The West Entry Parking Structure is a six story parking structure containing 1,453 spaces. It is located on Hutchison Drive next to the Life Sciences Addition and is the largest parking structure on the UC Davis campus. As part of the project, a new 20,800-square-foot office building was constructed to house Transportation And Parking Services and the UC Davis Police Department's public safety programs and a new emergency operations center. The parking structure was built to accommodate increases in student enrollment, faculty and staff employment and campus visitors. It replaced a surface level parking lot.

The largest parking lot in Yolo County announces its own opening from across the Hutchison IM Field. To mitigate the increase in traffic expected along Hutchison, new traffic signals were added at Dairy Road. The mouth of Hutchison Drive at La Rue Road was also widened to provide new bike lanes and a new left turn lane. This new intersection was poorly planned.

Construction began in January 2004 with completion expected in November 2005. However, due to many weather delays, the opening was pushed back many times. The parking structure finally opened to vehicles on April 22, 2006 during Picnic Day, even though its elevators were not yet working. See the construction page for construction progress photos.

You must have a campus parking permit to park here or can buy a visitor pass at the entrance. "C" permit parking - (which is you if you're a student) starts on level 3.

It has a bilingual prop 59 warning sign.

Looking west on the top of the structure at dusk.