718 2nd Street (Downtown, between F and G St.)
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-5pm

Optical Phases is an Optician's Office. They sell a wide selection of glasses and sunglasses, repair your current glasses, make custom lenses if you have a valid prescription, and they will even re-RX your frames for you.

However, they don't do eye exams. You'll need an Optometrist for that.

They changed their name from Optical Phases in the first couple weeks of 2010 to EyeMax, but reverted back to the Optical Phases name a few years later.


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I walked in, half blind, and they reassembled and adjusted my glasses for free. I was so happy I walked out without noticing much about them. They're clean and seem to have a reasonable selection of frames. The young lady who helped me was polite and competent. —JeffreyNonken

2005-08-17 20:14:38   You beat me to it! And I got a picture on my way to the Farmer's Market. —JeffreyNonken

2005-11-28 15:53:45   Top notch! I've always had pleasure doing business here. They offer the last word in competitive pricing too. —ChrisRodgers

2006-05-13 20:24:52   I broke my frameless glasses lens. I paid 65 to have them make a pair of lens. They drilled the hole unproportionately, one hole is drilled higher than another. I now have crooked glasses. —HaiYu

2006-05-23 12:18:08   So, take them back and have them done right. —PaulThober

2007-01-29 08:02:01   An arm of my glasses had broken and fallen off about 4-6 months ago and I thought that they were a complete goner because it snapped off at the metal part (instead of something easily fixable like a loose screw or a hinge). But they were able to fix it. It cost about $20 and it just broke off again! Oh well, I'll be going back again because the price wasn't too bad and it was probably partially my fault for bad handling anyway. —DianeVo

2007-06-07 11:47:22   I've been going here for years and years. They are very friendly and can do custom work. —LuisMolina

2007-11-16 01:18:59   Friendly service; they fixed my glasses for free. :) —angelchen

2008-10-07 12:01:57   These are the same cats who own Indivisual Eyes on 12th & K St. in downtown Sac. Stock varies at each location so ask if you don't see something you'd like. —ChrisRodgers

2009-02-28 14:36:30   I just got back from here about 15 minutes ago and I honestly don't know how anyone can find anything to complain about here. My last pair of glasses broke last night so I came here. Unfortunately, they didn't carry the same frame, but the employee diligently searched for a similar pair, and after finding one, modified the shape of the lenses to match the frame and set the frame up all for a low cost of $57. I've been wearing glasses and dealing with opticians for over 7 years now, and this is by far the best place I've come across. —avarshneya

2009-08-29 22:08:26   Optical Phases has absolutely excellent service, great selection, and reasonable prices. I've been going there for years and have always been very happy with my experiences there. Tip: they can shape the Silhouette glasses into just about any shape you want, really! —davisdebbie

2009-09-12 21:01:29   I've always had wonderful experiences here. They got my new pair of glasses for me in record time and cheaper than other places in town. More than that, Victor spent tons of time helping me find the frames and lens shape that fit my face. Very accommodating and friendly! Also, I don't know how this works on the Wiki, but they've changed their name to Eye Max (might be one word, but I'm not sure). —MonicaWilliams

2009-11-14 15:27:31   My girlfriend and I had a great experience here. It was her first pair of glasses, and the staff were very helpful. —robvanacker

2010-01-14 16:43:09   I went in there with loose and crooked glasses (after my face ran into a hand) today expecting to pay about twenty bucks for a fix-up. The person there adjusted and cleaned my glasses for free. Very friendly service. —hankim

2010-04-29 11:56:41   Nice looking place, but service was rushed and careless. I gave them a pair of glasses to straighten, and they were returned to me more crooked than before, one temple clearly bent out of whack and the opposite hinge loosened from where it´s riveted to the frame. I had ordered a new pair, and their estimate was way off! This is NOT a VSP member, so reimbursement is minimal (only $26 towards lenses and only $40 towards frames). I´d check around Davis to find someone else who is with VSP. —rhodia

2010-05-28 16:19:32   Great service! —strawberry

2012-01-11 15:56:34   They are very nice! My glasses came loose today because I lost a screw, but they replaced it for no charge at all! —lmaoxlong

2015-12-17 14:24:13   Best glasses I've ever had. Very professional, responsive, Great customer service. Vic knows how to optimize visual options. Awesome. —Helens