The Bubble Van is a van on the corner of Fry and Hickory which spews bubbles!  It's magical!  E.B., who runs the van, sells (legal) homemade herbs and spices.  He's a very common sight in Fry Street night life. 

E. B. The Bubble Man/Smoky Treats Guy is the guy who wears fancy jewel-toned clothing and seems to live in the van usually parked on the corner of Hickory and Fry Street. He sells exotic herbs that you can smoke. None of them are illegal. As such, best case scenario is a minor, dizzying buzz but the more common result is a pounding headache. Of course, as the blends work as incense as well. If he sells any real drugs, I haven't figured out the secret password to get them.  

Sometimes he can be found behind the counter at midway mart putting his lotto tickets in the machine to see if he has won. 

"But why is he called The Bubble Man???"

I'm glad you asked my darlings. E. B. usually has a bubble machine rigged to shoot bubbles at the drunk people going to Crooked Crust and the sober people going to Lou's or Riprocks so they can get drunk and then go to Crooked Crust. 

So ends the tale of E. B. The Bubble Man.


So many bubbles!E.B. selling his wares.

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