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35 Denton (formerly 35 Conferette and NX35) is an annual music festival and conference that takes place in March in Denton, Texas. Run by a core staff of volunteers, the festival strives to showcase emerging artists in tandem with legendary acts in an intimate atmosphere settled in the downtown corridor. 


The original name, North by 35 (NX35), was inspired by South by South West (SXSW), an annual music festival in the Austin area. The name of the Denton festival was changed in 2011 to 35 Conferette.  In 2012, festival organizers changed the name again to 35 Denton. 

In 2011, Michael Seman speculated about the economic affect 35 Conferette might have on the future of Denton.

2012 35 Denton

In 2012, 35 Denton hosted notable acts including The Oh Sees, The Raincoats, Bun B, Built To Spill, The Dum Dum Girls, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, to name a few. Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Jesus and Mary Chain were unable to gain entry to the United States in time to play their scheduled headlining slot on Sunday, March 11. The band worked with the festival to reorganize a makeup show at the North Texas Fairgrounds the following Wednesday, which also featured garage god Ty Segall. 

2011 35 Conferette

The 2011 event was held March 10-13.Big Boi at 35 Conferette 2011 (photo by Scott Mabe).

Most shows required a wristband, but many were also free.

Major Events

Guests included Big Boi, Michael Cera, and Reggie Watts.

Local musicians like Sarah Jaffe, The Virgin Wolves and RTB2 also performed.

Awesome Stories


2010 NX35

At NX35 2010, some stuff happened, including a Flaming Lips house show.Flaming Lips at NX35, 2010, photo by Victor Chapa.

2009 NX35

NX35 2009 featured 124 bands and over 4,000 fans.(photo by Ira Wile)


2010 35 Conferette

Big Boi and Reggie Watts FTW.

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2010-09-1x xx:xx:xx   I totally spotted Steve Albini at the Health Show at Andy's. —RandomPerson

2011-01-18 23:09:38   Health was at the former boiler room, and he was there to see Record Hop, actually. —