Why hello there!

Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix (or Rat Terrier, we don't really know)
Jenny Giang and Jennifer Giang
Lucky is estimated to be turning 11 in December!
Lucky wishes he were a cat: he's timid, shy, jumpy, but 100% loveable

All About Lucky

Beach Day

  • The best thing about Lucky is his ability to make you smile no matter how bad you're feeling. He has cat-like intuition and loves to cuddle and sleep all day. While he refuses to play with toys or other dogs, he loves the company of doting women...men not so much.
  • Lucky was adopted from an abusive home at about 1 year old, and has come a long way from being a cowardly, fearful animal, to the loving, loyal pet we know today.
  • Lucky's favourite hiding places include: under the bed, behind the table, inside boxes, in his crate, kitchen cabinets, behind the toilet, on closet shelves...
  • If Lucky could, he would likely enjoy spending his whole day behind a couch somewhere with no distractions or interruptions—not even a break for a snack could tear him away.
  • Lucky is a light eater, but when he does sit down for a meal, he requires privacy. He will not eat if someone is watching him, and he prefers to take his food out of his bowl in order to eat in a secluded, unreachable place.
  • Lucky loves Eric Wong, but just doesn't know it yet. :)
  • On 1/31/14, Lucky had surgery to remove a bleeding tumor from his small intestine! Since then, he has made a full recovery (yay, go Lucky!)
  • Tasty?
  • Napping. Photo credit: Jennifer Giang
  • Buried in the Sand!
  • Post-Surgery Vet Visit!
  • Exhausted from hiking!