Address 923 W Oak
Year Built

Uncertain, moved to 923 W. Oak in 1949
Style Craftsman Bungalow Style
Architect Unknown
Builder Unknown
Historic Landmark Application




Site Photos

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Currently owned by Lisa Adams, the house located at 923 W. Oak was designated a historic landmark in 2015. The home was originally owned by Callie Ratcliff and Nettie Schultz in 1949. Mrs. Ratliff had been living with Ms. Schultz at 1011 W. Oak in a home purchased by Ratcliff following the 1943 death of Ratcliff's husband. Nettie Schultz, a graduate of C.I.A. (now Texas Woman's University), was the Cooke County demonstration agent and resident of Alpine, TX before moving in with Ratcliff in 1944. Schultz gifted the city of Denton 10 acres which became the Nettie Schultz Park in northeast Denton as well as land to build the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.