607 East 8th Street in Downtown
Web site
One-bedroom units, two floorplans
Central heat/air
Cats allowed (with pet deposit & monthly rent increase)
Laundry room
Billiards Room
Patios (or 2nd floor balconies)

Redwood Tree Apartments offers one-bedroom apartments in what is advertised as a "clean, quiet complex."

Prices for Fall 2023 :  $1995 for a one-bedroom and $2995  for a two-bedroom depending on floor plan 

The first thing one might notice when stopping by Redwood Tree Apartments is its striking resemblance to an Ewok village, due to the redwood trees which presumably give the complex its name. High arches, framing the trees, are another nice exterior feature of the small centrally-located complex. The interior of the units are spacious. The one bedroom units have a sliding glass doors that open to either a 1st-floor patio or 2nd-floor balcony. Like most apartments towards the center of Davis, Redwood Tree is older, but has undergone renovations (some units have dish washers). The tenants tend to be an older crowd. Most are grad students or married couples, with a few undergrads sprinkled in. The diminutive size of either the units, the complex itself, or both, gives the complex a more neighborly vibe than larger apartments. Tenants have been known to make eye contact while passing each other in the hallways, and even — it has been reported — say hello to each other.


  • Tenants are mostly profs and very serious Ph.D. students. There is some neighborly interaction, but because of the high degree of professionalism (and workloads) among the renters, many keep to themselves. As noted above, it has been known for tenants to make eye contact, or even say hello to one another. (Drawback? Or feature for a person in a "grind" phase of their career? You decide...)
  • The layout of the place is beautiful, but there are a few dark hallways on the ground level. The huge skylights above the covered 2nd-level walkways alleviate this problem on the upper floor.
  • To have a cat you must agree to a $30 increase in rent in addition to a $300 PET deposit. Is that normal?
  • Guest parking is somewhat unreliable, because its a highly desired place to live and all spots are usually assigned. (All tenants get free assigned spaces with rental.)

The old manager Jim has retired and we have a new manager: Kaveh Shakikhan.

New manager returns calls within a few days if phone number is given!

To learn about other housing options within Davis, please visit our Apartments page as well as our Housing Guide


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2006-10-13 11:30:25   I am a current resident. I have had a bulb go out in the bathroom, and the land lord was knocking on the door to fix it 10 minutes after I told him. As far as the guest parking, there is a lot with 30 spots and there are 30 apartments that are rented at all times! The place is awesome and of course theres no spots in the driveway!! park on the streets like a good host so your guests can park in your spot! Also, the people who live here actually park in front of the viking just around the corner! —LeeBerret

2007-06-27 14:35:01   Being a resident here, I'd say that the first drawback is a plus - well, at least the fact that the tenants are profs, postdocs and serious students. Keeps the complex real nice & quiet and keeps the riff-raff out. Having heard the ridiculous noise that most undergrads in this town make at other complex (people, must we listen to your TV/stereo at FULL VOLUME all the time?) —ErikKlemetti

2008-01-20 10:15:21   As a current resident, I highly recommend this place for professionals or graduate students who need a quiet piece of mind after a hard day at the lab. The location is great, you can walk to downtown in 5 min flat. The manager and owner are great. Within a month after I moved in, they gave me a brand new microwave and fridge! —SusieHuang

2008-03-09 13:22:43   So what is rent these days (March 2008)? Is there air conditioning? —SethTara

2008-03-20 00:40:29   I'm having a hard time getting the manager on the phone: does anyone know the rent these days (March 2008)? —SethTara

2008-09-04 09:47:43   I lived here for 10 years (!) before I bought a house in 2008. The place is great, and Kaveh is a really nice manager. This is not a party house, but is instead a small community of people. The apartments have a nice floorplan, too—they are not two or three boring rectangles. The only downside is that gardening options are few (it is an apartment, after all), and you occasionally have to deal with people from other apartments parking in your spot. —BarryRice

2011-04-28 11:20:21   Just got off the phone: Takes a few days to get a hold of the manager, but very pleasant to talk to. The 1bed/bath units are 645 sq. ft. Fall 2011 rent: $1010/mo, deposit: $1200 + $30 for back ground check. —ScottBlock

2011-08-27 17:34:10   The manager really dropped the ball on us this August. It has been two weeks since we told him the air conditioning was broken, and it still has not been fixed! Hottest month of the year and we are getting COOKED. —johnfisher

2012-05-23 11:41:38   I lived in Redwood Tree apartments for about 1.5 years and was a very happy resident. The apartment complex is home to grad students, university-affiliated professionals, and some older residents, and is a pleasant and calm environment. There are few or no undergrad residents, and there aren't any loud parties. Most of the residents see the respectful quietness as a big perk, and I agree that weekday and weekend nights are so much quieter at Redwood than at other friends' apartments.

Maintenance was quick and simple. I didn't really face many problems in my apartment, but when I did (ex. the heater needed adjustment the first time I used it and once the garbage disposal stopped working), the landlord was extremely quick to get things fixed. The landlord (Kaveh) was very helpful and in my experience very easy to reach (even at night, weekends, etc). The property is clearly well-maintained. The kitchen flooring in my apt was pretty new, and all of the appliances worked well during my stay (AC, heating, stove, refrigerator, etc). No dishwasher in my apt. The laundry room was fine and has 4 coin-operated washers and dryers.

The location is excellent, especially if you're associated with UC Davis. It is a 5 minute bike ride into downtown or to the UCD campus. North of the apartments is a large park and the trails are great for running/exercise. There's a public library near the park too, if you're not associated with the university. Also, the Davis Co-op is 3 minutes away, which is convenient. You'll get a parking spot in the lot, but visitors will need to park on the street (probably over on E St).

All in all, if you're looking for a quieter apartment, I don't know if you can find a better location, landlord, and atmosphere than at Redwood Tree Apartments. —JohnLuidens

2012-06-21 08:21:35   As a long-time tenant at Redwood Tree Apts, I find it comfortable, quiet and close to downtown. Kaveh, the Manager is friendly and has been very responsive to the requests I have made over the years. I am happy to recommend Redwood Tree Apartments to those who want a clean, professionally run and centrally- located complex in Davis.HJ —HowardWeiner

2014-11-14 11:03:58   I'm a resident here who's just moved to Davis and I love these apartments! The grounds and the new apartments are always very clean and it's really safe/close to downtown. There's no guest parking but I always have guests park on F street near Woodside apartments and I've never had any problems. It's also only a 5 minute bike ride away from campus which is great for getting there in the early mornings! The manager is pretty much always around and available, he re-adjusted my door handle right after I told him there was a problem. —KirstieZehring

2014-11-19 11:02:37   I am a current resident and I really enjoy living here. I lived in other complexes in North Davis, but this is by far, my favorite. It has a central location and downtown is only a few blocks away. The floorpans are unique and spacious. Large bathroom, bedroom and living room with dining area. I like the sliding glass door with access to a private patio. The grounds are well-kept and the pool is always clean. It is a smaller complex and houses mostly graduate students and professionals, which is a huge plus for me. The manager is responsive to tenant needs and always communicates any work being done to the apartment timely. —DRamos

2014-12-18 22:51:06   I am a resident for 2.5 years now. I consider myself really lucky to live here. The apartments are recently renovated, spacious, with a nice balcony and in a very good condition! The manager is great, very helpful and eager to help you 24/7! The apartments are very quiet, have a beautiful swimming pool, located very close to downtown and just 10 min bike from campus. Also parking space is provided. The residents are friendly and kind. Great place to live! —NickPaschos

2015-02-26 20:42:45   As a long-time resident, I can say that this is a great place to live. The manager is very responsive and the grounds are incredibly well-kept. The location is excellent, with downtown being just a few minutes walk away. Most who live here are grad students/postdocs and so it is generally very quiet (which I appreciate). Overall, I'd highly recommend. —mrss

2016-06-19 19:02:52   We are happy to call Redwood Tree Apartments our first home as a married couple. We have been enjoying our cozy apartment in this beautiful complex. It has a great location – a mere few blocks away from downtown, allowing for a short walk to coffee shops on weekends while maintaining a quiet environment on weekdays. Our interaction with neighbors has primarily been limited to running into them in the hallways or the laundry room; they all seem friendly, respectful, and down to earth. The small swimming pool and the billiard room seem nice, though we have yet to use them. The designated parking space for each unit is appreciated. Our guests have always been able to park nearby. The redwood trees and the rest of the natural scenery are refreshing to come home to. The interior of the apartment is comfortable and practical – not large, but sufficient for daily life for two tenants and small dinner gatherings with friends. We are especially impressed by the quality of service provided by Kaveh, the apartment manager, who promptly responds to our questions, kindly resolves any repairs, and creates a welcoming, pleasant, and personable atmosphere for Redwood Tree Apartments. —redwood.dweller