The history of 305 Mounts Avenue:


Robert Mounts and his wife Miss Mattie Haynes, who was Robert’s teacher, built this house. The mounts family owned all the tracts on what is now called Mounts Avenue.


This eight room, two story home was commissioned by Mattie Mounts on May 25, 1898 to be built for a whopping $1,800.00 and to be completed on August 25, 1898.  J. B. Wilson was the general contractor of the home hired by Mrs. Mounts. He is also known for building homes in Sanger, Texas during the same time period, as well as having a lumberyard where the U.S. Post Office sits today on McKinney Street.


The Wright family, who was related to the Mounts family by marriage, subsequently owned the house built by Mattie Mounts. The house subsequently was purchased by Bill Benton, and is now known as the Mounts-Wright House.


The house has had many owners over the years. In 1919 the Cumberland Presbyterian Church purchased the home for their ministries, and occupied the home until 1943. Then, the Brammer family owned and occupied the house until the 1960’s.


Approximately ninety-three years later, Mounts-Wright House was designated a historical landmark by City of Denton ordinance on January 22, 1991. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Morrison did the request for the historical designation on June 30, 1990. 



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