. I went in there to book a appt and she was no longer working there! It took me a couple days to find her but I did! She went to pomegranite salon which is located at 135 Fst. I'm so happy that I found her she is the best! —rachelsmith

2008-06-03 16:20:55   Went in to this salon and this was the biggest mistake ever! I saw this girl D was her name. She had just got out of beauty school and gave me a hair cut that was $50 It was all uneven and i had to come back again and i had to tell her what to fix! I would never go in there and pay $50 ever again for that. —Kimmy0102

2008-06-11 14:31:14   I just booked my third haircut here. This place is so awesome and unpretentious, I love it. I have a very specific haircut and am super picky. I've also been told that it's difficult to cut my hair because I get so anxious. Despite all this, the girls have always been really nice and friendly and do such good jobs! I like Justine a lot but the impression I get is that they're all totally qualified and creative. It's worth the price (I usually pay $40). —AliciaEdelman

2008-07-26 19:15:33   Alexis is amazing! I went in with a nasty self-dye job and funky layers and she fixed me right up! Everyone there is so sweet and informative. It's a bit pricey but the end result is worth it. I don't want to get my hair done anywhere else! :) —AmandaTurnage

2008-08-10 10:44:11   I wanted to get my haircut yesterday and didn't have an appointment, so I did some calling around. Luci's was able to pencil me in thirty minutes from when I called. I went in with a picture of the cut I wanted and some ideas, and Dee worked with me to figure out exactly what was right for me. She (and everyone in the salon) was very friendly, positive, and helpful. My cut was drastic—I went from below-shoulder-length unstyled, boring hair to a super-short pixie cut—and Dee did an AMAZING job with it. It looks exactly as I pictured and I've been getting a ton of compliments. Yeah, this salon is a little pricey, but you really do get what you pay for. I couldn't be more pleased and feel it was worth every penny. I want to put in a good word for Dee—she was wonderful, listened carefully to my non-technical descriptions of what I wanted, totally got it, and took her time with my hair. I'll be going back to her to have her maintain my great style! —egs1981

2008-08-16 09:23:49   I got my hair cut and colored there yesterday....all of the girls were super nice and welcoming. Alysia did my hair and she did an amazing was just what i wanted! Its not cheap but its worth it! —Monix1987

2008-08-21 10:35:34   Justine does a wonderful job on my hair. Granted, I have a very simple cut and don't color my hair, but she seems very detail-oriented and takes her time. I pay a student rate of $45 for the cut. —Janet

2008-11-10 15:16:44   I went to Luci's for the first time and had my hair cut my Teresa. I'm really picky about my short hair, and she was willing to be creative and funky but she really pressured me to cut it the way she liked it, and not like the picture i'd brought in. She gave me an overall really good cut, but she made me feel like the haircut i wanted was in bad taste and made me feel a little bit awkward about being so picky. The haircut she gave me doesn't look bad at all and its well done, its just not exactly what i had in mind. I payed $45 with a student discount for a wash and haircut. They were also able to pencil me in 20 minutes after i called which was nice. —LoudMusic

2008-11-12 10:30:00   I got my hair cut and colored this week by Teresa and she did a really good job. She kept it long like I asked for and made the color look really natural, another thing I asked for. The final cut was a little different to what I was expecting but I really can't complain as it looks really good. She's very sweet and lovely and takes time to listen to what you say. I'd go back there for sure! —angelique

2008-12-01 16:26:02   Worst color ever, for $140!. Went to Luci, with short (like Sadie Frost's short cut), with blonde hair thatt just needed roots. nothing crazy, my hair color is med. to light brown. she asked lots of questions (i thought 'wow she's wanting to get it exactly right, this is awesome'). even had me call my old stylist in LA to ask the exact color specs (numbers, etc). i ended up with orange roots and greenish hair. i'm not kidding. i wanted to cry. the other stylists in the room were looking at my hair as if they were holding their tongues with extreme willpower. went to get toner at sally's beauty supply (since didn't have another 140 to spend), and employees were shocked at my hair! if you get a color there, NEVER have luci do it. —imbnotp

2008-12-11 09:46:51   I just discovered that Justine is now working at Sinor Salons in Woodland. Justine has been cutting my hair for years and I wouldn't think of switching stylists. Woodland isn't that far away anyway. —Frenchy

2008-12-16 16:34:58   To The person who supposidly came to see me for 140. color. 1. There is no such price with me for color and haircut. That is you even got a haircut. 2.I dont ever recall someone sitting in my chair and handing me a color formula. Last but not least I fix color jobs like you had i.e ( color specialist) .I can garentee you never sat in my chair and left like you say.I would like to see you step foot in my salon and give me the complaint to my face. Instead of some B.S comment...because you probally know some disgruntled stylist who just left my salon. We are all adults, at least i thought we were. —luci

2009-01-14 22:04:53   Best place to get a haircut. I just got a cut and blonde highlights in my black hair. I've never looked (and felt) so FIERCE in my life. EVERYONE was really nice and I got to talk to every staff member in the office — they were all amazing and super nice. Dee did my hair. She was so great! I LOVE HER. I'm so going back to Luci's again and again and again. If you want to be edgy or try something new, definitely go to Luci's. You'll love it! —mareeo89

2009-01-28 16:57:21   I got a haircut today from D, and she is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! My hair looks amazing, and I RARELY say that. I have very difficult hair to cut if you aren't a very experienced stylist, you will definitely mess it up (hence my fear of haircuts). It is very thick and wavy. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing, and even though later in the day when it dried I felt like I looked a bit odd, I went back and she right away knew how to help me fix it, and I've never been happier with a haircut, especially a short one, and this is coming from a person who never has hair shorter than mid-back and now has shoulder length hair. They are a more expensive salon especially if you are on a student's budget, but it is completely worth it to KNOW your hair will look really hot when you leave :-) Very professional, experienced and customer friendly! Definitely a great recommendation in my book! —smoh

2009-02-20 21:29:13   Amazing Amazing Amazing! Highest end hair salon in Davis. Bumble & Bumble is the best quality and Luci's is the only salon to use it in Yolo County! By far the best stylists ESPECIALLY ALYSIA! She is hands down the best hair stylist in Yolo County. She is absolutely SHEAR GENIUS! She will deliver all of the results you want in your hair exactly how you want it but hotter! Also, for being such a high end salon, you should expect 100+ for color and styling, THEY ARE USING BUMBLE AND BUMBLE! that is professional expensive product that you cant find anywhere besides there in Yolo.


2009-03-01 22:37:15   Guess what Davis? Victoria is back from Europe! I just found her at Pomegranate Salon (530)753-3559 and she would love to see any of her clients she had to leave.. She also charged me the same price. So go see her! Thanks Victoria —Mike222

2009-03-03 16:02:47   GUESS WHAT DAVIS? Mandy's coming back! And she'll be happy to accomodate all of the clients that she so graciously passed on to Victoria, who are still being serviced at Luci's currently. Also, thank you to all of our FABULOUS, LOYAL clients. We love you!!! :) —luci

2009-03-04 22:19:21   Amazing Yes!!! talk about a GREAT salon. These girls are the best! Luci has done a wonderful job in chosing her staff.. She has a great group of talented and well trained girls that she has established in her salon. I've been a client of hers for over 5years and I've seen the growth in this wonderful salon. I recommend this salon to any one who is looking for a great hip young (also caters to us mature and want to look hip) salon. Not pretenious at all!!!! If youve never used Bumble and bumble products you dont know what your missing !!!


2009-03-04 23:45:11   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I've never been to Luci's, but based on the above comments, exclamation points seem to be called for). —CovertProfessor

2009-03-05 16:01:29   ??? —IDoNotExist

2009-03-17 15:02:54   Hello everyone! Luci's would like to introduce Davis to our newest stylist, LiA, who is now specializing in Fusion extensions! Call for a consultation today!

Also, we are looking for models to help us out when we have various classes in the salon. We would like to put together a Model Call List that we can refer to when we have these classes. If you are interested, call the salon and let us know at (530)747.0522 Look forward to hearing from you!! =) —luci

2009-04-08 14:40:40   Way overpriced for what you get (even with the student discount), they will tell you one price and then charge another...Plus the owner is very patronizing and rude. If they work on their customer skills and make their prices more competitive, then I might come back. —rnavarro1988

2009-04-14 12:17:41   Luci's Salon guarantees ALL services, in salon, before the service is rendered. Anyone who has had anything less than an extraordinary customer service experience, with ANY business, should be secure enough to come back to the original location and request that the service guarantee is met. Luci's Salon prides itself in SUPREME customer service and client retention. We challenge ALL clients, new and existing, to utilize our service guarantee. Luci sets the standard, for all stylists in her salon, to speak with professionalism, respect and mainly, class. Anyone who does not understand or exhibit this type of communication, may have trouble comprehending the intent behind the communication.


2009-04-15 14:20:39   Luci does my hair and I help her out with her website. While I can't say I've ever paid full price for her services, I have always been more than happy with the results!!! I've been to a few other higher end places in Davis and a few cheaper ones and a lot of the stylists balked at my hairstyle requests. I'm not asking for anything too crazy but neither do I want to look like everybody else. Luci listened to what I wanted and always gives me a really cool, fun, and usually spur of the moment cut. Lately this has been a razored and asymmetric a-line cut. I get a lot of compliments. She also does a great job with color! Yeah the prices are high for a student budget but like smoh said above, you get what you pay for and I love knowing that she's not going to ruin my hair. —arica

2009-05-04 20:08:48   I just heard the news that Stylist Alysia Miller just left Luci's Salon and I panicked! I heard through a friend of mine that she is currently working at Sinor Salon in Woodland located at 313 Court St. Only 10 minutes away! I trust her and ONLY her to do my hair so I am so relieved to know that she is a stylist at a local salon! If you haven't gone to her before, you should contact her. You won't be disappointed! —Lindsay313

2009-05-12 21:57:05   Lindsay! Thanks so much for letting us know where Alysia went too! I was so upset when I found out she left or from what I can gather, was forced to leave because she wouldn't work full time. Once you find someone who cuts your hair and does it wonderfully every time you DON'T want to go to anyone else. Alysia always does an amazing job and I have curly hair so its extremely hard to find people who can cut it right. Thanks again! And I do highly suggest Alysia even if that does mean driving out of Davis!! —Jennyk

2009-05-13 07:43:47   Luci's is my favorite salon in Davis and I have been to a lot of them! I have been going to Luci's for about six years now and have never had a bad haircut! Alexis or Luci have always done my hair and they are both great! And even if you decide you want something different about your hair cut a few days later you can always go back and have them change it no problem! This is great if you are trying something new, or are really picky about your hair, like me . . . . Also their Bumble and Bumble products are amazing! Creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner is the best! THE BEST! Always a fun environment! I have also gotten highlights there in the past and they always turn out great! and look natural!!! Take it from someone who has lived in davis for 20 years, Luci's is the best!!! —mnranns

2009-05-25 17:46:35   WOW-Luci's salon is by far the place to get your hair done. I wouldn't trust anyone else but the famouse ALYSIA MILLER! She does exactly what I asked her to do. My hair has never looked so good before, She can do whatever you ask her to do to your hair, and it will turn out looking perfect. & she is literally THE NICEST person i've ever met. Not only her, but all the people that work there. I suggest going to Luci's for anything you need done to your hair. Hands down, this is the best place in yolo county :) —brittany000

2009-05-30 18:47:58   I would like to take this opportunity to say that Luci's Salon is the one and only place to get your hair done. The stylists including, Luci herself, Mandy, Lia, Candace and Lexi (all the girls!), are absolutely phenomenal at what they do. Every time I come in to the salon the staff is friendly and professional. I have been going to Luci's since the salon opened in 2004 and I absolutely refuse to go elsewhere. I am so comfortable and confident in the stylists here, that when I go in, I just ask Luci to do what she feels would look great on me. I have taken risks with this salon and have NEVER been disappointed! I can also say with confidence that Luci takes the time to train each and every stylist she hires herself. She has told me that she does this to ensure that each client receives the expertise she personally provides. I will say this now, if you are ever in the area and feel like treating yourself to the luxury of Luci's Salon I highly recommend it! I moved out of Davis 2 years ago, and this is still the only Salon I will go to. Its worth the trip to receive consistent and extraordinary results with my hair! Go Luci's!!! :) —ameliaroberto

2009-06-04 15:01:20   Luci's is now my favorite place to get my haircut in Davis. Stylist Kristin Hernandez did an amazing job with my hair. I was long overdue for a "style change" and she helped me figure out what direction we wanted to go in and then she worked her magic and I must say, I'm ready for the summer. I recently moved back to Vacaville but will simply make the drive to Davis next time I need a cut! Thanks Kristin!!! —Beaurock

2009-06-09 19:37:52   Candice did my hair. After months of processing a dark color with 30% peroxide (unknown to me) I ended up with my entire head burnt to frizz and hair color that was black and brass. Even with all of the products and treatments that I have purchased it is still a mess six month later. My hair will be looking good again about the time that I qualify for medicare. My advise is to stay away!!! —scarlett

2009-06-11 12:07:56   Dear Scarlet... Just to let you know there is never DARK color EVER processed with a 30vol peroxide. My girls are trained to know something that simple, it's common sense. If your hair was so damaged, you should have contacted ME, the OWNER to make it right. We would never want a customer to leave or remain unsatisfied, you should have at least attempted to allow us to make it right. All of my girls have been licensed for multiple years and continue to participate in further education. I don't know where you were informed that your dark color was being combined with a 30 vol developer, but I can garuntee you that is NOT true. (A dark color won't show up with that high of a lifts the cuticle open too much and doesn't allow the color to grab and stay in). Next time, please contact me before bashing us on the wiki. —luci

2009-07-01 15:00:04   Candace has been doing my hair for a few years, as well as my best friend's and now my mom's. She does an EXCELLENT job each and every time, and I've never left the salon any less than completely happy with the results. Candace took care of the scarecrow's nest my mom walked around with for years, not only by styling her but by GUIDING her with professional advice. She is the utmost professional, gives quality and useful advice, and I am completely confident trusting her with my best asset! —maa

2009-07-28 12:43:06   When I go to a salon that charges upwards of $250 for a cut and color I expect a certain level of professionalism. I don't expect to see hairstylists eating their lunch next to me or making personal phone calls, I don't expect to have my hairdresser repeatedly ask others to check if they mixed the color right and I expect my haircut to take more than 10 min. I had blond highlights that were growing out over dark brown hair, I wanted my whole head of hair to be a dark brown color. Not the most difficult coloring situation, the first attempt left with bright red streaks over dark brown hair, the second attempt left me with almost black hair. If I wanted black hair I could have done that at home. 3 hrs and $280 later I neither had the cut or color I had asked for. —Zeeba

2009-07-28 13:58:20   As the owner..Again a retort on the previous comment. The situation you apperently had was very very blond out growth from your natural very dark hair. I consider that a color correction. If you know anything about haircolor, the hair has to be repigmentized, Meaning ( alittle lesson on the chemistry of hair ) The hair needs the color put back into the shaft that was takin out. Meaning red and gold.. then the prosses of the dark can be applied... Our color corrections start at 75.00 an hour. and obviosly it took 3 hours.. That is about normal for us to fix somthing we didnt do in the first place... Again if you or anyone has an issue please take it up with me. Then i can explaine what type of prosses we are doing and why.. As for ignorant comments on this site its much more professional to deal with it in house. —luci

2009-07-29 11:38:26   In response to Luci's comment to a customer. Wiki is a forum and a place for people to post comments..good or bad... Calling someone ignorant and comments like "If you know anything about haircolor" is not a way to build a client base. This is one place that I will not visit —Frenchy

2009-09-01 11:32:47   ATTENTION UC DAVIS STUDENTS!! Bumble & bumble's amazing education team will be here at Luci's Salon on Tuesday, November 11th to host one of their exclusive haircut classes! We need to provide them with models for these masterpieces!! If you are interested please contact Luci's Salon immediately. Bumble & bumble requires photos of our model prospects be submitted at least one month prior to the class. Bumble & bumble is one of the most elite product lines in the world. Call Luci's Salon today to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!! Luci's Salon 530.747.0522 —luci

2009-09-23 16:32:52   I had a great experience at Luci's - I had never been to Luci's before, but was looking a new place locally. Kristen styled and colored my hair, I got a great cut and color that I love. It is a haircut that I can do up to have fun but still can style down to be professional. Better yet, I was able to style it myself and it looked almost as good as it did when I walked out of the salon. —KrisLynn

2009-09-24 12:48:09   I am picky when it comes to getting my hair cut..and I mean PICKY! Since moving to Davis a year ago, I have not found a single person or place that I liked enough to return to. I went to Luci's on Tuesday for a cut, and I'm am soooo happy with my hair! I waited a few days before posting a comment, because let's be honest...your hair never looks as great as the day you leave the salon. But it looks amazing when I style it myself. When I called, they asked me which stylist I wanted and I said "someone good." that's exactly who I got. Lia was my stylist, and I am soooo impressed with the job she did. I will definitely return, and recommend Lia and Lucis to everyone I talk to. Thank you lucis! —Sparky

2009-10-22 13:16:25   NEW CLIENTS!!!!! Receive $10-$20 off your first service at Luci's Salon! Call us to book an appointment and mention this ad!!! —luci

2009-11-03 07:09:40   Hey all! It's Kristin Hernandez, former Luci's stylist/educator. Though I am still pictured on this wiki spot and captioned as an employee, I am no longer at Luci's! However, you will be able to find me right around the corner at Vita Dolce! I will be accepting ANY gift cards/certificates that were purchased with the intent of being used in my chair OR won as a raffle prize. Come see me for the same expert cuts and colors in a new and IMPROVED environment! —KristinApril

2009-11-05 16:04:26   11/05/09- I just got my hair colored and cut today by shelby! I came in with ugly grey hair, from overprocessing my bleached blond hair. After shelby and her other co-workers examined the damage, she transformed my fried hair into soft, conditioned copper blond. I could n't be happier, as the staff was friendly, the place was adorable, and the hair products were amazing! I had a great experience, and would recommend this place to every girl in davis. I'll def, be going there for the rest of my college years!! -Kate Bender —

2009-11-18 00:22:32   Apologies for a long review: I very much love the way Luci does business. I have always gotten my hair cut here, ever since I was a freshman at UCD. A few weeks ago (?) I called to set up an appointment with either D or Alicia, whom I was told no longer work there (uber sad!). So I arrived at my appointment late (very much my bad), which I was supposed to have with this new girl. I asked her whether she wanted to reschedule me since it seemed like she was fairly busy, but she decided to squeeze me in anyway. The result was that she was essentially cutting two people's hair at once. I was really unhappy / confused with the way she was doing everything, since she washed and cut my hair, then had someone else (who was also new) dry it. After the other girl dried and styled my hair, etc. I was wondering whether I was done—and if you're used to getting your hair layered, you know that there's one more step after having it dried. I asked the first girl whether she was going to layer it, and yeah, she did—but hurriedly, and with no regard to my hair's texture, volume, etc. As I checked out, she gave me these $10 gift certificates for my friends to use for haircuts, which was really nice.

Left the place feeling okay, went home, washed it, woke up the next morning and hated it. Tried to style it myself and failed, so I called Luci, who told me to come in so she herself could fix it. We had a good chat, she totally gave me the haircut I actually wanted—for free. I tried to pay her, but she insisted and told me to have her cut my hair next time so she can fix it up again. Anyway, long story short—I am definitely a repeat customer. Luci has all the right intentions, and her employees usually do a fabulous job. —chenedamor

2009-11-21 16:43:58   I really want to like this place because I really like the people who work here. However, I went in to get color and ended up paying $80 for it to look almost exactly the same. Then I tried out another stylist for a cut. I told her I was growing it out, but wanted a trim, and showed her a picture of my eventual hair goal. Umm I now look like Kristen Stewart circa her horrible mullet haircut. I have no idea how that happened! Anyways, I guess I'm done with this place, and sad about my haircut. —kelsatronn