212 E Street, Davis, CA 95616 in E Street Plaza
222 D Street Suite 9A (as of May 9th)
Tuesday through Saturday
10 AM - 7 PM
Evenings by appointment*
(530) 747-0522 / 916-847-5824 Luci's cell
Or schedule on-line!
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Luci's Salon is a beauty salon that offers a relaxed atmosphere tailored to the community and student clientele. Luci’s offers a student discount and always runs seasonal or new client specials, which makes this upscale salon an affordable option. Luci’s can often accommodate walk-ins and same day appointments.

Luci's Salon is an exclusive, upbeat Bumble and bumble salon, which means they carry only Bb products. Their stylists go to the Bumble and bumble University in NY for continuing education in cutting, coloring, and styling. The owner trains each stylist from the ground up to ensure progressive knowledge and quality of work. They specialize in precise, polished haircuts, and high style, customized color techniques. All of their beauty experts love to create.

Photos of the salon's old location (Pre 5/1/2013)

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  • Lia Rene, formerly of Luci's Salon, is now at Expressions Salon & Spa in Vacaville.

  • Luci's Salon is now a rental salon and there are currently stations available for rent! Ask about our introductory offer!

What was your experience at Luci's?

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2010-02-04 09:11:47   I stopped by to pick up some sample B&B products the other day and asked Luci if she might be able to fix a cut I'd gotten at another expensive salon in town. I didn't particularly like it and was trying to grow it out. Even though it was her "day off," she sat me right down and a short while later I walked out with a vastly improved style. In fact, I like it so much that I'm thinking of keeping it this way instead of continuing to grow it out. Luci is very friendly and listened to and addressed my concerns with my style. I'll definitely be going back! —NotSure

2010-02-23 20:37:02   Best place in Davis to get your hair cut! I have been going there for three years! My favorite is Lia! She is very nice, and always gives me a consistently good hair cut! I love the Tuesday discounts, and i encourage you all to take advantage of it! You wont be disappointed. They really care about their customers and there is a really great vibe amongst the people working there. Luci, you are doing a great job. —LeonB

2010-03-02 12:56:24   I got my hair cut and colored with Shelly and it was AMAZING. Worth every penny, for sure. I look great and the cut is growing out nicely. I'm due back there for a trim and I can't wait! Definitely ask for Shelly - she was the BEST!

Seriously, one of the best salon experiences I have ever had. —devonmiller

2010-03-13 16:14:41   Just had my hair cut and styled at Luci's Salon!! All the girls here are fabulous and just had to give them props for being wonderful! LUCI'S SALON ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!! —amontrose

2010-03-13 16:15:42   Lia is fantabulous, sherocks my socks the most <3 —amontrose

2010-03-26 08:45:51   Mandy has been cutting my hair for years and has always done a great job; even when I'm not really sure what I want her to do ahead of time! —CindiDrake

2010-04-06 17:47:10   Thanks to Luci's salon, You guys are VERY GENEROUS!!!—RONMIKES

2010-04-09 18:43:11   Today was my first haircut here. This place has great prices and great stylists. Didn't even get charged extra for straightening my hair! —sillymonkey

2010-04-21 16:05:38   I have known Candice for awhile and have been to her in the past. Being a poor college student, I tried to save money and have my friend that just graduated from beauty school cut my hair. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Totally butchered my hair and so I quickly called Candice to help me fix it. She was booked solid the entire day, but managed to squeeze me in shortly after I called. Long story short, she salvaged some of the length I had spent months trying to grow and fixed the butchered job!!! Candice is by far the best ever! She is so sweet and down to Earth and is very thorough when doing hair. She is definitely worth that extra money to get a good cut! :) —dncingrl

2010-05-13 22:13:53   I recently visited Luci's salon for the first time, and had a great experience. A couple of weeks before, I went to my hair stylist I'd gone to for 3+ years to get my hair fixed from being brunette back to my natural blonde. She bleached my whole head, and didn't leave the bleach on certain parts long enough so my hair turned an orange and auburn color. I went into Luci's a couple weeks after I thought my hair had relaxed a bit, and the owner, Luci (who's great by the way), made me an appointment the next day when they were busy for prom. She made sure to take care of my hair, and did an EXCELLENT job bringing it to a natural hue of light blonde. The whole staff was very sweet and involved, and it seemed to me they really cared about what their clients wanted for their hair and make up, and did it. I will definitely be going back to Luci in the future :D —cbcassell

2010-06-17 15:40:39   BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!! I went to Luci's with a batched die job and a horrendous hair cut from another salon. The minute I walked in the girls at Luci’s were very warm and welcoming, not to mention epithetic to my horrible hair do. Rheanan did the BEST color correction EVER! She spent over 4 hours fixing the mistakes of the pervious salon and gave me gorgeous highlights!!!! In addition, Luci gave me a super cute cut and made me feel so taken care of. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my color job and cut!!! I found it so great to see the ladies of Luci’s work together in fixing my hair. I hands down recommend Rheanan and Luci’s salon!!! I will never go anywhere else!!! THEY ARE THE BEST BEST BEST BEST!!!!!


2010-07-02 11:36:05   Finally found a great salon!! Great cut and color from Luci - I love everything about the salon. My daughter and I even went in for a make-up lesson (they will also apply make-up for any big events coming up. —PattiF

2010-07-10 14:53:40   I LOVE this place. Just got a wonderful haircut today by Michelle. The atmosphere is great and you really get the feel that they are professional but also friendly. I'm happy with my haircut every single time I go here and the summer special is such a deal. They wash, cut, blow dry, and style your hair for 40$ on Saturdays in the summer! Such a deal for college students. You will walk away feeling pampered instead of gypped, unlike other salons I've been to. —jenb

2010-07-12 13:27:41   I’ve been looking for a new salon after moving to Davis – and I will still be looking after my last visit to Luci’s. I had a pricey highlight job done here that was not up to par (lighter than I wanted, way to streaky, and obvious roots in areas). I have had salon mishaps before and have had great experiences with working with other stylists/salons to get exactly what I wanted – not at Luci’s. When back in the salon they were very patronizing and acted like I’ve never had highlights done before. I was told multiple times “that’s how its supposed to look”. Even after their reluctant attempt to fix it, it is still not what I wanted. I’m sad to say that I will not be going back due to the treatment I received when merely trying to get my hair the way asked for (with picture), not what they thought looked good. —mry

2010-07-24 17:24:56   I've tried to keep my hair healthy and use anything BUT bleach and this salon has taught me so much about maintaining healthy hair. I've had difficulty with getting JUST the right color, and when I went in, Luci sat down with me and walked me through everything. I walked out with a completely different color and style and I LOVE IT. They definitely know what they're doing. This is the perfect place to go for a poor college student, because you avoid mistakes and its worth EVERY penny. In fact, I feel under charged!!!! —Kamelia

2010-08-16 21:08:11   I recently made an appointment to see my regular stylist who moved to Luci's.The other staff failed to notify her of my appointment and called me 30 minutes prior to inform me that there was no one there to cut my hair and that my stylist wasn't even working that day. Seriously? That's how you conduct business? I love my stylist; I've been seeing her for over a year, but I don't want to support a business which fails to grasp the concept of organization and timely notification for appointments that need to be rescheduled. —ElizabethAbinante

2010-08-28 21:25:22   Wow. I am absolutely stunned by this wiki page. I have never seen a business owner conduct themsleves so unprofessionally. Especially on a public forum. The client experiences I have read are dreadful. The owner's ignorant and discourteous attempts to respond are even worse. The business owner thinks she/he is gaining respect and clients this way? Luci's Salon is SURELY not one I will be visiting. —PeterM

2010-10-11 02:21:15   I've never been to this salon, but after reading the mistakes and the responses of the OWNER, I know I will never support this business. When customers complain about professionalism, it's not themselves who need to be professional, it's the stylists/owner of the salon! The way Luci responds to (former) customers is just plain rude. It's just bad customer service to question or patronize people on a public forum about their experiences. (By the way, phrases such as "If you know anything about highlights...", "To the person who supposedly came in...", and "That is if you even got a haircut..." are VERY patronizing and ill-tempered.) The owner said in a comment about others 'acting like an adult', but it seems as though she needs to listen to her own advice. Again, I've never been to Luci's Salon, but I definitely will not be visiting. —KaprilWooley

  • Commenting without having visited the place is not useful. It would be more useful for your readers if you reviewed the place, based on experience, instead of just commenting on quotations. —BrianOrr

2010-10-19 22:56:38   my girlfriend wanted me to get a 'nicer' haircut than my usual barber shop buzz and steered me to luci's. that was about a year ago, and i've been coming back ever since. we are always both very happy with our haircuts here as well as the fun and friendly atmosphere :) also, they are often able to accept walk-ins which works great for me! —partridgen

2010-12-01 21:11:18   I saw the reviews for this place and decided to check it out. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED. I did a little bit of research before going so I'd have an idea of what the price was - different sources online had all had different prices. So I called ahead of time to get an estimate. Of course when I got there, they gave me a more expensive range. First off, my stylist was half an hour late and Luci wasn't even apologetic. THEN, the stylist complained about how difficult it was to cut my hair and took over an hour to cut it!! I've never heard anyone even comment that the thickness of my hair interfered with a haircut. FINALLY, after an hour and a half, Luci charged me for the high end of the price because "it was so difficult" to cut my hair. Never going back again. —Hyungmi

2010-12-10 11:00:28   I normally have my hair done - highlight/lowlight in the SF Bay Area where I live. Since I visit family weekly in Davis I decided to support the Davis community by getting my hair done while visitng. Luci's Salon turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and expected. My appointment was on time, the atmosphere relaxing, and the technical side of color and application was professional and perfect. This salon is as good as, if not better, than any of the nicer salons in the San Francisco Bay Area. The price was reasonable and the Bumble Bumble hair care products a bonus. The Davis community should pleased to have the Luci's Salon as a resource. —StephanieWright

2010-12-10 14:18:36   I have been a client at Luci's for many years. I have had the privledge of having some of the top salons in the US work on my hair. Vidal Sassoon, John Sahag, Bumble and Bumble. As far as I'm concerned the quality of work at Luci's salon is right on par with the previously mentioned salons. Luci's color skills are superior. Coupled with the styling and finishing techniques of Liz, this is the complete salon. They carry my favorite product line and the girls all have lots of new information and tips for me in regards of how to get the most out of my Bb. products. All the stylists here have attended advanced education, which is a direct reflection of how current their salon is.Be it new trends or classic coifs, they can do it. I travel into Luci's from Sacramento and I get so many compliments on my hair color that I usually refer at least 2 or 3 people a month to Luci's salon. I appreciate their professionalism, but they manage to never come across stuffy or snooty. They are up front and reasonable with their pricing structure. Luci's will continue to have my patronage and hopefully yours too! —susans

2010-12-12 11:48:08   I went to Luci's for the first time on 12/10. I followed my stylist, Liz May from another salon. I would follow her anywhere. She does an excellent precision cut, listens to what I want and is lovely to work with. Of course, I'll go back. —BettyNelsen

2010-12-14 20:54:16   What a great place, cheerful and welcoming. And Alyssa is a perfectionist who did a terrific job. —NotThatEric

2011-01-13 12:26:52   Attention fellow stylists: Luci's Salon has lovely stations available for rent and we'd be happy to accomodate you! Inquire within for details: come visit us or call 530-747-0522 and 916-847-5824. —EmilyFrançais

2011-01-21 14:27:54   I just got my first cut at Luci's and I am thrilled with the cut and service! I had Elizabeth cut my hair and she did a great job with my not so easy, wild curls. Definitely going back!! —KathyInDavis

2011-01-27 16:18:17   Wow! Luci's truly is the best salon in Davis. I just got an all over color and worked with Luci herself. She was extremely patient throughout the whole process, and it looks AMAZING! Even though it took so long that she had to start her next appointment, she was like superwoman running back and forth between the two of us. She cut me an awesome deal for the amount of work she put in and there's really nothing more I could have asked for. She even through in a mending complex to take home with me because I was clearly worried about how the color would affect my hair. I've also gone to Luci's salon for cuts and they do a great job. The stylists are great, they really know what they're doing and the atmosphere's great as well. I highly recommend to anyone who wants there hair done right! I went to a couple other salons in Davis before I got my hair colored, and just talking to some of the stylists showed that they were inexperienced, but not at Luci's. —AmandaNieh

2011-02-03 15:32:31   Luci's is fantastic. It has a great ambiance, and is incredibly clean. I went there for the first time in december of 2010. I had been getting my hair cut by Liz Robson who recently started working at Luci's, and obviously I followed her. Liz is terrific at what she does, and an amazing professional. She is personable, friendly, talkative, yet always gets the job done right. She always works around your schedule, and very easy to get a hold of. Liz goes above and beyond to be sure that your hair is just the way you like it. I wont get my hair cut by anyone but her :) Go stop by Luci's, its a great salon. —laurenmccarthy

2011-02-03 17:21:08   Great Salon.....Liz Mae is my choice for cuts, weaves and gives the best scalp massage I have ever received! She is all about client service and makes your time in the chair all about you and what you want!!! Thanx Liz! —PattiGreen

2011-02-03 18:35:21   What a great salon! My hair has never looked better - Luci is amazing with color!!!!. The atmosphere in her shop is warm and pleasant. It has been a year since I happened to stumble upon Luci's Salon and I have been a regular customer since then. My adult daughter has her hair cut by Liz and my teenage daughter has also been very pleased with her hair cuts. If Luci happens to be booked, try one of the other stylists as Luci trains them to her standard. —PattiF

2011-02-10 12:45:06   Love it. Luci's is such a welcoming Salon, and great location! Liz Mae Robson is my stylist and she is nothing short of amazing. I switch up my brunette color often and every time she creates the perfect color for me! Also, the head massages are excellent, if you haven't had one by Liz you're missing out. I highly recommend trying out the Salon and ask for Liz! —LaurenElizabeth

2011-02-15 13:47:51   I noticed that Luci's was running a special and just stopped by there last fall. I found that Luci had some great ideas for me hair. I made an appt. I was amazed that she got the color just right on the very first try. And she "gets" curly hair. Every time she cuts my hair I like it more. And she appears to have a talented stable of stylists. Very happy! —jherdt

2011-03-29 16:47:47   I recently had an outstanding haircut with Elizabeth. She patiently listened to what I hoped for and used her expertise to make it look fantastic. The cut looked super when Elizabeth had it blown out straight or when I left it curly at home (Elizabeth didn't even flinch when I mentioned that I don't own a blow dryer). My experience with the salon was a good one; Elizabeth is hands-down the best stylist that I've been to so far. —KellyGarbach

2011-04-14 17:55:41   Ok, I've had my share of horror salons....but Luci's Salon put my mind at ease! So glad I found this place in Davis. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm crazy picky when it comes to my hair, back in LA i had a great stylist, but living in Davis I needed someone a bit closer. Luci and all of her staff are so welcoming and friendly, and not in the fake way that i've come across at many salons. They are genuinely caring and listen to what I want. However, I'm not a stylist so I don't know what would look good, they offered me suggestions based on how i could only vaguely describe how i wanted it. I've been there many times because of the multiple compliments I've gotten on the color and cut. I always walk out really stoked with my new do, seriously!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, i've never had a second thought about trying any other salon, I found my fit and i'm sure you'll find yours!! —CindyGarcia

2011-04-22 20:12:22   I went to Luci's Salon because I really needed something done with my grown out bangs, and didn't trust some of the chain hair salons in Davis. It was between Luci's and Nina's because those were the closest to my location at the time. I decided to walk into Luci's first and was pleased to be greeted by Luci herself, and for her personally to cut my hair as a walk in right on the spot. She listens to direction, and gave me a great cut. Definitely going back next time I need a cut! —belindahommel

2011-05-16 20:46:03   Great place. I came in looking for hair advice and they helped me free of charge. They really helped get me out of a tough spot. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone with hair trouble. —EricAnthony

2011-05-19 10:29:47   I loved this salon! I had a box color incident that Luci corrected (those things can go terribly wrong!)...it took a few different approaches but I came out very happy and pretty much back to my normal color....with all the treatments used that day my hair still did not feel brittle or dried out, Luci gave me a conditioning treatment to try out which worked great! ... I'm also very happy with the hair cut she did, my layers are not choppy looking and give me more body! I will definitely be booking my regular haircuts here and anything else I want to do with color. —lynnt

2011-06-05 19:52:32   I was a new customer and Luci managed to get me in right away for a color restoration. I was very satisfied with the result and she even corrected my bad haircut! Awesome service. I definatly recomend this place! —RhiannonGillanders

2011-06-10 13:34:51   Michelle has cut my hair twice, and she is amazing! She also did a keratin smoother, and I am so pleased. My hair is very hard to cut, as it's so frizzy and thick, and she is patient and has a great eye and gives a great cut. She also listens to my needs/issues, which is so important. I'm very happy and will keep going! M. Andrew —MichelePAndrew

2011-07-19 20:19:51   This salon is really worth it! It may be a little pricier compared to some other salons in town but they use fabulous products and you don't have to worry about getting a weird haircut. I hadn't gotten my hair cut in a long time because I honestly just don't like dealing with finding a place to get it done. I finally decided to look on Yelp and found Luci's. I called in at 11:30am and they were able to fit me in at 1pm that same day! I was scheduled with Elizabeth, who listened to what I wanted and added her own touches to make sure it would flatter my face. I highly recommend her! I also was given a deep conditioning treatment to my hair while I was waiting by the friendly receptionist. The great service plus the student discount made me a believer. I'll definitely be a Luci's regular! —JillianSlingsby

2011-07-21 17:13:54   I'm very loyal to my hairstylist back home in long beach, but my hair was getting to grown out and shapeless to go on! i asked some friends about davis salons and was referred here. the salon was very clean and cute, and everyone was very attentive. Elizabeth cut my hair, and i got lots of compliments on it : ) i would recommend this salon. —ZoeFujii

2011-08-02 18:17:23   Just got my hair cut and colored by Luci. She took her time with me before the cut, discussing what I wanted and giving me her ideas. She continued to do this during the cut, checking in with me to make sure I was getting what I wanted and also explaining what she was doing. I don't think I have ever been to a stylist who kept the focus on what she was doing the entire they are cutting my hair. She is GREAT. I will be back as a regular. She did the same thing when she did my color. I love my haircut and I love the color. Thanks, Luci. —NancyChadwick

2011-09-06 20:20:21   I came in the Wednesday before Independence Day weekend. I was sad. Boys are complicated—as usual, right? I needed a pick-me-up, some change in my life to get my mind of the complexities of life. I wanted a new look because I NEEDED to feel good about myself; when you look good, you feel good. I found out about Luci's on Davis Wiki. They have a special on Wednesdays called the "all-color-wednesdays" where you get $10 off a regular dye job. I called in and scheduled an appointment, they were so accommodating and squeezed me in. I was about 10 minutes late, but they were very forgiving. I had Liz, and she was absolutely fantastic. I told her I wanted to go LIGHTER, but stay natural. She ended up recommending a subtle dark chocolate brown (which wasn't too far from my natural color, but you could really tell the difference in the sun) with some mini highlights. She worked her magic and when she washed my hair, I was a little concerned. My hair didn't look any difference at ALL. But then she asked me if I wanted a trim, and after a little convincing, I caved. But even though ALL she did was trim, she made my hair look amazing. I felt like a brand new girl, and I felt so good about myself. My hair had shine and volume to it, and it had a happy color about it, too. When I walked outside to grab my wallet from my car, I saw how nicely the color was in the sun, and I was just soooooo happy. That's what a salon should be all about—making a person feel good about themselves and letting their exterior surface reflect that's on the inside. I definitely received more value for the service than the amount I paid, but you know what—that's what's gonna get me to come back. Because I know I am paying for top-quality service. Thanks Luci's, for the pick-me-up I so desperately needed. Will be back soon for a touch up. —StephanieBui

2011-09-24 09:26:44   I recieved a hair cut from Emily, I was so impressed with her detail! Staff is so friendly and salon is beautiful, clean and welcoming. Definately don't let this salon slip. Check out, you will be so happy! —alexandrahenry

2011-09-25 18:57:27   I recently had my first haircut at Luci's with Jordan. Though it's a bit pricey, it was definitely worth it. Jordan listened to what I wanted and really took her time working on my hair. Be sure to ask for their $10 off student discount! —ShahlaFarzan

2011-11-22 10:12:28   This is one of the few salons I have ever been in that actually cut my hair the way I asked them to! Luci herself cut my hair. I asked for something simple - that other salons have the unearthly ability to deviate from - short sideswept bangs and long all-over layers. She discussed it with me to figure out exactly what I liked and what would work best, then did an extremely good job of making a very simple cut look fabulous. I usually ask for this haircut and cringe when the stylist picks up thinning shears, just knowing that I will leave looking like a kindergartener took random chops out of my hair, and turning into a fluffy sheepdog on humid days. Not Luci! She actually used scissors - like a professional - and took thoughtful cuts out of strategic points on my head. It feels awesome to finally get the haircut I've been asking for! The price was affordable for a student like me, and the staff were very friendly. Definitely going back. :) —DanicaMaxwell

2011-11-26 22:15:56   I went to Luci's at the beginning of the term in September—Luci cut and colored my hair—fixing up my own dye job. She did a great job—she went a bit dark so it would cover up my red and then fade away (all of this was semi-permanent) and sure enough, a few months later, my hair is exactly my natural color—I'm incredibly impressed! I've just made an appointment to go back! —amandafaig

2012-01-07 13:30:13   Impulsive hair change decision + cheap box color = Big Mistake. Luci fit me in, knew exactly what to do and Jordan recolored my hair. It looks awesome now and I'm so happy I camer here! —jsbmeb

2012-02-15 10:17:10   Loved my haircut with Liz. She's not only very personable, but LISTENS to exactly how I'd like my hair cut and got it perfect. An enjoyable experience, and I'm going back later today. —AmyRuss

2012-03-20 22:05:23   I heart Elizabeth!! She is the most attentive hair stylist I've had. So chill, doesn't chat your ear off and focuses on the haircut which I appreciate so much. I just went in for a trim but she fringed my bangs just like I wanted and my hair looks awesome. The staff is also really nice and cordial! If I'm still in town when I need my next cut I'm definitely coming back. Very much worth the price. —YumikoHenneberry

2012-05-29 17:04:26   I have been going to Kellie for about 2 years now for cuts and color. I have very curly hair and it takes a real pro to keep it from looking like a giant triangle or a Q-tip. Kellie always gives me a fabulous cut and has given me some great styling tips. Like many women I've also done some pretty horrible things to myself color-wise, but she listened to my concerns and gave me the color I was looking for. —CrystalO

2012-07-30 10:44:31   I've been going here for the past two years, and I haven't had a bad experience! They are all chic woman and talk to you, making your experience a lot better! Good haircuts, but a bit exspensive I would say! —Claudia123456

2012-09-12 17:08:30   I just had the Keratin Smoothing Treatment done by Elizabeth and it is amazing. The results were even better than I hoped they could be. Rather than spending over an hour blow drying and flat ironing my hair (which is naturally very curly), it now takes me 10 minutes to dry and style my hair, and my hair is very long. I have tried the Japanese Straightening System and other chemical treatments before and absolutely nothing compares to this. My hair is straight, smooth and shiny with not even a trace amount of frizz. Elizabeth is an incredible stylist! —ManaV

2013-10-03 11:31:15   I've been getting my hair cut here for the last two years, and I love it. Elizabeth is fantastic, knows what I'm looking for, and remembers how she cut it the last time, even if it was at least 6-8 months prior. I love this place, and I don't know what I'm going to do now that I've moved out of state. I might just wait till I'm back for Thanksgiving break. —Jumpergem

2014-12-06 12:34:22   I do not recommend Liz for highlights or for coloring blonde hair. I have been to Liz four times now for highlight and cut. The first couple of times were ok and I was satisfied (although I really didn't find the cut/ color worth the $140 she charges). The last time, my hair was brassy (orange) at crown, which I did not like but tolerated. This time, all highlights were brassy and my hair has an overall orange tint. But the worst part of the recent visit was that she booked two clients for haircuts during my appointment causing me to sit under dryer with color on my hair for over an hour. For $140, I find it extremely discourteous and unprofessional to book two clients during my appointment causing me to wait and over coloring my hair. An hour after the salon, I am treating my hair with purple shampoo and deep conditioning to try and correct the poor color job. Liz's haircuts are adequate, but I do not think her services live up to cost. I did express my dissatisfaction with color and she offered to have me come back and add bleach highlights to try and correct brassiness, but after waiting 2 hours and paying $165 with tip, I do not find that I should have to return again for correction. I will not return to Liz as a client as a result of my experiences and I do not recommend Liz. —lcarlson

2014-12-06 13:27:46   Addition to comment on 12/6/14: Forgot to mention that significant breakage occurred in hair and scalp retained slight burning sensation after conditioning as a result of leaving ammonia based color on too long. Absolutely do not recommend Liz for color. —lcarlson