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Ken Kirsch and Ellen Moriarty
Contractor's License

MAK Design + Build, Inc. is a full-service residential design and build construction company. Whether your project is a new kitchen, bath, addition, or an entire-house remodel, MAK provides an integrated design and construction process that starts and stays within your budget. Our team provides the highest level of accountability and honesty to build lasting relationships with our clients. We would love to talk with you about your remodeling ideas in Davis or the surrounding area, including Woodland, Sacramento, and Yolo County. 

MAK is a certified green builder through Build It Green, a Bay-Area nonprofit dedicated to supporting green building and specifically the professionals and tradespeople in the construction industry. We employ established, tested, environmentally-friendly technologies and materials whenever possible. While you may not be ready for a geothermal-powered yurt, we can help you find a few green solutions that you might have otherwise missed.

MAK is also a member of NARI (the National Association of the Remodeling Industry), an organization comprised of licensed and insured remodeling professionals who support the highest standards in ethics and business practices.




MAK has been honored with 14 Contractor of the Year awards in the last ten years by NARI. We were recognized in the following categories:

  • Residential Interior Element
  • Entire House Remodel, less than $250,000
  • Residential Kitchen $40,000 to $80,000
  • Residential Addition $100,000 to $250,000
  • Residential Bathroom $30,000 to $60,000

Photos of all of these projects and more are available on MAK’s website.

Be sure to visit MAK’s website for more information and our blog to read about our latest musings and discoveries! It goes without saying that we are very proud of this recognition and want to thank our wonderful clients and subcontractors who always contribute so much to the success of every project.


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2007-01-10 12:12:54   MAK is a sponsor of the Tree Davis city of Davis Tree Walk. —HeatherMartin

2008-02-13 15:42:22   MAK is a fantasic, one stop, residential remodeling company. Disclosure: I'm biased as it is my husband's company. We recognize that your home is your sanctuary and that remodeling can be pretty invasive. Knowing this, Ken emphasizes communication with clients, and employs folks (MAK folks and subcontractor folks) we would feel comfortable having in our own home. We often to do fairly contemporary/modern designs but have done beautiful traditional and historic preservation projects. We recently completed work on a lovely historic home in Old North Davis. No matter the style or size of your remodel MAK is dedicated to delivering the results our clients are looking for - from 1st phase of design to the installation of the final outlet cover.

If you are at all interested in green building, MAK has been a certified green builder through Build It Green http://www.builditgreen.org/ since 2005. Yes, it is easy being green, it looks great too! A kitchen project of ours was featured in the October 2007 "Green" issue of This Old House magazine — how's that for looking good?!? —EllenMoriarty

2008-08-16 12:15:20   I've seen MAK work all around town, it's always legit —StevenDaubert

2010-04-09 11:41:45   We hired MAK for our remodel and they rocked it! We are very pleased with the craftsmanship, creativity, organization and personnel management they showed. Remodels aren't something one dreams about experiencing in their own house as they can be very stressful and inherently have an invasion aspect to them. MAK people were always very courteous and low impact when it came to being in our 'space', which is true for the sub-contractors too. Of course there are situations during any remodel where you have to negotiate unpredictable territory - the project manager, Chris and Ken always stepped forward to hear what we wanted and were willing to rework if necessary to make us happy. My family has been through two remodels with two different companies and MAK came shining through by far.

We highly recommend Ken Kirsch and MAK to anyone who is entertaining the thought of a remodel. Give them a call, for sure! ««Robin Walton«« —REW

2012-01-27 14:12:42   We have had two bathrooms and one kitchen remodeled by MAK Design + Build. Our experience couldn't have been better! Ken, the owner, is a really nice guy and wants to do right by his clients. The design team works with you to create a beautiful and functional vision for your space. Our budget wasn't the biggest, but they really helped us maximize our dollar! The contractors are very sweet, considerate, honest, and hard-working guys who want to make sure they get everything right. One of the contractors came over on the weekend to teach us how to paint properly! Overall, MAK is a group of genuinely nice and honest people. They truly went above and beyond on our two separate remodeling projects. I will definitely use them again for anything else we need! I highly recommend MAK Design + Build! —HilaryHarkins

2012-02-10 15:56:28   Working with MAK was one of the best home improvement decisions we made - and we did work with quite a few different builders and contractors. The whole team works in unison; they meet their deadlines as promised and the finished product is high quality. We appreciate the painless process and their brilliant designs that worked for our circumstances. MAK did not shy away from the challenges our project presented, which all the other builders wanted to avoid and build something that would not make us happy. Even our neighbors complemented on their considerateness and professionalism. We were happy with them so much that ended up working with them on our backyard project after the addition and kitchen remodeling. We are pretty sure backyard will not be the last project we will work with MAK! We highly recommend MAK for any level of home project. —AyseTezcan

2014-02-21 09:52:49   2/21/2014 We had a kitchen remodel, fireplace make-over, French door installation, and cement patio converted to porcelain tile, then raised to a near-flush door entry. We were very pleased with the design team who helped with color and materials. Weekly meetings were held during renovation for planning updates. Ken and Chris were always on time, professional and honest in following through. Each team of subcontractors were also on time, polite, professional, and cleaned the area at day’s end. We were most pleased with all workmanship: plumbers, electricians, tile installation, and counter top. This top-quality renovation was completed on the date promised. Thank you to Ken, Chris, Anthony, Kristin, Matt and the many others who produced this fine-quality, beautiful home for us. We most highly recommend working with this exceptional team, MAK Design. —KirkRidgeway

2014-07-02 16:33:29   We had a very bad experience with this contractor, $250,000 plus later we are still paying the price for their sloppy work, inattention to detail, and at best unethical behavior. Our issues began with empty beer cans all over one of our bathrooms the evening after demolition began. Then it was the bulge in our roof when the roof addition was added. Following that we noticed that that after construction the property was not properly graded. We accepted all their explanations and assurances however implausible(the beer cans fell out of our crawl space, gravity would pull water away from the house).

Fast forward to November 2012 when we moved in.

We quickly noticed several problems with the kitchen including many chips in the cabinets, the wrong sink was installed, grout that was disintegrating, and two large gouaches on the interior of the cabinets. We were asked in an accusatory fashion what we were doing with the cabinets. It was later found to be an issue of MAK not installing bumpers on the back of cabinets or shipping issues. We were told we had to accept the gouaches as "field cuts" that happened all the time.

December 2012 brought torrential rains, and even though we were skeptical of the grading that was done (after MAK took all of the soil from our raised beds without our permission) along with some new decomposed granite they purchased, the grading was a failure. The side and back of the house where construction was done were inundated by water. Horizontal cracks in the walls soon appeared. At that point I hired a home inspector recommended by Angie's list. The inspection revealed a serious problem we might have never detected. There were exposed wires in our attic at risk for arcing. The wires were surrounded by construction debris left by MAK and the attic insulation was not attached to the roof as per our contract. Ken, the owner of MAK responded that the wires were a preexisting condition, not in the contract and not his responsibility. I countered that they had a duty to inform us of a dangerous condition on our property that they exasperated. I was never given an apology nor would Ken acknowledge the great risk they exposed us to. I consider this highly unethical behavior at best.

We were told that up to the point we hired a home inspector that we were ideal clients. Ken couldn't understand why I hired an inspector and why I was so upset about the attic. Subsequent to that we hired someone to grade the property and draw water away from the house. We have had repeated problems with our front door which MAK supposedly fixed. I had a door expert with more than 20 years experience come to our house. He stated that it looked like the door wasn't originally installed with the proper tool. Other problems we have include bowed siding which MAK has "fixed" but continues to get worse and intermittent hot water in the master bath which we still can't figure out. In all it was a very bad investment of money and trust.




2015-06-21 23:28:49   We were so pleased with our first experience with MAK Design + Build (a master bath remodel) that we enlisted MAK’s help again two years later—this time for a make-over of two smaller baths and a laundry room (and some lighting and door handle improvements throughout the house). From the very beginning, Ken Kirsch and his team inspired our trust and confidence. They listened closely, proposed creative and green approaches, consistently communicated with us through weekly meetings (with follow-up summary notes) and near-daily texts during construction, responded to every question and concern throughout each of our projects (including ensuring there were no hiccups with vendors’ products), and genuinely wanted us to be completely satisfied. They ultimately delivered beautiful and functional new rooms within the budget and timetable we’d agreed upon (and without alienating our neighbors or our indoor cats!). To boot, they’re awfully nice people (every one, including MAK’s subcontractors). Count us among MAK’s many pleased clients! -- Maril and Pat Stratton —mrstratton

2023-05-25 13:24:21   We have been entirely pleased with the renovated kitchen and other areas of the house that were imagined and enacted by MAK. Their design team was inspiring and easy to work with, and their constructions workers unfailingly helpful and accommodating. Equally importantly, MAK stands behind their work, making corrections when needed. We have been delighted to recommend MAK to others who seek to renew where they are living. —rossthompson