101 West Hickory St , behind Abbey Inn, close to Sweetwater
4pm- 2am everday 
(940) 566 5483
Official site
Chuck Trawick (formerly Tim Trawick)
(Boiler Room) 2007; (Abbey Underground) 2010
Age requirements
Minimum age (21+)

The Abbey Underground (formerly known as the Boiler Room, located under the Abbey Inn, you can find the entrance on Mulberry Street) is a live music venue and bar just off the square, with live shows every night. The Abbey Underground is called the "underground" because it is literally located under the Abbey Inn Restaurant.

The Underground is a big, spacey, dungeon-esque bar where many diverse kinds of people get crunk.


Abbey Underground used to be "Boiler Room".  Before that, it was "Texas Jive", which was on Fry Street before the demolition of the block.  Texas Jive shut down and split into three businesses, Abbey Inn, Boiler Room, and TJ's Pizza.

Live Music

Every show is free.  Abbey Underground never has a cover.  Home of the famous, weekly Wednesday PUBSTEP nights. If you are a local band that can pull in a crowd, or just a band coming through Denton, contact DR at the Abbey Inn for booking info. 

Weekly music events:


Thursdays: (Nov. 17 & Dec. 1st) BIG BAND! Big Band is about 20 students and alumni from UNT's famous lab bands, gettin' down. Great crowd to party with!


  • Nov. 10 (Thursday): Reggae Night! bands: Future Me ( formerly known as Basterd Sons of Skollfield.) and Basic #5
  • Nov. 11 (Friday): Like Bridges We Burn CD RELEASE!!!! This will be a Denton show you will NOT want to miss!
  • Nov. 17th (Thursday): Big Band 
  • Nov. 18th(Friday):  Donchani ( amazing Austin Reggae band!!!) Hatch
  • Nov. 25: Magnificent Snails ( Check these guys ouuuut!)
  • Dec. 1st (thursday) Big Band
  • Dec. 2nd (Friday) Spoon Feed Tribe (Famous touring band)


Beer Wall

The Underground hosts 99 Beers on Wall, a list of affordable beers designed to give you a taste of every major type of beer available. You might also get your name on the wall, if you finish all 99.


Abbey Underground (11/11)

Abbey Underground when it was still Boiler Room


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