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229 G Street
(near Woodstock's and Fuji)
Mon-Sat 11AM-9:30PM
Payment Methods
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit
Website (numbers and prices have changed)
Take-out menu as of April 2012

Sunrise Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant across from the G Street Pub that serves pho and wonderful Vietnamese sandwiches (Bánh Mì) among other things. It is one of three Vietnamese restaurants in Davis; the others are Hoa Viet and Pho King IV. The folks who run Sunrise Restaurant are super nice and accommodating.

If you've never had a Vietnamese sandwich, don't let this place disappear before you try one! At $3.25 (plus tax), these sandwiches are an excellent value - they come on fresh baked rolls and you have your choice of Vietnamese style meat plus cilantro, peppers, cucumbers and mayonnaise. You can also order these to go! Orders take 10-15 minutes, so if you're in a hurry, you should call ahead.

Their full menu consists of Vietnamese appetizers, pho, rice combo dishes (with various types of chicken and pork), a la carte, pearl shakes, and beer. They serve domestic as well as Vietnamese beer, both reasonably priced; pearl and other shakes. The rest of the menu looks pretty good but the sandwiches seem a little too good to pass up. Plus, their Asian fruit shakes are to die for! The coconut, honeydew and mango shakes are of the creamy variety. You can order a larger version as well. It comes in a to-go soup container and with tax it costs $4.89.

There is a $5 minimum when using a credit card.

All of the sandwiches are $3.25. Unfortunately, the font on the sandwich menu is hard to read. Fortunately, the menu (as of 10/11/2008) is here.

#1 - Ham #2 - Steamed Pork #3 - Ham and Steamed Pork #4 - Grilled Pork or Chicken #5 - BBQ Pork #6 - Shredded Pork and Pork Skin #7 - Fish Patty #8 - Veggie


As of 8/26/17, the owners decided to close Sunrise Restaurant after their lease went up.




#4: Grilled Pork Sandwich (March 2010) One of their large drinks. The cover of their menu (Feb 2013) The menu is still difficult to read. They offer boba in their drinks.

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2008-01-01 22:01:34   The food here is tasty (and cheap) and they are super VEGAN FRIENDLY. The waitstaff is really pleasant and accommodating. Apparently, every single item on the "vegetarian menu" is already vegan, and if you get the Vegetarian Sandwich (#8) with no mayo, it's vegan too. Also, you can get a pearl tea with real milk, soy milk or coconut milk. I recommend the "Taro w/ Pearl." This place isn't five stars or anything, but for a few bucks it's a good laid-back meal. —SharonZimmerman

2008-02-23 23:58:16   Sandwiches are pretty good and the prices are reasonable —BenLee

2008-05-03 17:24:11   I bought a steamed pork and ham sandwich. It was cheap and decent, but pretty small. I will be going back to try the other ones. —Noobster123

2008-05-17 02:57:26   A while back, I went here with a group of friends for dinner. I distinctly remember I was the only one who ordered a chicken dish. Of course, delicious as it was, a couple hours later, I started to suffer from some massive food poisoning, lasting about 3 days. Although this might just be an isolated incident, and although my friends continue to go there, I'd rather not take that chance again. —JimL

  • It is not very likely that you got a food borne illness from your meal at Sunrise. This is because of two reasons.

If your illness was due to food it was probably something you ate a day or more before you developed symptoms. It is also possible to get these symptoms from viruses that are transmitted through food and/or daily public life (someone didn't wash their hands properly etc.) —jbh

2008-06-01 00:29:13   had the honeydew melon boba here. it was really tasty but the pearls were a little mushy. it could have been because it was the end of the day though. will try again to see if it was just an off-day that day. —Esther

2008-07-05 14:50:39   The place smells really bad...the food was okay. Not to big on Viet food. —islandboy12

2008-07-19 13:00:09   Sandwiches have all gone up to $2.50. —IAmNewHere

2008-08-21 16:12:40   The prices are REALLY cheap. The bread that the sandwich is made on was the best part for me =P The food is better than the other Pho place and the decor is better as well. I think they probably need more wait staff because the service wasn't rude, but it did take a long time. —renee415

2008-09-06 15:46:20   The sandwiches here are deceint, but the pho is nothing to write home about. it is saltly, and nowhere near authentic (ie, no raw meat, o tendon, no tripe). i wish we had a pho bolsa and a lee's sandwich here. —ascapoccia

2008-09-13 13:35:59   their vietnames sandwiches were not to good,especially when you compare them to fluffy donuts sandwiches! —dookieb

2008-09-13 18:26:53   This place is far more than just a sandwich place. The Vietnamese dishes are delightful — bbq chicken or beef over rice noodle, vegetables stir-fried with lemongrass are favorites. But I don't think I've had a bad meal here. —CovertProfessor

2008-10-12 10:28:30   The sandwiches were a bit smaller than I expected. —feichu-huya

  • They're definitely nowhere near as large as the pictures on the menu show. I usually order two at a time to fill me up. Still a good deal, IMO. —JonathanLawton

2008-10-13 11:38:27   The food here is good and reasonably priced. As far as I know I haven't had a bad meal here. I recommend trying the Grilled Pork Sandwich (#4) and the vermicelli dishes are delicious. _thai

2008-10-23 14:40:57   Went for lunch with a colleague today and while the food was good, the service left a LOT to be desired. They were polite, but it took over 30 minutes from ordering until we got our food. We ended up having to get most of it packaged to take back to the office. One of the items my companion ordered was out, but the server didn't come to let us know until about 20 minutes after we had ordered. We also noticed several other diners who had arrived after us receiving their food long before we did. This is understandable when comparing sandwiches to other, more complicated dishes, but even our appetizer and soup were delayed.

Long story short, we might order to-go food, but I don't think we'll be sitting down here again anytime soon. —CindySperry

2008-11-06 14:47:01   So I went in curious about their food because I've always got their sandwiches to-go. When I went in, it was about 5pm midweek and the place was empty. I was seated at a table in the center of the room in the back area (which I guess is there main area). They had Finding Nemo on the large tv display so I was not bored or uncomfortable about the place being so quiet otherwise. After perusing the menu, I ordered the beef pho and a side of egg rolls. I've never had pho before, so I was pleasantly surprised at this meal. The egg rolls came within 10 minutes or so and the pho was not too long after. Although it was a bit over 15 minutes to get my food, I was hoping that was because it was freshly made. The egg rolls were pretty standard, and I was happy to have an array of condiments to choose from.

The one downside was that someone else did enter the restaurant and was seated also. However, he was seated at the table across from me, facing me. So we both sat...facing each different an awkward silence, with Little Nemo playing in the background. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-12-04 09:56:05   I think it's a shame this place doesn't much business. I truly wonder how long the owners are going to stick around. The tables are, very rarely, more than half full during what should be peak hours for lunch and dinner. The food is good, service is cordial, prices are reasonable, and I haven't really had to wait more than 20 minutes to get my order (though I would definitely not consider this a fastfood place). —AbbYu

2008-12-04 15:35:54   Great sandwiches. I recommend trying the veg. sand with bbq pork added to it. Great combo ;) Also their spring rolls and egg rolls are good too. Very nice owners as well. —hazeleyes16

2008-12-09 10:48:34   I like to come here because the food is decent and the price is cheap. The service is okay. They are friendly, but as others have stressed before, really slow (maybe they are understaffed?). —renee415

2009-01-11 13:30:31   if you've only ever had sandwihes here I'd enourage people to try the vermicelli - you get a bowl of noodles with carrots, peanuts (watch out if you have allergies), mint, cilantro, and lettuce, with some kind of meat on top - it's a ton of food in a bowl and you cover all your nutritional bases except dairy - I highly recommend number 42, don't let the crispy pork scare you, it tastes just like bacon, and you get eggrolls too! Way lighter and more healthy than Chinese food and, no salty sauce unless you want to add it. —LaFrance

2009-02-09 13:30:59   The sandwiches are really good but the vermicelli dishes are f'in great. —MilindIsALiar

2009-02-13 23:25:07   Try the durian shakes! They're to die for! Literally! —OrofinJackson

For those of you not in the know, the durian is a fragrant fruit that can be said, charitably, to smell like raw chicken. Others might not be so kind. It's actually quite tasty, though... seriously... try the shake if you're feeling adventurous. :) —wl

2009-03-13 11:59:54   I've been a fan of their food since moving here. As a vegetarian, my go-to meal is the vege sandwich and the vege noodle soup. I go this order a few nights ago, and was pleasantly suprised to find shiitake mushrooms replacing the regular mushrooms in the soup. Actually, "pleasantly suprised" is an understatement. I went (insert long, detailed string of profanity) it was so good. Sunrise, if you are reading this, don't you dare think about getting rid of the shiitakes. —ifoundthistape

2009-03-17 13:11:44   I love this place! Friendly and family-owned and run, with good food at great prices - I'm always surprised when I get my check back at how cheap it is! The sandwiches are tasty, and the other dishes are great as well - Lemongrass Chicken over rice noodles- delicious! Service slows down a little if they're crowded, but they rarely are, and it just gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy the meal... —scottfischbein

2009-04-23 20:04:55   The best Vietnamese sandwiches in town! I recommend the number 4 chicken with a mango or jackfruit shake. Now if only a Davis restaurant would start selling authentic (and authentically priced) Pho! —Beconomics

2009-04-23 23:03:18   Their #5 is awesome. —hankim

2009-05-04 16:34:43   Decent Vietnamese food with good prices. The customer service is quiet good, but they should consider hiring more people as I only saw the owner and his wife working there, and probably 1 more person in the kitchen. Also, they need to expand their menu as they REALLY need variety. Overall, a pleasant experience, will definitely come back. —thtly

2009-06-08 18:15:19   I went there today for lunch and ordered a yummy egg roll and pork vermicelli dish. My friend and I also got #3 sandwiches togo to eat for dinner. Everything is awesome, and really fair priced (definitely comparable to san jose). The owners, particularly the lady, was really nice and very accommodating.... I'm happy! —juicee

2009-06-09 11:14:11   My girlfriend and I go here at least once a week. Our favorite restaurant in Davis. Extremely cheap. I always get the #21 and she gets the #60. We get #49 for an appetizer. Great food, very nice owners, reasonably priced, great atmosphere - what else do you want? —MedievaLW

2009-07-17 17:23:30   Great food and an unexpected oasis of a dining room that almost seems out of place in downtown Davis —ZachStednick

2009-07-19 13:19:36   My husband and I go here all the time for the sauteed lemongrass dishes. We have always had wonderful fresh food with great customer service. An inexpensive jewel in Davis! —lemurific

2009-07-26 19:36:21   Go here quite frequently and the owners are great! We are a little boring in ordering the same things always (1 veggie sandwich and two grilled chicken for two people) and the female owner always remembers us and what we order. But the sandwiches are so good! a bit small so we split the 3, but still super cheap and super worth it. The roll is fantastic and crusty, which isn't too common in these parts. Can't comment on the other food, but this place has great atmosphere, great owners, and great sandwiches! plus they have Saigon beer (most of the time) super cheap. —ADP

2009-07-29 09:58:10   sandwiches were good, but dont get the steamed pork —db

2009-09-02 20:02:52   this place is...average, but then again, theres a lack of vietnamese restaurants. ughhh, service is amazginly SLOW! —emme

2009-09-02 20:06:09   oh another thing, the woman owner (the wife?) got mad at me because i supposedly made the wrong order, (i wanted a sandwich but she gave me the soup instead). yes i should have specified, but i didn't pay attention to the fact that both a soup AND a sandwich can be #2! —emme

2009-09-09 19:14:56   yummy! —alyssap

2010-01-29 12:20:29   The food here is very good, I have had several of thier noodle soups which are quite tasty. I have had dozens and dozens of thier sandwhiches and I would recommend them highly. The people here are also friendly. —DagonJones

2010-03-04 13:21:22   A group of my friends and I recently went here recently, and had a very positive experience. The waiter was friendly, the food was good (and cheap), and we were impressed by the array of milkshakes that were available. I would definitely recommend it to others. —JoeOliveira

2010-03-09 10:22:12   I recently discovered this place and love it. I have had their #5 sandwhich and it was delicious. The bread was soft and the flavors perfectly balanced. Just what you would expect for a vietnamese sandwhich. I have also had the vietnamese noodle soup and it was just what I wanted on a cold day. The broth was light and flavorful with plenty of yummy ingredients. The service was very good. Attentive and fast. One of my new favorite places in Davis for a quick flavorful lunch. —LokiAbbi

2010-03-25 16:05:26   Does anyone know if the vegetarian pho/soup base is actually vegetarian? —ArianeMetz

2010-05-15 22:30:37   I only come to this place for their Vietnamese sandwiches, which are pretty mediocre, but it's one of the only places where I can get them in Davis. After today I won't be coming here again. I ordered 2 sandwiches and a drink which took about 15 minutes. I was the only one there so I don't know why it took so long. That's usually how long I have to wait whenever I come here, which is ridiculous to me because I know it only takes like 2 minutes to make a Vietnamese sandwich. When I got home I ate through my first sandwich really fast because I was starving. The bread was kinda stale on the outside and the meat inside the sandwich (I ordered two number 3's) tasted kind of off, it lacked flavor and it was kind of spongy. Well half way into my second sandwich I finally looked down at what I was eating and I noticed gray furry spots all over the outside of my bread. Needless to say I wouldn't go back to a place thats sells people moldy bread and I suspect the meat was expired too hence the weird taste and texture. —iAteHere

2010-05-27 08:47:19   I have never had take out, but have had lunch here a number of times and never experienced a long wait. —LokiAbbi

2010-06-24 12:32:56   I found out last week that they offer larger versions of their pearl drinks. It is basically in one of those to-go soup containers and costs $4.89 with tax. Goodbye whatever limb I lose to diabetes. —hankim

2010-08-16 15:38:34   I've only been here twice, but both times I found the food tasty and a great deal. Less expensive than most Davis restaurants. As others have mentioned, there's a huge variety of interesting drinks on the menu. They're one of the few places I can find soursop shakes. Yum! —DanaSullivan

2010-09-27 00:18:22   Bought a sandwich this Saturday. The window said $2.25 and I thought "Alright, not a bad price", and walked inside to see that the price was more like $2.75. Yeesh.

Then I ate the sandwich. It doesn't rate as highly as the other Vietnamese sandwiches I've eaten before, but it's pretty good for what you're paying. For 2.72 plus 1.25 for a coke from Wellman, it's a good lunch on the cheap. Might try again if I'm in the area. —HarrisonM

  • I go here so much yet have not noticed the window saying $2.25. It's actually two-fiddy now and with tax you get $2.72. I feel like the sandwiches have dropped in quality though... —hankim

2010-11-02 17:47:46   I love the female owner. She's the only person I ever see but she is so nice! I had a sandwich and it was decent, pretty good. Also had a thai tea for 2 bucks with no tapioca. Mostly ice but it's all good :p. —SallyVo

2010-11-23 22:26:07   i was just there today, bought 2 number 6, and men was it the WORST sandwich i ever bought. it could be because a guy was making or something but damn the bread was so stale and would crack all over the place. Another wrong with this sandwich and i have eaten alot of vietnamese sandwich was there was no meat whatsoever in it. maybe like 2 stripes and yea. not a good place for sandwich i might go back in the morning to see if there is any difference and if its the same it be my last. WHERE IS LEE's Sandwich!!! —KenWarren

2011-02-06 12:43:44   This is place is delicious! Tasty vegetarian options, excellent owners, great prices. Alexa Approves. —Alexa

2011-05-05 10:13:32   I order the #4 sandwich and the #3 soup for lunch all the time. The bread is great and the sandwiches have a very fresh taste to them. The broth in the soup is outstanding. Great prices. My favorite place for lunch in Davis. —FrankStarsinic

2011-06-16 11:35:33   I always overlooked the Sunrise because the exterior was not inviting. But i came in one day and now I'm a sandwich addict. The price is an amazing good deal for downtown Davis. I just hope they don't decide to renovate and go more upscale- —JuliaFitzgerald

2011-08-05 13:08:37   Best Vietnamese in town, owners are very friendly. Used to be "China House" in this spot I believe... great there's finally a (good) Vietnamese place in Davis. —OldDavis73

2011-08-16 16:13:38   The employees here are very friendly, but sometimes I think they are understaffed (e.g. they take way too long to take orders, even when its not lunch/dinner rush). Sometimes, I feel like there is only one employee cooking, taking orders, and serving. O_O —PaulV

2011-08-18 12:13:25   Just wanted to toss in my 2 cents, the sandwiches are awesome, but a couple years back a friend and I decided to eat in and order Noodles. We were the only ones there at the time, and we could hear distinctly the sound of a microwave for roughly 15 minutes. Guess what? To our surprise, my noodle soup was MICROWAVED. Top was lukewarm hot and the bottom was cold. Noodles were obviously never boiled and barely cooked. Absolutely unacceptable and never came here since. —The-O

2011-12-21 21:53:19   This restaurant is within my top three favorite restaurants in Davis. I've recommended it to many but for some reason few seem to like it as much as I do. I always get #16 shrimp spring rolls and #42 pork and rice noodles. It's so freaking good. Also, the mirrors are trippy. I hope more people will give it a try, and find something good!!! —ActionFigureBarbie

2012-03-17 18:26:49   mmm tasty veggie sandwich... Friendly folk, too. —TheShah

2012-04-15 20:15:46   The banh-mi sandwiches here are DELICIOUS and super cheap! LOVE THEM. The proprietor and his wife (?) are really nice, sweet people too! —EliseKane

2012-05-13 00:11:33   I come in often and I love their sandwhiches. Pretty fast and they're pretty nice too. —JaceWinter

2012-05-29 12:08:47   I've been meaning to try their sandwiches for a while now since I tried the ones at fluffy donut. I was wondering if it came with liver sauce because the ones at fluffy donut doesn't come with it. I would give my visit a 2/5 stars. When I first got there, the lady that worked there was talking to customer for 3-5 minutes without acknowledging me or having the customer pay. Even after the customer paid, they still talked!! After what seemed like forever, she finally took my order. The sandwich came with liver sauce so that was a plus, but the bread was like cardboard. Hard and crunchy. I will probably come back, but I hope the next time I come, the customer service will be better + hopefully I won't get another cardboard sandwich. —yrthr

2012-08-29 16:30:57   I LOVE THIS PLACE. Everyone in Davis should try it! —vamagu

2013-02-22 18:18:51   The number of mirrors in this joint is astounding. I'm coming back for a jack fruit shake soon. —DavidBarnum