1624 Chestnut St (across from the UNT Music Building)
(940) 565 4343
Res Life: Bruce Hall

First opened in 1946 as an all female dorm, Bruce Hall (now coed) is the oldest residence hall on the UNT campus. This hall often fills up before any others at registration, and is popular with music students, art students, hippies, and other strange people. Bruce Hall is favored for its prime location on campus, dorm-room perks, great cafeteria, proximity to the Music Building, and the interesting selection residents. Residents of the hall are called "Brucelings".


Bruce Hall Association (BHA), a student/resident run organization, often hosts programs and events in Bruce Hall so the residents can come together.  Some of these programs include "Bruce Line Is It Anyway?", "Bruce Academy Awards", and "The Assassination Game (T.A.G)".

One of these traditions is "Bruce Jam", an event that hosts 12 hours of music from students at UNT, bands from the DFW area, and farther.  The event usually occurs at the end of every semester, typically during "dead week" when students usually study for their finals.

Bruce Hall also hosts Bruce Hall Haunted House that occurs at the end of October.  In 2013, the haunted house had a total attendance of 1300 people.  The haunted house is built by UNT students, most of whom are residents of Bruce Hall.

The communal playing of Mario Kart, Pokémon, Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly, and Super Smash Bro's is very popular in the Bruce Hall Lobby.  Residents also often watch movies and TV in the Red Room.  Bruce Hall residents are known for having strong feelings for movies, series's, games, books, and music that are generally less popular, but this makes for open-mindedness.


It is said that a ghost named Wanda haunts the Pool Hall of Bruce Hall.  She is said to have died in the attic, located on the 4th floor, due to an abortion gone wrong, or from being accidentally locked in the attic during a suicide attempt.

The practice rooms located in the basement of Bruce Hall are also said to be haunted, or at least creepy because of the atmosphere.  Either way, musicians still use them every day to avoid walking to the Music Building!

Celebrities Norah Jones and Meat Loaf were said to have lived in Bruce Hall when they went to UNT.


Bruce Hall's mascot is a celtic roach.