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Not all places in Denton are open after 10 pm, but many do stay open (especially on weekends). This is the place for after hours activity listing for Denton.


Denton's Bars stay open until 2 am most nights, and many serve food (but only until midnight).

Fry Street

Fry Street is a center of night life-iness. Fry Street is so close to the UNT campus that you'd think they were dating or something. Generally, this means the crowd is a little more college-oriented. But don't worry, it's not all frat bars.  It rocks bars like Lucky Lou's and Cool Beans.

The Square

The Square is the other center of night time awesomeness. The crowd, here, is a lot more diverse in age and subcultures. It's got sports bars (like The Labb), goth-y bars like Abbey Underground, and music-y bars like Dan's Silverleaf. Have a chicken fried steak or other country style meal at Cartwright's Ranch House or  discover your Texas roots with a burger at LSA

Food Late at Night


Music After Hours

Denton's Live Music often happens at night, and goes on almost every day of the week. Chances are, if you're bored and it's late, someone is playing live, somewhere in Denton.


People party a bunch in Denton. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are usually some parties near the universities, and people getting BRUNK

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