2005-06 Roster Pic Yoshi Akaha is a friend, born in Toledo, Ohio. After four years, he moved to Salinas, California where he continued progressing in gymnastics. He began training at Sunrise Gymnastics Academy in North Western Ohio at an early age and retired in 1999 at age 14 due to injuries, after a decorated and rewarding career with Monterey Peninsula Gymnastics Center under the direction of Hiroshi Fujimoto. In February 2001, he applied his abilities to the world of competitive diving. After three short years and without the standard club team experience, he earned a spot on the UC Davis Men's Swimming & Diving Team.

Athletic highlights include:

Competing in USA Gymnastics Region I (NorCal, SoCal, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona) Boys Class V Championships in Las Vegas earning several medals ranging between 7th and 13th including all-around.

Competing in USA Gymnastics Region I Class IV Championships in Tempe, Arizona

First Place 1 meter diving Monterey Bay League Championships 2002, winning by upset. Accruing +400 pts and All-American Consideration

Qualifier to 3 consecutive Central Coast Section Diving Championship Meets with 2 top 8 finishes.

Third Place 3 meter diving 2005 Big West Division I NCAA Championships in Long Beach, California

Dual "Good-bye Cruel World" dillies by Kevin Reagle (left) and Yoshi (right) He attended Toro Park Elementary K-3 Washington Union 4&5 San Benancio Middle School 6-8 Monterey High School 9-12 low quarterly GPA: 3.0 high: 4.5 The University of California, at Davis accepted Fall 2003 Major in International Relations

He has held positions as child model, camp counselor, astronomer's intern, gymnastics instructor, show diver. Current Employment: Taro's by Mikuni at Arden Mall, Sacramento. http://www.mikunisushi.com/?mvcTask=restaurantMain&location=Mikuni%20Arden%20Fair

Watershow Productions Inc. & Dana Kunze's Dueling Pirates, a high dive show! Left: Lane Ellis, NY. Right: Yoshi. performing dual Front 1½ & 1twist

A five to six diver crew of pirates performed for Sacremento audiences at the 2005 California State Fair by invite of Dana Kunze. Yoshi performed "dillies" or clown dives along with olympic style dives upwards of 20 feet off the ground. An above-ground tank filled with between 9 and 10 feet of water left the divers no margin for error upon entry. The masts on each ship had small perches at heights of approximately 40 and 80 feet in the air from which all the divers leapt, fell, flipped, and dove while also reciting comical scripts to match each character. Yoshi learned multiple roles: Frenchie, Scully, Oscar, Popeye, and Igor. Each show was capped off by an awe-enducing eighty foot plummet from the top mast where the stars of the show dared a drawn out, floating, backflip.

Talent for the show came by way of Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Auburn, Fairfield, Monterey, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, New York, Texas, and Mexico City. http://www.capitolint.com/Fairs/highdive/highdive.htm

This is his best friend: She is pretty much a genius when it comes to Spanish. She has an engaging personality, which is important for a shyer guy like Yoshi. She's really friendly. As gorgeous as this girl is, she is not too intimidating. She is a lifeguard! That's right... She works in a bikini. She's a world traveler. She's athletic with talents in gymnastics and badminton. She has an artistic eye and has an innate ability to bring out the essence of beauty from any poem, any movie, any photograph, any speech. She is firm in her beliefs. She doesn't smoke for health reasons. She endulges in the advantages, freedoms, and privileges of being an American in a dignified manner and, like a pro, manages to simultaneously balance all of her obligations and commitments. Her middle name is Renee. She has been known to say, "Is that your video camera or your picture camera?" [Iz thāt yōl vĭd'ē-ō' kām-wŭ ō'ə yōl pĭchŭl' kām-wŭ]. She is a well balanced individual. She is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. She enjoys "White Girl Alone Time." She is entertained by AIMs emoticon showers. She pouts enough for our entire generation. She is 21. She appreciates the clear advantages of living in the US, but still values sentimentality and appreciates the thought behind actions, such as gift giving. Her favorite color is purple. She is a go with the flow girl. When attitudes are in alignment with an available option, she tends to "go with it." This show's that she is spontaneous. She lives each day embrasing chance and is open to new experiences. She likes sushi and flaming hot cheetos. She is energetic. If she were 5' 9" I would suggest she try modeling. However she is a shorter more cuddly package than a runway model. She is not afraid of being herself. She likes elephants. She likes palm trees. She likes to challenge...everyone (authority figures are no exception). She can trash talk with the best. She has equal wit and has a talent for comedy. She can recite, from memory, lines from movies and lyrics from songs as easily as google.com! She can impersonate morons and mimic cartoons with great accuracy. She likes Sex on The Beaches, only with her own little spin on it. Yoshi says: Te extraño, ¡bocadito de mi corazón!

More About Yoshi: http://ucdavis.facebook.com/profile.php?id=3200311 http://www.geocities.com/yatmidget/FiredUpAggieIndex.html http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=18797720