This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Storefront view from 4th Street

820 4th Street
Tucked away next to APEX Cycles & Service, right before Ace Hardware
11-6 Tues-Thur 12-6 Fri, Sat, Sun
CLOSED Mondays
(530) 297-5000
Joy Erickson
Payment Methods
Cash*Check*Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard & Discover) - - Trade
etsy(Shop Online)

The Rad Vintager, formerly Jacksonfly Recycled Fashion, is a new and vintage/thrift clothing store located downtown. They specialize in eco-friendly vintage clothing and accessories. During the week (Tuesday through Friday), you can sell your used, recycled, or vintage clothing to one of their experienced buyers and receive cash immediately. They do not offer consignment sales. New items added weekly!

Pay us a visit sometime!


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2011-08-25 16:29:37   We are no longer Jacksonfly Recycled Fashion; we're now under a different ownership/partnership. Our knowledgeable buyer is consistently on the hunt for glorious vintage items, keeping our inventory trendy, in season, and fresh! But don't take our word for it - see for yourself! Come stop by the boutique or visit us online at We're a rookie of a store, but I'm sure you'll find our vintage collection knocks it out of the park! —mareeo89

2011-11-13 21:59:57   Drove by the other day and just happened to glance at the window. I think I saw a For Rent sign and the store name removed from the window. Was I imagining things or is this place defunct now? —EliseKane

  • Went the way of the dodo, Ms. Kane. - SM

2011-11-17 17:15:11   I saw that one coming from a mile away. Meh. I never went there but feel sorry for the people who invested their time and hope in this place. Best of luck to them. —EliseKane

  • Best of luck indeed to those who have failed. I love all of the screwballs involved. May they continue to fail in the name of the genderless Lord. -SM