A burger from the past

301 W University
near Smilin Rick's Tattoo
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
(940) 384-1133
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Payment Method
accepts all cards

Burger Time Machine is a restaurant on University Drive which serves burgers and aims to feel like a time machine (though, as the clothing store Time Bandits taught us, travel through time is improbable).

The outside of the building is a little creepy, but if you think the greasier the spoon the better, you can't go wrong with one of these burgers. Salty, greasy, made fresh and dripping with cheese, these monstrosities come in crazy varieties like the Love Affair burger, which comes with a fried egg and topped with a jelly of your choice, or the inexplicably pizza-themed Star Trek burger, draped in mozzarella and marinara.

While the building's been about burgers for a while, it's undergone some weird name changes: At one point it time it was known as Burger Extra and bizarrely featured a banner that repeated the name in plain black text across the entirety of the building. It's unclear if Burgerextraburgerextraburgerextraburgerextra was under the same management as Burger Time Machine, but given how little the building has changed otherwise, it seems likely.


2011-05-15 17:21:19   Look this place is a shack and looks crazy! The most important thing about a burger joint is the burger. This place has the best and biggest burgers I have ever had. Thank you and I hope it sticks around. —